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Ensure Vehicle Safety Without Doing Much! Exactly

Real-time Deviation Alerts

Trip Sequence Violation

Checks for Unauthorized Use

Ensure Vehicle Safety Without Doing Much! Exactly Talk To Our Experts
Ensure Vehicle Safety Without Doing Much! Exactly

Instant Route Deviation Alerts

Drivers deviating from their designated routes? TrackoBit lets you
breathe and respond instantly, instead of reacting to delayed and
uncontrollable situations.

  • Get timely updates if drivers don't abide by the pre-set routes
  • Be stress-free with accurate deviation visibility
  • Get only the deviation notifications you need

What we Offer

Route Deviation Tools

Our specialized tool makes you an omniscient
fleet manager aware of each vehicle movement

  • Real-time Alerts

    As soon as a vehicle goes astray from its
    designated route, you can get an alert.
    Real-time reviews help you be in control
    of your fleet.

  • Deviation Tracking

    Track the alternative routes taken by
    vehicles, the time and resources wasted
    by doing so, and the distance for which
    the vehicle deviated.

  • Custom Alerts

    Get instantly notified about the slightest
    of deviations, or get relaxed notifications
    when vehicles have been on alternate
    routes for a significant time or distance.

Don’t Ditch Anyone!

It's Not The Destination But The Journey That Matters

We’ll Make Sure That Your Vehicles Follow
The Defined Trip Sequence

Ensure Vehicle Safety Without Doing Much! Exactly

Sequence Violation

If you’ve set a strict trip sequence, know when drivers take a different route to cover waypoint B and C before waypoint A.

Route Violation

Track if drivers are following the assigned routes between the sequence's waypoints or are using different routes altogether while following sequence.

Duration Violation

Know if a vehicle deviated from stoppage durations for waypoints. All sequences must be followed in succession and on time.

Not All Restrictions Are Bad

Custom Route Deviation Tools Tell you
When Specialised Routes Are Deviated From

If you’re using multiple routes between the start and end point according to time boundations and safety regulations, you’ll be notified when drivers are following the morning route in the night and vice-versa.

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Ensure Vehicle Safety Without Doing Much! Exactly Learn More

What you Get

Small Feature, Large Benefits

Route deviation tools might be a very small part of your fleet management ecosystem but
the benefits it yields are anything but small!

  • Better Analysis

    Analyse if your routes are driver and
    vehicle friendly and if your drivers are
    compliant with the norms set through
    our route management solutions.

  • Total Supervision

    Be as accustomed to your fleet’s
    movement as ABC. No movement or
    violations will go unnoticed through
    instant route deviation alerts.

  • Happy Customers

    When you deliver at promised ETAs
    and trip costs to customers by weeding
    out deviating drivers, your customers will remain happy.

  • No Unauthorised Use

    Catch cases of misconduct or
    unauthorised vehicle use by analysing
    each driver’s route deviation patterns
    and saving maximum resources.

  • Maximum Accuracy

    Get route tracking data accurate down to
    10 meters. Even slight deviations cannot
    get unnoticed with our robust vehicle
    tracking software.

  • Personalisation

    We offer white label route planning
    solutions, personalised branding,
    tailor-made UI/UX, and even custom features according to your requirements.

Route Deviation Tools

For All

Don’t add new devices to your vehicles. We’ll detect route deviations with whatever GPS tracker you use. Our software
can accommodate any hardware you bring our way.

  • Universal GPS tracker compatibility
  • 500+ devices/sensors integrated
  • ELD friendly software solutions
  • AIS 140 GPS tracking devices
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  • Why TrackoBit

    Don’t Deviate From
    The Leading Software

    Not choosing TrackoBit can be just as bad as drivers
    deviating from the most efficient routes.

  • Multiple Alert Options

    You can get alerts when the vehicle has deviated as
    little as 10 metres or as large as a kilometre. You can
    get notifications or alerts, it is all up to you.

  • Custom Reports

    Whether you want to see only incidents of deviation
    or details of deviation such as time, distance, and
    routes, we’ll customise the report section

  • 24x7 Support

    Our Tech support team is always ready to solve the
    problems you might face with our comprehensive
    fleet management software or route management

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your mind not deviating from the questions you have about route deviation? Contact us if you do not find answers to your questions here.

  • What are route deviation systems?

    Route deviation systems are a part of route planning or route management solutions in fleet management software.

    The larger route planning solutions help fleet managers plan the most efficient route for their vehicles from start to end point of deliveries. Within that larger solution, route deviation helps them know whenever drivers have deviated from the pre-assigned route through real-time tracking and alerts.

  • What are some impacts of frequent route deviations?

    Route planning solutions help determine the best path for a fleet in terms of time, traffic, fuel, and route safety. Therefore, frequent deviation from a set route cause fleets to:

    - Consume more fuel than planned, ruining the strategised fuel economy
    - Waste time on deliveries by taking routes that will be time-consuming or traffic-ridden
    - Be prone to theft and misconduct when fragile or vulnerable consignment enters unsafe areas

    Moreover, drivers might deviate from the set route to make unauthorised use of the fleet. Such use will be considered pilferage and will cost the fleet precious resources.

  • How big a part of route management systems is route deviation?

    Route management solutions can be decided into 3 problem-solving segments:

    - Route planning
    - Route tracking
    - Route deviation

    Therefore, route deviation is a big part of route planning solutions. It is one of the three biggest problems that are solved with route planning solutions of any vehicle tracking software.

  • Which software should I use to track incidents of route deviation in my fleet?

    Ideally, you should use whatever GPS tracking software you use to track and manage your vehicles to track incidents of route deviations in your fleet. It isn't sustainable to use specialised software for route deviations.

    However, if you don't already use a software solution to track your vehicles, you should try TrackoBit. The software is extremely flexible, robust, and accurate. Therefore, while managing route deviations with TrackoBit, you can be sure that you will get an alert as soon as a driver deviates from their path.

  • What is route optimization?

    The best fleet management software offers route optimisation solutions. These solutions are equivalent to route planning solutions and help managers plan, track, and manage routes according to various resource optimisation metrics such as time, fuel, and safety. Once a manager has set a path with route optimisation software, any deviations from it would be reported promptly.

  • Is route deviation as bad as zero route planning?

    No! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

    Zero route planning will get you nowhere. At least when your drivers deviate, you know where they went and how you can mitigate the damage.

    Also, route planning is the first step. Now, if your drivers deviate from the planned path, you can enforce strict policies or train them better. However, without route planning solutions, you will have nothing to work on, and nowhere to go in terms of productivity and efficiency.

  • What kind of alerts can I get for route deviations through TrackoBit?

    Since customizability and flexibility are two of TrackoBit’s biggest virtues, you can get whatever alerts you want from the software. However, these are some basic alerts that TrackoBit offers when your driver has deviated from the route:

    - Instant notification
    - Deviation alarm
    - Notification after crossing some distance

  • What is the primary technology used in route deviation detection system?

    The primary technology that helps fleet managers detect any route deviations is GPS tracking. However, just installing GPS tracker devices to your system will not cut it either. You will need the GPS tracker hardware and GPS tracking software with a robust route planning solution to effectively detect route deviation in your fleet.

  • What special features does TrackoBit offer in its route deviation systems?

    Here are a couple of things that you can get with TrackoBit while employing route deviation tools that no one else will offer:

    - Trip schedule deviation alerts
    - Deviated route and time spent

    Other than this, our system is so flexible that whatever route deviation solutions your business requires, we’ll offer them to you without any issues.

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