What Is Task Management In Field Force Management Software?

What Is Task Management In Field Force Management Software?

Task management software streamlines all the manual processes involved in monitoring and managing tasks in a field operations team.

Without a field force management software system at hand, field employees and their managers have to rely on multiple apps just to get through a working day.

With managers having to check their team’s schedule and executives having to go back and forth apps to check tasks and update their managers, task management for field operations teams is a tedious process.

Wondering if there is a way to make task management simpler? Continue reading this blog to know how task management in field force software should be your next go-to tool!

What is Task Management?

Task management is the process of managers assigning tasks, employees checking them, completing them, and then marking them done on a platform. While the process might sound simple, there is a lot of planning and communication that goes into the process.

Managers have to check which executive is best suited for a task. Before assigning, they also have to make sure they’re available to be at a specific location at the right time. Moreover, executives have to plan and schedule their day according to all the tasks they are already assigned.

Therefore, task management software is incredibly important to manage a team of field executives. Without it, field force management in the digital landscape becomes a resource-wasting process.

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Why is Task Management Software Important?

In the previous section, we explained why task management is important in a simplified manner. But in this section, let us talk about the issues field operations managers face that make task management so important.

  • Haphazard Communication: Staying on the same page about task assignment, completion, and management is difficult when managers and executives cannot communicate in person. But task management streamlines coordination through on-platform communication tools.
  • Using Multiple Apps: A single task lifecycle needs multiple apps – project management tool to assign, communication app to coordinate, and a separate system to track productivity. However, task management software eliminates the need for juggling multiple apps. Therefore, it makes the process much less time-consuming.
  • Right Tasks to RIght Executives: To leverage resources the correct way, managers must match the right executive with the right tasks. With proper task management software, managers can see which tasks an employee has already successfully completed, and hence, decipher which future tasks suit them the best. 
  • Eliminating Planning Paralysis: Field executives spend 25% of their time searching for information about their tasks and planning accordingly.  With proper task management, they get to see their tasks ahead of the day and schedule accordingly, saving time and energy. 
  • Lack of Accountability: Field employees feel less accountable for their work when things are ont communicated to them well. With task management software, managers can see the tasks they’ve completed and give them accurate feedback. This transparency is a game changer in building each employee’s accountability.

How Does Task Management Software Work?

Task Management (2023) is a complex process. But it gets easier with task management software. With software aid, field operations managers can overcome the challenges of coordination and communication, making their teams more productive and efficient.

Here are the processes a task management software simplifies, step-by-step:

  • Seamless Task Assignment: Through the manager app or portal, the managers can easily assign tasks to field employees, ensuring clarity and eliminating confusion.
  • Real-time Updates: Executives receive real-time updates about new tasks (with details) or any schedule changes through their employee app.
  • On-platform Communication: In case of any confusion with the task, both parties can communicate directly within the software, avoiding using external messaging apps.
  • Task Tracking: The software tracks task progress and status in real-time, providing visibility into completion time and any potential delays.
  • Automated Reminders: The system can send automated reminders to field employees about pending tasks or approaching deadlines, reducing the chances of oversight.
  • Resource Optimization: Managers get to assess the workload and performance of each executive, helping them allocate tasks to the most suitable team member.
  • Data Centralization: All task-related information – such as updates, status, and feedback –  is stored over one centralized location, increasing visibility and transparency in the organization.

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What Are The Features of Task Management in Field Force Management Software?

Task management software can be a very versatile tool. It can be as simple as a way of assigning tasks to executives.

However, it can also be advanced enough to keep complete track of each executive’s productivity. So, instead of speaking about all the software out there, we will talk about the features TrackoField offers.

