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Asset Management Solutions Get Set Track

Unlike vehicle tracking software, asset monitoring software track consignments and assets on the move. Their features are centred around the consignment’s safety, handling, and movement. Asset monitoring is beneficial when multimodal logistics come into the picture.

New ways to track your assets and consignments

What We Offer

Ability and Visibility To Accelerate Your Business

Everything that helps you scale your business is an asset. Track and control your high-value assets from anywhere, at any hour of the day. We strategically built the software to meet your requirements.

Consignment Monitoring

Track cargos, freights, and trailers carrying high-value consignments across the country, or overseas. Easily compatible with all sorts of hardware and sensors. Hence, ensure 100% security with real-time visibility.

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Equipment Tracking

Assess the performance, history, and location of equipment. Accurate reporting and better insights reduce downtime. Actionable analytics provided by vehicle asset tracking management software come in handy to make better decisions.

Employee Monitoring

Employees are the most valuable asset for a company. Assign teams, delegate tasks, make updates, and manage them all in one place. Eliminate manual reporting and automate out-and-out operations.

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  • What You Get

    Control Over Metrics That
    Control Your Assets

    Push your capabilities by having complete control over your assets from anywhere and at any time. The list is long and inexhaustible but we adapt to your business needs.

  • Asset Safety

    Live track the location of your assets 24*7. Features like alerts, notifications, and announcements keep you abreast of regular updates. The SOS alarm comes in handy in case of an emergency.

  • ETA & Proof of Delivery

    Customers trust you with their valuable assets. With a top-grade asset tracking system, you can share the live location and ETA via automated alerts. Receive POD as soon as the consignment is delivered.

  • Multi-modal Tracking

    Track every move of consignments. No matter how many vehicles or modes of transport come into action to drop a consignment to its destination, you’ll get regular updates on its movement.

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Highlights of Asset Monitoring Solutions

Stay at the forefront of telematics with white label asset tracking software like TrackoBit.
Get your hands on the latest technology and finest software solutions.

  • Route Optimisation

    Our software generates the most optimised route connecting the best possible combination of addresses, using rich routing algorithms and rule engines that work on hundreds of variables.

  • Automated Reports

    The system generates consignment-wise or vehicle-wise reports automatically. Get thorough insights into the activities of the assets along with geospatial data pertaining to them.

  • Instant Alerts

    Receive real-time alerts for custom scenarios that you opt for, such as consignment deviating from its assigned route, equipment staying idle for very long, and excess working hours.

Get the Best Out of Your Assets

Track the performance of your high-value assets and benefit the most from them. Asset Tracking software enables you to know whether your equipment is being utilised to its full potential or not. Whether you are getting a good return on your investment or the equipment/vehicle is decaying in idleness.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • What is Asset Tracking Software?

    Asset tracking solutions come in the form of web applications or mobile applications. The software is crafted to track and monitor the movement of the consignments, vehicles and goods in transit. It harnesses technologies such as GPS, telematics, GSM and sensors to collect real-time data and provide with actionable insights.

  • How does an asset tracking system work?

    A real-time asset tracking software system works similarly to any GPS tracking software with data packets flowing from the GPS device to the software. Telematics the high-end technology for data transmission comes in handy for transferring data at a longer distance.

    - Tracking devices or sensors are attached to the assets needed to be tracked.

    - Once integrated with the software, the device starters transmitted location data to the cloud.

    - The software fetches the raw data from the cloud and massages it presents in an understandable format.

    - The users see the data in the forms of tables, graphs, numbers and charts on the UI.

  • Why is it important to track assets?

    In today’s day and age asset tracking goes beyond just monitoring the whereabouts. It has more to do with the safety of the consignments and customer satisfaction.

    While the goods are travelling overseas, toppling from one vehicle to another, and moving from city to city, the chances of misplacement are high. In order to ensure keep things on track and on the same page for all the parties involved real-time asset tracking solutions are like a blessing in disguise.

    Real-time data such as current location, status and movement of the consignment helps in making instant decisions. Also, clients are content that their goods are in good hands as they are getting ETAs and time-to-time delivery status.

  • What features do the best asset tracking software provide?

    The best asset management software is the one that offers complete asset monitoring solutions. The user does not feel like switching the app to get the work done or to fetch some information pertaining to goods in transit.

    The features that a good white label asset tracking solutions include:

    - Asset management solution

    - Live tracking

    - Route planning and optimisation

    - Easy integration with ERP, CRM and other third-party software

    - Automatic and instant alerts

    - Auto report generation

  • What are the benefits of real-time asset-tracking software?

    The benefits of a best asset tracking solutions are many, if we have to summarise them briefly, they would include:

    - Enhanced real-time visibility of assets

    - Improved operational efficiency

    - Better Asset security at any given time

    - Faster TAT and timely delivery of goods

    - Optimised resource allocation

    - On-time maintenance of vehicles

    - Data-driven decision making

    - Improved customer experience

  • What to Ask When Purchasing Asset Tracking Software?

    It’s important to be entirely shared when purchasing asset monitoring software. What’s more important is to ask for a free trial. As far as other vitals are concerned, do not forget to ask your software provider:

    - Do you provide 24*7 tech support?

    - What all features, solutions, features and reports would you offer us?

    - Is your asset management software capable and scalable to meet our business needs?

    - What security measures do you take to protect data and prevent unsafe access?

    - Does the software offer mobile and web applications both?

    - Are there any additional charges - API fee, Map charges, etc. or AMC?

    - What integration options are available with our existing software such as CRM, ERP and inventory management?

  • Do you also provide asset trackers?

    No, we do not. We are purely into software services. We deliver complete software solutions to our clients.

  • How is asset tracking software different from vehicle tracking software?

    While a vehicle tracking system only covers vehicles and automobiles, an asset tracking system can cover moveable, as well as non-moveable assets such as employees, consignments, equipment and vehicles too. However, they both have the same framework, but they serve different use cases.

  • How is asset tracking software different from vehicle tracking software?

    While a vehicle tracking system only covers vehicles and automobiles, an asset tracking system can cover moveable, as well as non-moveable assets such as employees, consignments, equipment and vehicles too. However, they both have the same framework, but they serve different use cases.

  • Is your software compatible with all asset trackers and devices?

    Absolutely yes. We have integrated more than 500 devices/sensors with our software so far. In case you have doubts about the compatibility, let us tell you that we have a provision for a free trial. You can test whether or not your devices are compatible with our software. Even if your device fails to integrate with our software during the trial, our system is flexible enough to integrate new protocols.

  • Can your best asset management software track both powered and non-powered assets?

    Yes. We can track anything and everything under the sun. Our system is compatible with both, wired and non-wired devices therefore, whether or not the asset has electric power support, we can track you.

  • Is asset tracking software a good option for tracking rental equipment?

    Why not? With our intelligent software, you can not only track the location and status of the equipment but also generate automatic reports to monitor their performance. You can track when, where, how and for how long the equipment was used.

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