10 Key Benefits of Payroll Management System

10 Benefits of Payroll Management Software for Field Organizations

A payroll management system can make payroll processing more simplified, error-free, and optimal. Learn more about its capabilities and practical benefits.

Processing the payroll manually for field employees can be exhausting. There are huge chances of data loss, manual errors, and inaccurate payouts with piled-up papers and spreadsheets. However, the new-age payroll management software helps in automating employee payments.

It’s the secret weapon for tackling the most complex and time-consuming task of salary computation. Advanced payroll software like TrackoField automatically collects employees’ attendance data, working hours, and salary structure to execute the payroll process in a few clicks.

What is a Payroll Management System?

The payroll management system automates the calculation of payouts encompassing actual working hours, leaves, allowances, deductions, and other variables. It helps companies organize and compute employees’ payroll online on a secure platform.

You can expect an array of benefits using the payroll management software such as:

  • Generating accurate pay slips
  • Calculating payroll, bonuses, and deductions
  • Storing annual reports and pay slips
  • Automating year-end reporting

Integrating it with other core business operations like task management and attendance and leave management helps in smoothly gathering accurate data on employees’ productivity, work hours, and absenteeism. Based on that data, you avoid extra payments and unfair salary distribution to employees.

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Benefits of Payroll Management Systems

Manual payroll practices are prone to human errors, inaccurate payouts, and delays, resulting in lower morale and poor performance among employees. To keep these away, a streamlined payroll management system comes into the picture. Here is a complete breakdown of the practical benefits it offers.

10 Reasons Why You Must Invest in a Payroll Management System

1. Reliable & Precise Calculation

The payroll management system automatically calculates employees’ wages and deductions. It saves time and eliminates possible human errors while sourcing data for payroll computation and limiting manual intervention. The system collects and stores all the relevant information like employees’ work hours, attendance, etc. Therein, it makes precise calculations and ensures that each employee is paid accurately and on time.

2. Automated Notifications

The system sends out notifications to field managers and employees in different scenarios including:

  • When it’s time for managers to run payroll
  • Employees forget to fill their timesheets
  • And while noticing any error in employees’ salary and compensation.

This feature ensures real-time communication, mitigates forgetfulness in between the process, and makes everyone stay in the loop.

3. Employee Self-service Portal

Instead of running after managers and emailing the HR department, field employees can access payroll-related information on the Payroll management app. If an executive wants to update personal information like contact details or apply for expense reimbursement, they can do it online. They can also submit timesheets or request time off, all by themselves. When employees take charge of such duties, administrators feel less burdened.

4. Compliance Flexibility

Manually managing compliance with ever-changing rules can make payroll distribution a bit more complicated. But not with an automated payroll system. The new-age payroll management software solutions allow customization wherein businesses can make custom changes to payroll processing as per the compliances they abide by. This way, the system helps in simplifying the process for managers to maintain compliance.

5. Accurate Record Keeping

The payroll management software not only stores employees’ deductions, taxes, expenses, and earnings but also payouts processed to them in the past months. Employees can access their payslips, which helps in enhancing transparency within the team.

6. Time and Attendance Tracking

Payroll is calculated on employees’ working hours. That means any discrepancy while recording employees’ time in and time out may lead to inaccurate payouts. However, you can mitigate this by using all-inclusive employee management software like TrackoField which tracks employees’ leaves, working hours, overtime, days off, reimbursement claims, etc., to calculate and disburse employees’ salaries.

7. Visual Analytics and Reporting

Using the reports generated by payroll management software, field managers analyze payroll-related metrics. They can get insights into employees’ total working hours, billable/non-billable hours, overtime, etc. These measures are often based on their priorities and organizational needs.

8. Enhanced Employee Retention

Employees feel frustrated whenever errors or delays occur during salary disbursement. Luckily, the payroll management system eradicates any such occurrence. It helps managers ensure that employees get their payments on time without delays and errors. This enhances employees’ satisfaction and motivation toward work, ultimately improving employee retention.

ways to improve employee retention

9. Improved Data Security

Payroll data contains sensitive information like employees’ birth dates, contact details, salary, etc., which makes it vulnerable to security threats. However, the payroll management software keeps everything in a secure online platform with access to specific team members. Also, you have reports to tally the filled data with employees’ accurate work hours. So, the chances of amending and stealing data are minimal. 

10. Simplified Payslip Generation

Employees can check their payment summary information. All they need to do is access their portals and download pay statements. By getting those pay slips, employees learn about their earnings, gross pay, net pay, deductions, taxes, etc. Further, it leads to a culture of transparency, accountability, and fairness in the organization.


No matter the size of your field business, an effective payroll management system is the solution you need. By using the system, you can mitigate the risk of errors, alleviate the use of spreadsheets, and thus focus more on business-driven tasks.

If you are the one looking for one such system, what about start using TrackoField for free? The software is curated for field organizations to achieve not just payroll accuracy but also streamlined attendance marking, expense management, and task tracking. Using it means handling all the complexities of your field service operations and creating a cohesive work environment.

Bid farewell to inaccurate salary distribution


  • What are the key benefits of payroll management systems?

    Managing payroll becomes seamless when you utilize the payroll management system as it offers benefits like:
    ✅Reliable and precise calculation
    ✅Improved employee retention
    ✅Visual analytics and reporting
    ✅Employee self-service
    ✅Automatic notifications
    ✅Pay statement access

  • Are there any disadvantages of payroll management software?

    No, you will get only the advantages of payroll management software while using it. The software eliminates all drawbacks that lead to inaccurate payments to employees. It comes in handy to manage every process related to payroll. You can come closer to a more attentive, satisfied, and motivated field workforce while providing accurate payouts to your team. Moreover, It makes compliance easier and creates reports and invoices.

  • What are the functions of payroll management software?

    Here are some functions that the best payroll management system provides:
    ✅Streamlining employees’ salary structure
    ✅Managing the tax and legislative compliances
    ✅Operating expense claims filled by employees.
    ✅Tracking expenses and benefits that are given to the employees.
    ✅Syncing the data from attendance and time-tracking software
    ✅Generating reports, leave summaries, and pay slips

10 Key Benefits of Payroll Management System

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