Field Employee Task Management Software

Automate workflow management or optimise manual task allocation - We have left task management open-ended for your convenience.

Task Management Software

Employee Task
Management Software

One app to streamline your entire field workforce!

A task missed is the opportunity lost! Particularly in the B2B space, the smallest of meetings can prove pivotal for converting a lead into a client. With a 100% task achievement rate, kill at every project you take up.

  • Quick TAT on leads and queries
  • 100% on target vs. achievement
  • Optimal use of time and resources
Latest Update: Workflow Automation

Task Management Solution Offerings

Managing Fields Operations Would Never Feel Like A Task

One app that can fill all the gaps in your remote field operations management. The task management module of
TrackoField is full of surprising features and functionalities.

  • Distance and Duration Breakup

    Distance and Duration Breakup

    Get a distance report for each visit or task performed by field executives. Analyse performance better with time and travel reports for each task or client visit.

    • Inter-task Distance Calculation
    • Actual Working vs On-duty Hours
    • Day-wise Distance Breakup
  • Ad-Hoc Task Allocation

    Last-minute jobs and orders fly in like Batman! Their smooth accommodation in pre-planned schedules becomes easy with TrackoField. Zero hassle, complete automation.

    • Easy Ad-hoc Adjustments
    • Optimal Schedule Planning
    • Instant Task Alerts On-the-go
    Ad-Hoc Task Allocation
  • Calendar Scheduling

    Calendar Scheduling

    Management, monitoring, and allocation become much easier with an uncluttered view. Calendar view brings the entire week’s or month’s planning on one canvas.

    • In-built Calendar Template
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner
    • Intuitive and Interactive UI/UX
  • Target vs Achievement

    The target vs. achievement report presents the gist of operational productivity in numbers. TrackoField automatically generates the report without any extra hassle.

    • Auto Report Generation
    • Historical Data Analysis
    • Graphical Representation
    Target vs Achievement
  • Employee Task Tracking Software
  • Employee Task
    Tracking Software

    The right solutions and features are here to help you overcome operational challenges and enhance employee productivity. Invest in your employees’ furtherance and see your business skyrocket.

  • Custom Forms and Attachments

    Custom form facility allows managers and employees to custom create forms with fields of their choice. Forms also offer attachment features wearing they can upload images, PDFs and other files on the software.

  • Scanner Support

    Though seemingly minimal, the scanner feature on the app serves vital purposes- swiftly extracting order/product details and simplifying the POD process with just a few clicks.

  • Self Allocation

    TrackoField enables self-allocation of tasks for field employees. Managers shall authorize executives for task creation, editing, and allocation. The software generates action history.

  • Time and Location Check

    Our task and workflow feature comes with location and time checks that managers may or may not opt for. By check we mean that tasks must start and end a) at the designated location, and b) within set times.

  • Insightful Task Reports

    We don’t just automate the process, we fetch insightful reports to help you make the right decision. Inspect complicated trends, leverage positive patterns and unearth the reason behind everything seen-unseen.

Work in Harmony and Boost Efficiency with Automation

One portable platform that brings your fragmented workforce and field operations together. Get yourself an automation and AI-backed
Task Management solution endorsing better customer as well as employee experience.

How TrackoField can help you ace the after-sales services?
Work in Harmony and Boost Efficiency with Automation

Benefits of Task Monitoring Software

From operational trends to expense reporting and performance metrics, we offer myriads of features that’ll help
you make insightful business decisions with in-depth analysis of every aspect.

  • Workflow Transparency

    With visibility comes transparency! Automated workflow keeps every stakeholder in the loop and enhances productivity, too.

  • Easy Team Collaboration

    Build a collaborative, transparent and inclusive environment for your teams to thrive. Chatbox, alerts and notifications enhance the experience.

  • Task Progress Tracking

    Stay with your employees every step of the way - from assigning tasks to resolving queries when they are stuck and receiving POD.

  • Productivity Enhancement

    Gone is the era of scattered processes and siloed teams! Optimised resources, a centralised database and instant actions enhance productivity.

  • Data-driven Decision Making

    Refer to custom reports, historical insights and analytical dashboards to make informed decisions in real-time and stay on top of the game.

  • Enhanced Work Efficiency

    With great software comes great efficiency! Automated workflow, optimal task planning and analytical data do only good.

What Else Do You Get With Employee Task Management System?

Other than a dedicated admin panel, on-demand customisation, seamless integrations and highly
responsive UX, you get reliable supporting modules.

  • Attendance Management Solution

    Attendance Management Solution

    Geo-verified clock-in and clock-out for field employees along with a time check. Extensive leave management module with flexible functionality.

    Learn More
  • Expense Management Tool

    Expense Management Tool

    Streamline employee expenses, additional allowances, and reimbursements online. Real-time status, instant alerts, and bill upload make the process transparent.

    Learn More
  • Order Management Tool

    Order Management Tool

    Accessing an elaborated product list, online order placement, and real-time status tracking, everything is operable remotely and on a smartphone.

    Learn More
  • Real-time Employee Monitoring

    Real-time Employee Monitoring

    From monitoring the whereabouts of employees to tracking the status of tasks, battery and network strength, everything happens in real time.

    Learn More
  • Route Distance Calculator

    Route Distance Calculator

    Our distance calculator feature ensures turn-to-turn accuracy with negligible discrepancy between the actual distance travelled and the route tracked.

