Driver Monitoring System with Video Telematics Solutions

Feel Like You’re Sitting Next To Your Drivers

What’s DMS?
Driver Score Driver Monitoring System Total Trips Driver Monitoring System
What’s DMS?

Manage Driver Status,
Improve Vehicle Safety

At TrackoBit, we care about your drivers and vehicles. Through our robust driver monitoring system, know when your drivers use their phones or get drowsy. With an amalgamation of video telematics and artificial intelligence, never miss any instance of carelessness. Reduce road accidents, increase fleet efficiency, and get total control with our software!

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Driver Monitoring Solution Manage Driver Status, Improve Vehicle Safety Manage Driver Status, Improve Vehicle Safety
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  • What We Offer

    A Visual Experience of How
    Your Fleet is Driven

    Video telematics gives you a notification along with visual reference
    whenever an event occurs in your vehicle. Reduce accidents due
    to careless driving and watch your profitability boost as
    fleet downtime reduces.

  • Video Supervision

    Instead of blindly risking your fleet with drivers resorting to risky driving, get total visual supervision. See what your drivers are doing while managing your most precious assets.

  • Event Alerts

    The dash cams installed in your fleet work exactly like sensors. They record events and send pictures with event notifications. Smoking, yawning, and drowsiness can’t go unnoticed anymore.

  • Driver Monitoring

    Always know who is driving your vehicle and how well they are doing it. Never miss any instance of unethical or unsafe behaviour in your vehicle and stay on top of your supervision game.

With Advanced Driver Monitoring System

Risky Driving is Not an Option
Because Bad Things Cannot Happen On Our Watch

We’ll notify managers as soon as cameras pick up any activity within your vehicle that might
lead to accidents. You can prevent the following actions through event alerts.

  • Smoking


    Anytime a driver lights one up, our
    software will light your device’s
    screen with a nifty notification.

  • Cold Chain Monitoring System by TrackoBit


    Looking away from the road is not
    an option when the software is

  • Distracted


    Drivers can sleep with the ignition
    off. When the engine is running,
    eyes must stay open!

  • Drowsy


    When driving, eyes should always
    be glued to the road and hands to
    the steering wheel!

  • Yawning

    Driver Absence

    Unless you own a self-driving fleet,
    if cameras don’t see drivers, you’re
    in trouble!

  • Driver Absence

    Camera Blocked

    Camera shyness is a no-no in your
    fleet’s driver requirements. You’ll
    be notified of blockages.

Driver Monitoring Solutions That

Loves All

Our Driver Monitoring System works on video telematics
that can integrate and support any hardware from
the biggest GPS tracker manufacturers in the world.

  • 500+ devices/sensors integrated
  • Direct and indirect pressure monitoring
  • Technical troubleshooting via SMSs
  • AIS 140 GPS Tracking Devices
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What You Get

Undying Belief in What You See

Our driver monitoring software offers visual driver supervision. We alarm you and rivers when
they are not in the right condition to drive. We prioritize safety over productivity.

  • Complete Asset Safety

    DMS helps you prevent unideal driving instances and reduces accidents. This way, your vehicles, drivers, and consignment are always in safe hands.

  • Better Driver Feedback

    Don’t just tell drivers that they need to stay more focused on the road. Show them visual evidence of when they falter, making driver feedback better.

  • Increased Efficiency

    With safe vehicles, drivers, and assets, you’re also safe from time and monetary losses. Efficiency and productivity are bound to increase!

DMS Helps Your Drivers Too!

DMS Helps Your Drivers Too!

Video Telematics and DMS Focus
on Driver Safety

All assets are under a safe watch with TrackoBit’s
driver monitoring system.

  • Avoid unknowing risky driving
  • Drivers brake when needed
  • Better performance reports
  • Real-time location supervision
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Get More, Track More With Fleet Management Software

We’ll make your fleet a well-oiled machine

Video telematics, DMS, and ADAS intelligently improve drivers and driving.
However, a complete vehicle tracking system offers the following things to
make all fleet functions smooth and well-organized!

Fleet Driver Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question related to Driver Monitoring System? Find some answers here. If you want more information, contact Us.

  • What is Driver Monitoring System?

    A driver monitoring system, in the simplest of terms is supervising drivers in your fleet with visual evidence. The primary function of the driver monitoring systems is to increase safety in a fleet through real-time visual tracking via video telematics solutions.

    It needs artificial intelligence to detect things such as:

    - Distracted driving

    - Driver smoking

    - Drowsiness

    - Driver’s absence

  • Why is managing drivers important?

    Every fleet manager manages their vehicles and their productivity. They might also supervise driving patterns. However, rare managers look into drivers, not for the sake of productivity but safety. Managing drivers is important because it is them who drive your fleet and get profits. Without them, operations are not possible.

  • How are driver monitoring systems and driver behaviour monitoring different?

    The terms driver behaviour analysis and driver monitoring systems are incorrectly used interchangeably. Here is why:

    - Driver behaviour analysis checks driving patterns data and reports and their impact on productivity. It focuses on how the vehicle is driven.

    - Driver monitoring systems check the driver’s status visually and its impact on safety. It focuses on what the driver is doing.

    Sure, the results of both systems depend on drivers and the way they are during their work hours. However, the measured metrics and their effects on fleet management are different.

  • Do I need video telematics to enable an effective driver monitoring system?

    Without a doubt! Driver behaviour analysis is possible without video telematics because it doesn't need visual representation. However, driver monitoring systems are all about visual representation and necessarily need video telematics to function.

    When fleet management software systems integrate front and back dash cams with artificial intelligence, you get DMS systems. These systems can help you understand the drivers’ cognitive and physical status to know if your vehicles are being driven safely.

  • Why should I invest in a driver monitoring system?

    To increase safety and efficiency in your fleet! With the help of a driver monitoring system, you become omniscient about the people driving your business (literally!). This system helps you be one with them, allowing you to have a better idea of their attentiveness.

    With a potent driver monitoring system, you can improve

    - Fleet safety

    - Overall efficiency

    - Driver quality

  • How can fleet management software improve driver monitoring?

    Fleet management software systems are meant to improve all functions within a working fleet. By amalgamating driver behaviour analysis and a driver monitoring system powered by video telematics, you can have a complete overview of how your drivers are working and performing.

    You can use this information to increase productivity and efficiency in your fleet by taking informed decisions and making relevant strategies.

  • Can DMS, ADAS, and Video Telematics enable self-driving vehicles?

    Yes! Autonomous vehicles are possible in the near future due to video telematics, DMS and ADAS. With the help of these functions, your fleet management systems are better connected, which is the basis of self-driving vehicles. You can read this article to know more about how advanced fleet management systems will drive the future of automobiles.

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