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Assign, manage, and track tasks for field executives through strengths and availability.

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Task Management System
for Field Employees

Task and Team Management Start With TrackoField

From assigning and managing to tracking and coordinating, task management takes a lot of effort. TrackoField offers a simple-to-understand, easy-to-use, and productivity-tracking field task management system that can automate field operations.

Assign tasks beforehand and edit on the go! Even function offline and assign tasks in bulk. Never miss the thrill of checklists and increase productivity from your field operatives team!

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Task Management System for Field Employees

What Field Task Management Software Offers

Impeccable productivity management and enhancement tool facilitating confusion-free task allocation and completion

Easy Task Assignment Easy Task Assignment

Easy Task

Assign tasks to executives on the field from the handy software. You can check how many tasks they already have in line and can even add tasks in bulk for each executive.

Add and Edit
On The Move

It is not just the managers but also executives who can add, edit, and delete tasks. Any minuscule changes do not need to follow the chain of command and can be addressed right away.

Anyone Add and Edit Anyone Add and Edit
Geo-verified Tasks Geo-verified Tasks


Managers can verify whether or not executives actually went to the task site through live tracking. Geo-verification removes doubts and can also automate attendance for most tasks.


Know which tasks are done through a simple interface. Executives can mark a task completed so that managers can see their productivity and assign tasks accordingly.

Real-time Checklists Real-time Checklists

Employee Task Management
Tools Help By


Have TrackoField? Field task problems - solved!


Tasks, sales, productivity - track all you need!


Manage remote employees in remote areas too.

Paper and

Save paper, save trees, and reduce physical clutter.

What You Get With Task Management Software

Productivity maximization for your team of field executives
and the ability to optimize resources.

Simple Task Scheduling

With TrackoField, you can schedule tasks and upload them for executives in bulk. Leave the planning to be a single-time thing.

Time and Paper Saving

Software task allocation makes things environment friendly. No more using paper for task briefing and assignments.

Transparency in Tasks

Managers can see what executives have on their plate, helping them track productivity and assign tasks according to capacity.

Simple Task Management - But Geo-verified

Field task management should be simple on the surface but technical from the inside for productivity management. TrackoField offers task management backed by geospatial data to get accurate attendance and reports.

  • Verified Task Completion

    Our task management system can tell when executives have reached the task site. Therefore, they cannot mark tasks as completed unless they’ve actually visited the site during their work hours.

    Verified Task Completion
  • Task Time Monitoring

    Through task management system’s real-time location tracking features, you can tell when executives walked in and out of the task site. This way, you can monitor the time they devoted to every task.

    Task Time Monitoring
  • Auto Attendance Linking

    Make both, attendance and team task management simpler by linking the two. When executives stay on site for a while, they get attendance. Otherwise, they’ll be marked absent for the day.

    Auto Attendance Linking
  • Real-time Task Status

    With the help of live tracking and task management systems, you can check what each executive’s task status is according to their location. Check if their location and task status match for superior supervision.

    Real-time Task Status

Paperless Staff
Task Management Software

Zero Paper, Only Efficiency

Reduce paper use through field task management systems and the burden to carry, collect, and manage paper documents on the field.

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  • Manage Tasks in Bulk

    You neither need the Internet nor paper to manage tasks anymore. You can write tasks offline and upload them in a jiffy in bulk on the task management software.

  • View Tasks on the App

    Ditch the detailed briefing on files filled with papers. Add all the task information on the employee tracking software so that executives can track all details digitally.

  • Edit and Communicate

    Both managers and executives can edit and revise tasks on the field task management platform. Anybody can edit details and also communicate right on the platform.

  • Digital Checklists

    No more do executives have to maintain long to-do lists as part of their productivity regime. Marking tasks 'Completed' in itself forms a checklist for executives’ day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What Is Task Management?

    Task management is the process of orchestrating, prioritizing and coordinating tasks and activities that need to be fulfilled by employees. Managing tasks for the team is primarily the manager's responsibility. However, for individual task and schedule management, employees are responsible individually.

    As far as task management as a whole is considered, it may include creating work schedules, allocating tasks to employees, monitoring the progress and ensuring the timely delivery of tasks.

  • What is Field Employee Task Management Software?

