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Get the Most
Out of Your Fleet

Mine data and in-depth insights to construct a flawless fleet management system to monitor your fleet remotely.

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Track Down Your Equipment in Just Two Clicks

No matter which corner of the world your assets are in, we can help you track them down in a matter of seconds. Enhance your bottom lines by making the right business decisions driven by real-time visibility of equipment backed by accurate insights.

We offer you a complete fleet management solution for your hardworking equipment. Stay ahead of emergencies, customer problems, and increasing maintenance costs. Telematics data processed by fleet management software can help you nip the issues in the bud before they become bigger problems.

Fleet Management backed by Intelligent Telematics

What We Offer

Construct a Robust Fleet For Your Construction and Minings Sites With TrackoBit

Manage Multiple Sites in One Place

It is very convenient to locate the crew, relocate the equipment and monitor the performance with TrackoBit. Keep your eyes and ears to the ground at multiple sites at the same time and manage your field employees , vehicles, and equipment remotely.

All-in-one Solution

Archive Data for Client Queries

The archived data comes in handy in case the client raises a dispute. You get a minute-to-minute update and reports of the work – the movement of the vehicles, working hours of the equipment and employees, their location and much more.

All-in-one Solution

Monitor Engine Hours

Equipment idling is a major concern in a fleet. Fleet management software by TrackoBit does not only help in keeping a check on that but also provides performance reports of every piece of equipment and the employee operating it.

All-in-one Solution


What You Get

A future-proof formula that helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Real-time Visibility

Real-time Tracking

Track all the equipment and vehicles in real-time on one platform. Monitor their movement remotely. Fetch the exact lat-long of their location along with the status.

Fuel Monitoring

Real-time Tracking

Monitor real-time fuel levels and receive alerts on sudden drop/rise in fuel quantity. Get valuable insights into fuel usage and refill for your entire fleet.

Equipment Security

Real-time Tracking

Parking mode, lock/unlock, and battery disconnection alarm are some security features that ensure the safety of equipment/assets even in the remotest of areas.

Automatic Alerts

Real-time Tracking

We have offered more than 50 types of custom made alerts to our clients. Alerts include over idling, overspeeding, geofence entry/exit, and many more.

Dynamic Dashboard

Real-time Tracking

Get every piece of information about your fleet on display in one place. You add or remove columns in the table and customise the dashboard as you like.

Service and maintenance

Real-time Tracking

Get automatic service and maintenance reminders in advance when the servicing of equipment or renewal of permits, insurances or other documents is due.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don’t see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

  • Is your Fleet Management software compatible with moveable and non-moveable equipment?

    Yes, our software is easily compatible with all sorts of equipment - moveable, non-moveable, powered or non-powered. We do not believe in providing a one-size-fits-all service to our clients. We customise the software and sculpt it as per your needs.

  • How is Fleet Management Software different from vehicle tracking software?

    While a vehicle tracking system only covers vehicles and automobiles, Fleet Management Software can cover moveable, as well as non-moveable assets such as employees, consignments, equipment and vehicles too. However, they both have the same framework, but they serve different use cases.

  • Is your software compatible with all devices?

    Absolutely yes. We have integrated more than 500 devices/sensors with our software so far. In case you have doubts about the compatibility, let us tell you that we have a provision for a free trial. You can test whether or not your devices are compatible with our software. Even if your device fails to integrate with our software during the trial, our system is flexible enough to integrate new protocols.

  • Can your software track both powered and non-powered assets?

    Yes. We can track anything and everything under the sun. Our system is compatible with both wired and non-wired devices, therefore, whether or not the asset has electric power support, we can track you.

  • Is your software a good option for tracking rental construction equipment?

    Why not? With our intelligent software, you can not only track the location and status of the equipment but also generate automatic reports to monitor their performance. You can track when, where, how and for how long the equipment was used.

  • Do you provide white label fleet management software too?

    Yes, we specialize inwhite label fleet management solutions. We custom design the software as per your industry and devise new features as per your requirements. We have delivered more than 150 white label products to various companies across the globe.

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