After-sales Service Automation is the Key to Customer Satisfaction

After sales Service Automation is the Key to Customer Satisfaction

Businesses pivot on customer satisfaction. Everything comes down to what customers want, how they receive a product/service and whether they’ll rebuy it or not.

Field sales automation software does not only optimise field sales operations but also automates after sales services throughout the hierarchy.

What is After sales Service?

After-sales service or support simply means providing technical assistance to customers after they have purchased a product or service. It ensures that customers get as much value and utility from the product purchased. It’s also a part of marketing strategy as it spurs good word of mouth for brands and boosts customer retention.

After sales service experience influences almost 96% of people’s choiceof and loyalty to a brand.

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A customer expects a lot more than just a good product from a brand. The bigger the brand, the heavier the customer expectations get. Companies that focus on customer experience have 4-8% better revenue than the market standard.

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What Are the Challenges of After sales Services? 

What is a business without challenges? However, after sales has its share of tricky challenges. Also, it is essential to reduce the churn rate. Let us talk about some grave challenges that pop up along the way especially when field operations are involved.

Delayed Visits

 The success of after sales support is majorly dependent on the Average Waiting Time (AWT). The more the AWT, the worse the customer experience gets. Delays can happen due to unforeseen events, intentional delays or ignorance. The turnaround time for closing the complaint depends on

a) when the support staff delegated the query to the dealer, 

b) how quickly he further assigned the task to the field serviceman, and

c) how proactively he performed the task.

Manual Query Distribution 

After the CRM receives the complaint ticket, the process doesn’t end there. You then delegate the query to the regional dealer, who further assigns the task to his field executive. While sorting queries manually, there is a scope for human or clerical errors. Also, the process becomes lengthier and time consuming.

Discrepancy in Data

When a query flows through so many levels before it reaches the technician, the room for discrepancy also broadens. If someone updates the wrong data at one level, the entire timeline and database for that particular complaint are goofed-up. It’s a battle to know the actual reason behind a customer’s bad experience when the record is flawed.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Analysing customer feedback is essential in after sales and overall sales, and business enhancement. It may happen that an executive completed the job from his or her end but the customer was not satisfied with the delivery. In such cases, the company’s brand value is at stake.

Unreachability of Executive

It becomes tough sometimes to get in touch with executives on-field and know their whereabouts. Managers may want to inform them about the cancellation/rescheduling of the query they are out to resolve, inform them about a new complaint on the same route, or just convey a new update to them.

How Post sales Services Automation Software Mitigates Challenges

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Technology comes in handy to either mitigate challenges or accelerate the existing process. The only downside to switching to software aid is the technical know-how. However, many field sales automation software or app providers have easy-to-use and understand UI/UX. They’re as simple as using Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube. 

So, how does field force automation software troubleshoot the challenges faced by the sales and services sector? Let’s find out.

Integrated With Your CRM Platform

Advanced field service and maintenance software such as TrackoField come with a very seamless API integration set-up. It makes integration with CRM systems, HRMS, or any third-party software a cakewalk.

Sorting and Segmenting Tickets 

Once your existing CRM system receives a complaint ticket from any part of the country, TrackoField filters and sorts the complaint based on geography, type, product and more. Software aid automates the manual process of sorting and segmenting complaints. Therefore, it reduces the scope of human error.

Query Reaches the Right Dealer

The software assigns the query to the nearest dealer in no time. The dealer acknowledges the service request upon receiving the notification with all the required details from the company.

Delegating the Task  

The multi-level system automatically assigns the task to the available and the rightly suited serviceman. This mitigates the challenge of time wastage in assigning and selecting the right serviceman, as the system does the same job in a matter of seconds.

Task Monitored Until Done 

While in manual field service monitoring, the entire process post-complaint delegation to the dealer is opaque. However, the software system provides a transparent look into the field activities of not just the field executives but also the dealers and every other touch point. Managers can track the movement of the field executives right from the moment the task is assigned to them till the task is done.


The actual reason why companies invest in field sales automation software is not to monitor the field executives but to improve customer satisfaction. Our proof of delivery feature ensures that there is complete customer satisfaction. The complaint stays unclosed until the customer shares the happiness code with the serviceman that he further matches with the one on the system. The system approves it in a matter of seconds.

Auto-report Generation

Updating excel and preparing manual reports is a thing of the past. Field sales automation software automates the entire reporting and database maintenance part. System-generated reports are not just free from any false updates but also help in making insightful business decisions.

What Are the Benefits of Post sales Service Automation? 

The advantages of adopting a field sales and service automation system are many. It not only speeds up the entire working process but also reduces any scope of false data and biases. Let’s discuss some crucial benefits in detail.

Transparency Across Stages

Software-powered field operations ensure transparency in field operations and have everything well-archived in the form of reports. Everything is monitored by the software, right from the moment a complaint ticket is raised till the system verifies the happiness code.

Timely Execution of Tasks

No more excuses, no more delays! In the age of same-day delivery, customers expect services and deliveries as quick as possible. Fast servicing is imperative in building a brand image amongst your existing and potential customers. The system tracks the movement of every query along the hierarchy. It helps in spotting the problem area in a matter of few minutes also before you end up losing a couple of clients.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

When a company offers a seamless process for raising complaints, timely resolution of problems, and a customer-first approach, how can customers be unsatisfied? Field sales monitoring software is designed keeping the same objective in mind. Well-integrated systems, PODs and SMSs ensure the same.

A Pool of Accurate Data

Data accuracy is the main ingredient in defining the success of a business. No matter how small or irrelevant the aspect of a business may seem, a minor loophole can exhaust your profits. This is where field automation software does wonders. They monitor the flow of a query and every touchpoint along the hierarchy and have in-depth data to back the decisions taken by managers.

It’s Time to Update Your Customer Service Monitoring Software

People are more inclined toward brands that use the latest technology to make the customer experience better and more convenient. Customers look for quick and quality service. TrackoField, the advanced after sales automation software is designed to optimise and enhance customer service with automation.

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After-sales Service Automation is the Key to Customer Satisfaction

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