Why Do Businesses Need Field Force Management Software?

Why Do Businesses Need Field Force Management Software?

Managing field resources comes with unique and urgent challenges. From tracking productivity, movement, and attendance, businesses need field force management systems to smoothen their workflow.

Manual field force management works for small field operative teams. However, with increasing team strengths, companies require cloud and software to overcome fluctuating variables.

After the digital revolution, businesses benefit by building human trust with customers instead of connecting them to another robot. Therefore, they should adapt to the emerging organizational and environmental requirements and adopt field force management systems right now!

Some Common Field Force Management Challenges 

Field force management is essentially people management with a twist. Unlike in-office employees, field executives cannot coordinate much as a team. Therefore, managers face issues that are unique to their team and can take the following forms:

  • Maintaining Authentic Attendance: Field executives shouldn’t be wasting time traveling to and from the office every day. Therefore, it is hard to decipher whether or not the executive is actually on the field when they mark their attendance.
  • Managing Tasks: Without face-to-face communication, managers might falter in handling tasks for each executive. Naturally, without proper records and data synthesis, double and inadequate task assignment is not uncommon.
  • Employee Tracking: It is hard to know when an employee is on-site and when they are loitering around. Moreover, employees might bluff about their device’s battery and GSM status. This makes the entire team’s productivity fall.
  • Managing Customer Relations: Field executives become the organization’s face when interacting with clients. Therefore, lack of proper employee training and client feedback proves expensive to the organization.
  • Difficult Coordination: When the entire team is not working together, clear communication and coordination become a hassle. With multi-platform communication, not only do things get confusing but also difficult to record.

What is Field Force Management Software?

Field force management is an important part of sales, customer support, and employee management. Without it, businesses lose internal productivity and external accountability. 

To save businesses from haphazard employee tracking and manual field task management, field force management software comes to the rescue. 

Field force management software is a cloud-based system that allows all remote and field resources’ data to come together. It allows managers to segregate field executives from in-office employees. Therefore, they can manage field executives’ data in a specialized manner.

Field force management software can be generally used both on the employer’s and the employee’s end. It comes loaded with features specifically designed to manage a team of field executives.

Overcoming Challenges With Field Force Management Software

Overcoming Challenges With Field Force Management Software 

When modern technology is applied to management, most operations become breezy. Cloud-based management declutters managers’ minds and desks with the following features:

  • Live Tracking: Field force management software uses GPS or sim-based tracking to track employee location in real time. This way, managers can tell if executives are on site.
  • Geoverified Attendance: Good software only allows executives to mark attendance with geocoded images. Therefore, managers know that executives have not used VPN to fool the tracking system.
  • Fool-Proof Tracking: Executives’ device’s live battery and GSM status are recorded on the software. Hence, executives cannot bluff about bad connectivity or malfunctioning devices to avoid tasks.
  • Task Management: Both managers and executives can add, edit, and monitor tasks. This allows managers to allot tasks based on urgency, executives’ skills, and availability. Moreover, this also helps in overall productivity analysis.
  • Custom Fields and Forms: Software enables organizations to go paperless. Executives and managers can create customized forms to get client feedback and other details. They can also edit fields on premade forms for personalisation and better customer relations. 
  • In-built Chatboxes: In-built chatboxes aid easy task coordination. When all conversations happen on one platform, tracking data, documents, and conversations also become simple.
  • Data Management: Be it task or expense management, all field operations are managed on one platform. The software collects, synthesizes, and analyzes this data for better management.
  • Insightful Reports: When all data is stored and analysed on one platform, the software produces detailed charts and reports. This saves managers time since they can just refer to the data and know what is happening in the team.
  • Dual App: FFM software runs on two app platforms, the executive and the admin app. This way, no one gets access to features they do not need and can stay decluttered.

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Why Do Businesses Need Field Force Management Software?

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