Using Driver Behavior Analysis For Higher Fleet Efficiency

Using Driver Behavior Analysis For Higher Fleet Efficiency

Do you know what the number one thing is that causes maximum fuel wastage?

Inappropriate and rash driving!

As a fleet manager, you can watch fleet economy by identifying and fixing driver patterns that might lead to costly operations. 

Use fleet management software that allows you to conduct a comprehensive driver behavior analysis. A white label fleet management solution will help you know where and how you are incurring extra expenses and how you can put that money into business growth.

How Does Driver Behavior Impact Fleet Management Budget

Using Driver Behavior Analysis For Higher Fleet Efficiency

Economic driving saves at least 30% fuel when compared to rash or aggressive driving. By fixing driving behavior, you can save at least 7% of your total fleet expense.

But how does that much money wastage happen through driving patterns? To understand this, let us look at some things you can notice and eliminate through proper driver behavior analysis.

  • Harsh Braking: Harsh braking leads to excessive fuel consumption and also reduces your vehicle’s mileage. Moreover, harsh braking leads to tyre wear and tear, which causes further troubles in the fleet management economy. 
  • Abrupt Acceleration: Excessive acceleration reduces the engine’s life, making a monetary loss to the fleet management system in general.  
  • Low Care for Consignment: Constant overspeeding and rash driving can lead to consignment loss, especially for products such as flammables and breakables that will lead to massive overhead expenses in the fleet management system. 
  • Engine Idling: Did you know that even 10 seconds of engine idling consumes much more fuel than just restarting it? The more a driver leaves the engine idling, the more fuel their vehicle will consume. 
  • Exceeding Speed Limit: When a vehicle’s engine reaches the optimum balanced range of speed and torque, it is able to consume the least amount of fuel. Therefore, driving without going over or under the speed limit will increase your vehicle’s durability and reduce fuel consumption
  • Frequently Taking Long Routes: Needless to say, the longer the route a driver will take, the more fuel and time they will consume. This leaves a dent in both the company’s goodwill and fleet economy. 

Using Fleet Management Software for Driver Behaviour Analysis 

When you use fleet management software, you can analyze the following things and more pertaining to driver behavior. By keeping a track of each driver’s driving patterns and training them accordingly, You can save a lot of money on fleet management that can be used for business growth instead. 

  • Status Reports: Through status reports, you can tell which vehicles are idling or overspeeding in real-time. The status report also shows whether AC is on in a vehicle, which leads to extra expenses. 
  • Speed Vs. Distance Report: Through this report, you can track which drivers tend to drive at what speed. General overspeeding is something you need to keep a check on.  
  • Route Deviation Alert: While occasional route deviations are okay, you can check if a particular driver tends to deviate frequently. You can also track their deviate points and routes to deduce if they are using your vehicle for personal use. 
  • Drop and Pick Report: Keep track of when consignments, assets, or packages are dropped and picked by your drivers to improve operations. 
  • Fuel Consumption Report: Through the fuel consumption report, you can see how much fuel a vehicle is consuming. You can surmise a way to reduce expenses by either helping the driver drive better or maintaining the vehicle well.
  • Customised Driver Report: You can customize the reports you need, get statistics, and driver scores according to their regular performance. Whether you want to see which driver tends to Overspeed or deroute, you can do that with the help of custom reports.
Using Driver Behavior Analysis For Higher Fleet Efficiency

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