Field Force Management Software: Beyond Employee Tracking?

Field Force Management Software Beyond Employee Tracking

Do you manage a team of field executives? Have you ever wondered ‘what is field force management software, and how will it help my team?’

Global digitization has changed the landscape of all businesses. While most admin tasks are taken over by software, functions like sales pitching and customer relations management will massively fail when executed by bots. However, managing bots is much simpler than managing a remote team, right?  

While that is true, managing a field operations team is now much simpler with technological aid. In this blog, let us explain how software will help your field team prosper!

What is Field Force Management? 

Field operations such as door-to-door sales, insurance sales, retail management, and customer service come with unique challenges. In simplest terms, field force management means managing all the tasks, functions, people, and challenges involved in field operations. 

Management itself is not simple owing to the external influences that every function and decision involves. However, managing field operations is a completely different niche for two reasons:

  • The nature of tasks can be dynamic and spontaneous 
  • The team is seldom together, making coordination and teamwork difficult 

To make things simpler for field operations managers, field force management software exist. These software-as-service tools help managers tackle all the problems they might face on the field right from one platform. 

Field force management software has become an all-compassing platform that make day-to-day functioning simple for both managers and field executives. 

Some examples of teams that can make use of workforce management software are:

  • Insurance agents 
  • Construction agents 
  • Sales executives 
  • Retail store executives 
  • Field service executives
  • Medical representatives

What Features Does Field Force Management Software Offer? 

As mentioned earlier, field operations come with unique challenges. From task management and attendance logging to document handling and expense management, both management and employees have a lot on their plate. 

Here are a few things field force management software offer that assist field operations for everyone

  • Real-time Tracking: Through real-time tracking, managers can rest assured that they are aware of each executive’s whereabouts. For employees, on the other hand, they can stay accountable and know that their work is always seen and has to be acknowledged. 
  • Task Management: No more do managers have to conduct long online calls to explain and assign tasks. Through a field force management software, all tasks can just be updated on the employee’s dashboard. 
  • Fool-proof Attendance: Field force management software prevents executives from fooling the GPS system and logging in attendance when they’re not on field through geocoded and visual verification attendance. Managers can also see executives’ phones’ battery and network status. 
  • Digital Documents: Digital documentation helps managers organize information in a more effective manner. For employees, they do not have to carry too many documents and can avoid the hassle of drawing a variety of paperwork for different clients with custom fields and forms. 
  • Expense Management: Employees do not have to worry about the extra money they have to put into the field from their pockets. All they have to do is upload receipts on the software and they’ll get compensation accordingly. 
  • In-built Chatboxes: Field force management software come with in-built chatboxes that help executives and managers communicate with one another without the hassle of shifting between multiple apps. Someone has a problem? Solve it right there and then on the same platform.

Field Force Management Software SImplify Field Operations

How Does Software Improve Field Force Management? 

Sure, software can do a lot in theory. However, what does it have to offer that will make businesses prosper in the long run? Let’s look at the different things that field force management software improve for an organisation! 

  • Complete Surveillance: WIth real-time tracking’s complete surveillance, companies can rest assured that whatever is happening is documented. 
  • Easy Communication: Through easy task management and in-built chatboxes, the communication gaps due to distances can be mitigated. 
  • Resource Optimization: Software helps managers see which employee is perfect for certain tasks, allowing the company’s resources to be put in the right places. 
  • Customer Relations: Field executives are oftentimes the primary touchpoints customers have with the organisation. The better they perform with software aid, the better your customer relations will be. 
  • Higher Profitability: Better resource optimization and customer relations will naturally lead to higher profitability for your business. The higher the profits, the better your business, right? 

 Summing Up

Even though most business functions can be taken care of by software, the demand for field services is still rising. This is mostly owing to the behavioural changes in people in the pandemic. Therefore, businesses really need to focus on putting some extra attention on to managing field operations teams. 

With potent software such as TrackoField in your arsenal, there is hardly any field issue that cannot be solved. So, what are you waiting for?
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Field Force Management Software: Beyond Employee Tracking?

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