Field Sales Automation Software Help Deliver faster Services

Field Sales Automation Software Help Deliver faster Services

Speed is the need of time! We have come a long way from weekly parcel deliveries to same-day deliveries of eCommerce products to now groceries arriving at our doorsteps in 10 minutes.

Similarly, in the field operations spaces, field sales automation software has made task delivery smoother and quicker with time. 

But, 3x hun! Are we making tall claims? We have seen automation do wonders for various sectors then why not in field operations? Now, with 5G coming into action, the scope of opportunities and innovation will broaden massively. Technologies such as AI, ML and VR will speed up the game of field sales automation.  

As far as field operations like deliveries, sales, servicing and maintenance are concerned, TrackoField has got you covered.

How to Close Customer Complaint Tickets Within 24 Hours?

There are two ways to achieve it. 

1) Hire Flash to execute all the tasks or 2) Resort to Field Force Automation software. 

Well, taking the more practical approach we’ll suggest you go for the latter. So, how will a field staff automation software manage to do that? The answer is in the name itself – through AUTOMATION. 

Let’s understand the step-by-step procedure devices by TrackoField to optimise the field operations:

API-Astra Helps Pull Data from CRM 

Well, this superhero doesn’t wear a cape or anything at all. The Field Force Automation software fetches the required data from the CRM and takes care of the process hereafter.

Auto-assign the Complaint to the Dealers. 

The software receives the sorted complaints from the CRM software and assigns the complaint to the nearest dealer. The other way of assigning the complaint is through the flood method. The software shoots the complaint to all the dealers in the vicinity, whoever accepts the complaint first gets the task.

Field Executive Receives the Task

The field automation software assigns the complaint as a task to the available executive automatically. TrackoField also offers a manual procedure for this stage, as some small-scale budding businesses don’t have the required infrastructure to support complete automation.

Monitoring Task Execution 

Robust field force automation to the likes of TrackoField supports instant deliveries via ad-hoc task allocation. Once the task is assigned to the available field executive who is close to the customer’s location, he/she reaches the location as directed by the app. The executive executes the tasks, takes the required details and documents from the client and marks the task as done.

Ensure Client Satisfaction with the Happiness Code

Clients share the code they receive via an SMS with the field executive if they are content with his service. If they are not content and want a revisit they may deny sharing the code. 

The first three steps of the process happen within a matter of a few minutes. The field executives reach the client site within a couple of hours and execute the task. This way field force automation system helps close the complaint ticket raised by the customer in less than 24 hours.

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Will Field Sales Automation Software Ensure Customer Satisfaction?

Good question and your question didn’t hurt us at all! 

Good question and your question didn’t hurt us at all!

Without beating much around the bush we’ll say, yes, it does! We base our opinion on the following convenience that your customers enjoy by virtue of your upgradation to the field sales automation software.

Quick Turnaround Time

With the help of automation, the software brings down the hours-long process to a matter of minutes, therefore the TAT reduces drastically. The faster the delivery of services, the more content clients are.

Tracking Access to Customers

Trackofield sends a link to the customers on the same number from which the CRM registers the complaint. The link offers the live tracking view of the field executive along with his details, ETA and current location.

Happiness Code

The same SMS will also have a unique happiness code that the customer shares with the executive only after the successful completion of the task. It ensures a) the completion of tasks, b) customer satisfaction. Customers may deny sharing the code if they aren’t happy with the service.

Lesser Scope for Human Error

Automation and well-optimised operations reduce the room for human errors which lead to delayed execution of tasks and wrong deliveries. Negligible errors mean quicker TATs and improved customer satisfaction.  

You’ll never miss a meeting because your alarm didn’t go off! Our system is efficient enough to set auto-reminders and pop notifications before every client meeting.


What resources are required to upgrade to a Field Force Automation System?

The best part about going for a Field Executive Monitoring software is you don’t need much investment. In the name of devices you need smartphones and in the name of the software you need an app.


The field executives and other people at different touch points must have a smartphone to work remotely.

Field Force Monitoring App

Download the App, create an account and viola, you are good to go! Anybody who can operate YouTube can operate the app. Yes, it’s that easy!

Benefits of Field Force Automation Software 

The future-proof business models work on the idea of “Automate and chill” because they know the power and potential of technology. In the coming years, more businesses will upgrade themselves to new-age tech and data-driven business operations. 

Field force monitoring software is the future-ready tool to move your traditionally operating field activities to software-aided operations. Let’s discuss the primary benefits of the field sales automation app.

Data-driven Business Decisions

Assumptions and guesswork are a thing of the past. Everything from employee performance to client onboarding, services delivered, client satisfaction report to complaint ticket flow from top to bottom – everything is monitored by the software. 

Analytics and insights generated by the software enable data-oriented decision-making.

Real-time Monitoring

The software ensures 100% visibility of tasks and task executives. TrackoField traces the route followed by the field executive to reach the client site with almost 99% accuracy without taking too much toll on their phone battery. Along with it, managers can assign ad-hoc tasks to the employee by the virtue of real-time location tracking only. 

Executives can also track the status of their leave applications and expense claim request in real-time.

Accurate Reports

Unlike manual reporting, software reports are tough to mess with. The software generates accurate reports without missing out on any details. There is no scope for biases and forgetfulness. The software negates the hassle of maintaining different reports and does that automatically. 

You may ask for custom reports in cases your software provider doesn’t offer a particular report you need.

Improved Employee Efficiency

When Artificial intelligence meets human efforts the results are mind-blowing. According to a study by ReachOut, the combination of mobility and AI improve field staff productivity by 40%. When everything from top to bottom and from the start to the end is optimised, it only becomes convenient for on-field employees and managers to work efficiently. 

In fact, our clients have also shown a significant improvement in efficiency and productivity after switching to TrackoField. The scope for scalability increases immensely when automation is added to the operations.

Transparency of Data Across Touchpoints

With centralised operations management via field staff management software, everybody from managers to dealers and field staff is brought to one platform. It ensures the optimum level of work transparency across the hierarchy. The loopholes in the working possess are easier to detect. 

It’s easier to revisit the chronology of a task, the touch points it had been through and the final task report by the managers.

Customer and Employee Satisfaction

The ultimate goal of every business is to attain 100% customer satisfaction but that comes only when the employees are satisfied too. Field-sales software satisfies both parties. 

Employees have a true and complete report on their tasks and performance. They only have to focus on their work and not prove it to anybody as the system speaks for everybody. A report by Accenture shows that 92% of employees are fine with the collection of work data on them if it improves their performance.

Field Force Management Software for Speedy Resolutions

Automation brings the decentralised manual process of field operations into one platform, hence, optimises end-to-end field staff management. Give a sudden boost to your business growth and scalability with TrackoField, the advanced field force automation software. Interested? The free trial is just a call/mail away.

TrackoField the Advanced Field Force Automation Software

Field Sales Automation Software Help Deliver faster Services

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