    Field employee task management solutions offered by employee tracking software automates managing employee tasks and performances. It simplifies the process of task planning, assignment, monitoring, and analysis. Software-enabled task management enhances data transparency and accuracy of insights. It helps both, employees and managers, to analyse individual performance and fill gaps in case there are any.

  • Why Do You Need Task Management Software?

    Employee Task tracking software is essential in today’s day and age where Ai and automation are driving the growth and scalability of various enterprises. However, some of its benefits include:

    1. Streamline and centralise task-related information, making it accessible to field employees and managers

    2. Efficient resource allocation by providing clear visibility into staff, equipment and vehicle availability. Similarly, it prevents overbooking and under-utilisation of resources.

    3. Effective communication and collaboration are possible amongst teams. Sharing of documents, images and information ensures seamless teamwork.

    4. Transparency of data ensures everyone is on the same page. Due credits for the work done are provided and underperforming employees are trained accordingly.

    5. The task tracking software provides valuable insights into each individual's performance and capabilities. It helps identify bottlenecks and make informed decisions in real time.

  • What does task management software do?

    An employee task management system offers a range of features that automate task allocation and analysis. Some of the most commonly exploited features include:

    1. Allows easy creation and allocation of tasks to employees.

    2. Also, automates task allocation if you want it to be done automatically

    3. Reminds employees and managers of the deadlines and meetings

    4. Fectes real-time updates on task progress via remote tracking and monitoring.

    5. Employee task management tool shares real-time availability of resources.

    6. Task management software ensures effective communication, information sharing and documentation

    7. The advanced task management system provides insights into performance for evaluation.

  • WWhat are the features of a Great Task Management Tool?

    An advanced employee tracking system would offer a combination of automation tools:

    1. Auto task creation and allocation

    2. Ad-hoc task allocation and adjustments

    3. Real-time tracking and task updates

    4. Resource management i.e. employees, vehicles, equipment, etc.

    5. Chat-box for easy communication and collaboration

    6. Alerts and reminders for meetings, task deadlines, etc.

    7. Auto reporting and in-depth analytics

    8. Remote attendance marking with geo-stamps

  • What is the best way to keep track of tasks?

    The best and easiest way to keep track of tasks is an employee task management system. Task management software solutions not only simplify the hassle of orchestrating, managing and assessing tasks but also automates other operations too.

    additional tools that any field employee task management software would offer include:

    - Order management

    - Distance travlled report

    - Attendance Management

    - Expense Management

    - Real-time tracking

  • What are the benefits of using task management software?

    The primary benefits that a manager or an organisation would enjoy while using an employee task management system are:

    1. Improved efficiency of employees with better visibility and accurate insights.

    2. Enhanced communication and collaboration within and amongst teams

    3. Better resource allocation. No more underutilisation or exploitation of resources.

    4. Faster Turn-around-time of deliveries and timely completion of tasks.

    5. Accurate and flawless data insights into team performance, work productivity and resource utilisation.

    6. Reduced the number of pending or undelivered tasks.

    7. Enhanced customer satisfaction due to optimal

  • Can I try task management on for free?

    TrackoBit offers the advanced task management software, TarckoField. Its on-point tracking and accurate insights make it the leading field employee task-tracking software. TrackoField offers a free demo and trial of the software for as long as you are satisfied with our solutions and features.

  • Which Online Task Management Software To Choose From?

    The market is full of many employee task management software systems. Only a handful of them offers accurate tracking and on-point insights. Out of the advanced ones you’ll end up liking one or two that will match your requirements and solve your use cases. TrackoField is one software that offers accurate data and comes with custom offerings. It’s affordable and easy to navigate. Every point on any primary checklist is ticked off already. For other discussion and details, you can always reach out to us!

  • Is TrackoField’s Tasks management tool available on desktop and mobile devices?

    Yes, TrackoField’s employee task management software is available in the form of a mobile app and web application. The dual-app software comes with different apps for managers and employees.

  • Is employee task management software easy to use?

    The employee task management app is so easy to use that you don’t really need to use the software much. Most of the tasks are automated such as task allocation, report generation, task reminders and documentation. As soon as you mark your attendance on the task tracking software app the auto-report generation feature activates and keeps operating till you mark yourself out.

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