    Learn More
  • Payroll Management

    Payroll Management

    Automate salary, leave and reimbursement syncing with our employee management tool. Manage everything along with tasks in one app effortlessly.

    Learn More

Straight from Our Clients

TrackoField has been our knight in shining armour, revolutionizing our field operations. We had a clear vision of where we headed but the challenge was to make it happen at a desirable pace. That’s where team TF stepped in along with TrackoBit to automate the entire field management including our fleet of vehicles. Today, we are operating in 6 regions and 14 cities with their software support.

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Rajeshwar Wadhera - CEO

Integrate TrackoField with 200+ Apps

Easily integrates with any software be it a CRM, ERP, HRMS or others. In fact, it helps in
automating and optimising lead/order sorting and auto allocation to suitable dealers or employees.

Route Planning Software for the FMCG Industry

Why Choose TrackoField’s
Task Management Software?

The complete field employee monitoring software
backed by automation and big data analysis for
modern enterprises.

  • Fast and smooth deployment process
  • Built on the latest and robust tech stack
  • Sound technical support 24*7
  • Use-case-based on-demand solutions

Get ready to unify your team, decentralise your operations, and scale by leaps and bounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Task Management?

    Task management is the process of orchestrating, prioritizing and coordinating tasks and activities that need to be fulfilled by employees. Managing tasks for the team is primarily the manager's responsibility. However, for individual task and schedule management, employees are responsible individually.
    As far as task management as a whole is considered, it may include creating work schedules, allocating tasks to employees, monitoring the progress and ensuring the timely delivery of tasks.

  • What does Task Management Software do?

    An employee task management system offers a range of features that automate task allocation and analysis. Some of the most commonly exploited features include:
    1. Allows easy creation and allocation of tasks to employees.
    2. Also, automate task allocation if you want it to be done automatically
    3. Reminds employees and managers of the deadlines and meetings
    4. Fetches real-time updates on task progress via remote tracking and monitoring.
    5. Employee task management tool shares real-time availability of resources.
    6. Task management software ensures effective communication, information sharing and documentation
    7. The advanced task management system provides insights into performance for evaluation.

  • What is the best way to keep track of tasks?

    The best and easiest way to keep track of tasks is an employee task management system. Task management software solutions not only simplify the hassle of orchestrating, managing and assessing tasks but also automate other operations.
    Aadditional tools that any field employee task management software would offer include:
    1. Order Management
    2. Distance Travelled Report
    3. Attendance Management
    4. Expense Management
    5. Real-Time Tracking

  • Can I try Task Management on for free?

    TrackoBit offers the advanced task management software, TarckoField. Its on-point tracking and accurate insights make it the leading field employee task-tracking software. TrackoField offers a free demo and trial of the software for as long as you are satisfied with our solutions and features.

  • Is TrackoField’s Tasks Management Tool available on desktop and mobile devices?

    Yes, TrackoField’s employee task management software is available in the form of a mobile app and web application. The dual-app software comes with different apps for managers and employees.

  • Why do you need Task Management Software?

    Employee Task-tracking software is essential in today’s day and age where AI and automation are driving the growth and scalability of various enterprises. However, some of its benefits include:
    1. Streamlined and centralised task-related information, making it accessible to field employees and managers
    2. Efficient resource allocation by providing clear visibility into staff, equipment and vehicle availability. Similarly, it prevents overbooking and under-utilisation of resources.
    3. Effective communication and collaboration are possible amongst teams. Sharing of documents, images and information ensures seamless teamwork.
    4. Transparency of data ensures everyone is on the same page. Due credits for the work done are provided and underperforming employees are trained accordingly.
    5.The task-tracking software provides valuable insights into each individual's performance and capabilities. It helps identify bottlenecks and make informed decisions in real-time.

  • What are the features of a Great Task Management Tool?

    An advanced employee tracking system would offer a combination of automation tools:
    1. Auto task creation and allocation
    2. Ad-hoc task allocation and adjustments
    3. Real-time tracking and task updates
    4. Resource management i.e. employees, vehicles, equipment, etc.
    5. Chat-box for easy communication and collaboration
    6. Alerts and reminders for meetings, task deadlines, etc.
    7. Auto reporting and in-depth analytics
    8. Remote attendance marking with geo-stamps

  • What are the benefits of using Task Management Software?

    The primary benefits that a manager or an organisation would enjoy while using an employee task management system are:
    1. Improved efficiency of employees with better visibility and accurate insights.
    2. Enhanced communication and collaboration within and amongst teams.
    3. Better resource allocation. No more underutilisation or exploitation of resources.
    4. Faster turn-around time of deliveries and timely completion of tasks.
    5. Accurate and flawless data insights into team performance, work productivity and resource utilisation.
    6. Reduced the number of pending or undelivered tasks.
    7. Enhanced customer satisfaction due to optimal.

  • Which Online Task Management Software To Choose From?

    The market is full of many employee task management software systems. Only a handful of them offer accurate tracking and on-point insights. Out of the advanced ones you’ll end up liking one or two that will match your requirements and solve your use cases. TrackoField is one software that offers accurate data and comes with custom offerings. It’s affordable and easy to navigate. Every point on any primary checklist is ticked off already. For other discussion and details, you can always reach out to us!

  • Is employee Task Management Software easy to use?

    The employee task management app is so easy to use that you don’t really need to use the software much. Most of the tasks are automated such as task allocation, report generation, task reminders and documentation. As soon as you mark your attendance on the task-tracking software app the auto-report generation feature activates and keeps operating till you mark yourself out.

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