Harsh Cornering

What is Harsh Cornering?

Harsh cornering happens when the driver corners their vehicle much faster. This event puts an unnecessary strain on the vehicle, resulting in wear and tear of brake pads or tires.

Most of the time drivers aren’t aware of the road conditions ahead, in such events, cornering can lead to fatal accidents.

Factors that Causes Harsh Cornering

  • – Excessive speed.
  • – Aggressive or sudden braking.
  • – Inexperienced or distracted drivers.
  • – Worn or underinflated tires.
  • – Slippery or uneven road conditions

How TrackoBit’s ADAS System Can Help Prevent Harsh Cornering?

Video telematics solutions in force with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) help record video footage of the vehicle’s surroundings and driver’s in-cab activities, 24/7. The system includes high-quality dashcams and sensors that note the vehicle’s operational events and the driver’s attentiveness while driving.

Whenever the driver is found taking a harsh corner, tailgating, or overspeeding, the system triggers visual alerts to prevent any fatalities.

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