What is Immobilize?

Immobilize is a powerful fleet management safety solution that allows managers to cut a fleet from functioning remotely at any time without needing SMS verification. Through immobilisation, a fleet can become theft-proof and can prevent hotwiring, since nobody can start the vehicle in any manner once it is immobilised through the fleet management software.

Immobilisation Use Cases

Here are some places where the immobilisation comes in handy:

  • – A manager receives the notification that his vehicle is going on a very dangerous route and has no time to call and confirm with the driver if its him driving the vehicle.
  • – There is some major engine shut down warning that might cause harm to the vehicle, driver, or consignment if moved further.
  • – The video telematics data shows that someone else is driving the vehicle.
  • – The software is showing that a vehicle’s ignition is on and/or it is moving while it should be in the parking.
  • – Manager receives a notification about an eLock being open without authorisation.