  • Task Assignment: With a task management solution, managers get to see each executive’s availability and strengths. They can then simply upload tasks on their task sheets instead of having to call and brief them. Task assignment cannot be simpler than how it is with workforce management software.
  • Two-way Editing: In case managers need to make changes to the tasks they have already posted, they can. Even if executives want to add or subtract details from the task, they can. TrackoField offers tasks to be open to edits and speculation on both ends.
  • Geo-verification: If managers opt for it, they can make tasks geo-verified. Through TrackoField’s real-time tracking solutions, they can tell whether or not executives were actually on the field. TrackoField also allows automatic attendance marking once an executive has stayed on their task site for a certain amount of time.
  • Real-time Checklists: When managers assign tasks to executives, they are essentially creating checklists for them. Executives can come to their dashboard and see their to-do list. This is great to help them stay on the move and motivated. After all, checking tasks off a list has its own charms!
  • Bulk Task Upload: TrackoField allows managers to create excel sheets offline and then upload them to the software. Therefore, they can assign tasks in bulk to any executive, allowing them the liberty to work at their own pace.
  • Communication: To make things simple, TrackoField has its own chat boxes that help managers and executives to communicate with one another at ease.

Are There Benefits of Using Task Management Software?

Sure, the features offered by any field force management software’s task management tool are spectacular. They definitely make things simpler on the field. However, how does that make things better for an organization? Does it help increase productivity and profitability?

Yes! About 75% of field service businesses using workforce management tools observe an increase in employee productivity!

How? Let’s see:

  • Simpler Operations: Once task management is out of the window, at least the managers know what the team is up to and the team knows what they have to do. Task management tools definitely make operations simpler.
  • Time and Paper Saving: No time and money are wasted in lengthy briefings. Therefore, the organization saves a lot of money by using digital task management methods.
  • Tasks Become Transparent: Task transparency helps build accountability within a team. When everyone can see what others are supposed to do, there comes a sense of wanting to do their best. This is also a great motivating tool for executives.
  • Flexibility for Employees: Executives get to set their own schedules, especially when they get tasks in bulk. This flexibility to build their pace and schedule helps improve productivity and team morale.

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Summing Up

If you have a team of over five field executives, there is no way for you to successfully manage tasks without field force management software. It is only with task management tools that you can increase your team’s productivity and profitability.

In this blog, you’ve seen the features a task management system can offer and the benefits your organization is sure to reap from them. So, what are you waiting for? Try TrackoField and see how simple managing tasks for field executives can become!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to manage tasks for field executives?

    Managing tasks for field executives can be a daunting challenge, but with the right field force management software like TrackoField, it becomes a breeze.
    Our platform offers;
    1. A user-friendly interface
    2. Seamless task assignment
    3. Real-time updates
    4. On-platform communication tools
    5. Task location geo-verification
    With task management software, you'll experience simpler operations, transparent tasks, and increased employee productivity. All you need to do is contact us and tell us about the solutions you need. We’ll take care of the rest!

  • Who can use task management software?

    Task management software like TrackoField caters to a diverse range of industries, making it suitable for anyone who manages a team of field executives. Businesses such as
    After sales service agencies
    Maintenance and repair services
    Pick up and drop services 
    Healthcare providers with field staff
    Field research teams, etc.
    Field sales and marketing
    Field technician services
    Can use task management software.
    Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, if you need to manage tasks, improve coordination, and increase productivity for your field workforce, task management software is the tool for your success.

  • Why do you need to manage tasks for field operations? 

    When you monitor and manage tasks for field operations, you will see much more structure form into the field operations team. Here are some things you’ll see a positive change in
    1. Timely task execution 
    2. Task expense control
    3. Data-driven decision making
    4. Coordination
    5. Employee loyalty
    6. Customer satisfaction

  • What is the difference between project management and task management in field force management?

    Project and task management are two aspects of operational management that rely on and support each other.
    Project management focuses on monitoring and managing overall projects. Therefore, it works with multiple tasks, timelines, and resources. With project management, you can achieve smooth goals, ensuring coordination among teams, managers, and customers
    Task management concentrates on individual tasks within the project. It streamlines assigning and tracking tasks. Therefore, it simplifies each step of the project.
    While project management ensures the project's success, task management is more granular and ensures a smooth execution of each task.

What Is Task Management In Field Force Management Software?

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