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Automating pharma sales force with robust MR Reporting System.
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Integrated Solutions for
Medical Representative Monitoring

Interoperable solutions for the network-centric pharmaceutical industry. Keep tabs on all touch points via software.

TrackoField provides a comprehensive solution wherein live tracking, task monitoring, performance analysis and everything essential is possible on one platform.

Task Management Software

What to Expect
Top-notch Software Aid for MR Management

Task Management Software

Real-time Visibility of MR

TrackoField’s live tracking feature is what our clients swear by. It not only enables real-time whereabouts of Medical Representatives but also their live work status and updates.

Distance Travelled by MR

No boasting but truth - TrackoField offers the most precise distance travelled report with up to 98% accuracy without taking much toll on the phone battery of medical representatives.

Task Management Software
Task Management Software

Actionable Insights

With everything going digital, there is one big benefit of data accuracy. The system easily spots anomalies in the operations and opportunities for businesses to grow leaps and bounds.

Geo-tagged Operations

TrackoField optimises field operations and MR management with geo-coding. Geofencing, geo-tagged attendance, geo-verified task delegation, etc. are the pay-offs.

Task Management Software
Task Management Software

Cross Platform Ease

Our MR reporting software works flawlessly on all devices and operating systems. TrackoField also offers highly robust apps for managers and executives on Android and IOS.

Seamless API Integrations

You can effortlessly integrate other systems and software you use across departments with our MR monitoring solution and vice versa through push/pull API integration.

Task Management Software

What We Offer
A Dose of Automation to Pharma

  • Auto Attendance Marking

    As soon as the MR reaches the assigned chemist/doctor, their attendance is marked as present.
  • Auto Report Generation

    Gone are the days of manual reporting, MR monitoring software generates reports automatically.
  • Auto Alerts/Reminders

    The app shoots reminders prior to meetings and alerts in case tasks are delayed or skipped.

MR Reporting App
Optimise Field Operations with Automation

  • Remote Task Delegation

    Managers can upload tasks in bulk from anywhere at any time on the portal and the field executives receive their tasks instantly. Tasks can be assigned to an individual, a group or the entire team.
  • Battery and Network Status

    Every time an MR’s phone goes unreachable or off, the system captures the last battery reading and network status of their phone. This is one of the many features to make remote work foolproof.
  • Chatbox with Voice Note

    With chat at their disposal, medical representatives and managers do not have to switch between apps to chat or clarify queries. Voice notes make it more convenient for MRs while they are on the move.
  • Upload & Archive Documents

    TrackoField’s MR management software allows document and image upload not just in the forms but also for attendance, in chatboxes, and where it is required. The documents stay archived on the app.
  • Unreachable Reports

    Our MR tracking software makes it convenient for managers to check why an executive is not reachable- Is the phone out of network, on flight mode, its battery drained or is it switched off?
  • Expense Management

    Medical representatives spend most of their time in the field, they need food and their vehicles need fuel to run. The in-built expense management tool simplifies the reimbursement process for MRs and the management.

Visible Out-turn
Practical Benefits of MR Reporting Software

Switching to automation-backed software solutions streamlines monitoring, reporting and analysis for employees.
No wonder 92% of employees are okay with their organisation collecting data on them and their tasks.

  • Smooth Field Operations

    MR tracking and reporting software solutions bar the hassle of manual task delegation, management and reporting. It helps every stakeholder stay on the same page.
  • Accurate Analytics

    Software-enabled MR management ensures the accuracy of data on performance, reporting and other activities which are subject to errors when managed manually.
  • Employee Satisfaction

    More employees are welcoming such apps and monitoring software as they spot their weak/strong areas, eventually, helping them improve their performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

  • What is an MR Reporting Software?

    MR Monitoring or reporting software is meant for professionals and companies in the pharmaceutical industry. The acronym MR stands for Medical Representative. The employees or MR are most of the time in the fields delivering medicines, taking orders, picking samples and visiting doctors for work.

    MR monitoring software solutions offer a mobile platform wherein every detail related to their movement, meetings, tasks and performance come on record automatically. However, TrackoField offers a comprehensive solution that does more than just tracking, monitoring and reporting. It also helps manage their tasks, leaves, attendance, expenses and a lot more.

  • What are the features of MR Monitoring Software for the Pharma Industry?

    The most important requirement is an easy-to-use app with flawless UX as MRs in the field have to manage things in a little span of time. Some other crucial features in an MR reporting software system include:
    a) Live Tracking
    b) Geo-coded Attendance
    c) Distance Travelled Report
    d) Task Management
    e) Expense Management Tool
    f) Custom forms and fields
    g) Chatbox with voice notes
    h) API integrations
    i) Bulk Task Uploads
    j) Battery and Network Status
    k) Automatic & Custom Reports

  • Does TrackoField have one MR monitoring app for both managers and field executives?

    No, there are different apps for MRs in the fields and a different app along with a web portal for managers. This not only simplifies UX for the users but also negates any scope of confusion.

  • How is TrackoField’s MR reporting solution different from other employee monitoring Apps?

    TrackoField offers custom solutions as per its client's requirements. Right from custom form creation and bespoke fields in different sections to tailored reports, our MR management system allows tailored features as per industry.
    The accuracy of our live tracking solutions and distance travelled calculations are unmatched and the best in the industry.

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