How Does Task Management Software Work? Key Steps Unfolded!

How Does task Management Software Works

Learn how scalable task management software works and benefits your organization by increasing efficiency, establishing transparency, and boosting employee productivity. 

According to a study by Aberdeen Group, 62% of field service organizations struggle with inefficient task scheduling and dispatching of field employees. Godsent task management software helps relieve this issue to a greater level.

From task planning to delegation to task management, the software helps you log and track every important task — that too with a priority level. 

For growing businesses, it’s important to onboard task management platforms that work in a way where your organisation can:

  • Keep track of your every bite-sized tasks
  • Anticipate deadlines, meetings
  • Manage team responsibilities 

Let’s learn about how dependable task management software you need (or are still thinking about) should work. Before that, let’s rummage around the basics (in case you are still dubious).

What is a Task Management Software?

Task management software is an application that enables task allocation, management, and tracking of field executives as per their availability. Whether you’re managing a team of service technicians, delivery executives, or sales representatives, task management software is a game-changer.

Why Task Management Software is Important?

Task management software is vital for every organisation seeking automation in the process right from task allocation to completion. Having this scaling software in place helps with:

  •  Delegate and track all tasks while keeping in account deadlines, and dependencies. It even lets you set the priority of tasks.
  • It helps in visualising progress through a digital checklist, wherein it gets easy to know when the task is in progress, pending, or simply finished.
  • It offers a centralised platform where it’s easy for teams within departments to share and self-allocate tasks, set deadlines, and provide progress updates. 

How Does Task Management Software Work? (Offered by TrackoField)

Here are simple steps on how task management software works 

  1. Easy Task Assignment

Easy Task Assignment

The software makes it easy to assign tasks to executives through a simple field form. There you get fields to input information such as:

  • Task Type
  • Field executive name
  • Company name
  • Due date
  • Task type and priority 

Best part? As a manager, you can easily check how many tasks your executives already have in line and even add tasks in bulk for every executive.

🔍 Can it Manage Ad-Hoc Tasks?

Yes, TrackoField is flexible enough to easily manage Ad-hoc or end-minute task allocation. 

  • Easy Ad-hoc Adjustments
  • Instant alerts on the tasks
  • Optimal Schedule Planning
  1. Add and Edit On The Move

Add & Edits Tasks

Not just the managers but also field executives or staff are free to add, edit, or delete tasks — based on their bandwidth and availability. If any minuscule changes are required, executives don’t necessarily have to get it approved by their hiring managers or any chain of managers in the hierarchy. They can themselves do that very easily.

  1. Geo-verified Tasks

Geo Verified tasks

The software makes it very easy for managers to verify whether or not executives visited the task location or not. All thanks to live status tracking. The software enables geo-verification which removes doubts and also helps automate attendance marking for field-driven tasks.

  1. Real-time Digital Checklists

Digital Checklists for Better View

Executives get a digital checklist with which it is simple to identify which tasks are completed, pending, cancelled, or simply unattended. Executives, via this intuitive checklist, can mark a task completed to let managers stay accountable for their productivity. And they can even assign tasks accordingly by analysing their bandwidth.

What’s More in Task Management Software by TrackoField?

🔍 Calendar Scheduling 

The software equips you with a calendar scheduling view, wherein task allocation and monitoring become uncluttered. With a calendar view, you can have clarity on week’s to month’s tasks.

  • In-built Calendar Template
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner
  • Intuitive and Interactive UI/UX

🔍 Target vs. Achievement Reports

The software offers an exclusive target vs. achievement report where you get a complete summary of operational productivity in numbers. You can easily compare and contrast the total tasks assigned against all tasks accomplished.

  • Auto Report Generation
  • Historical Data Analysis
  • Graphical Representation

🔍 Scanner Support

The software offers a seamless scanner feature that helps simplify the POD process within a few clicks.

🔍 Self Task Allocation

The best part is you can enable a self-allocation of tasks for field employees. As a manager, you get the liberty to authorize executives to create tasks, edit them, or even allocate them. The software generates action history, beneficial for managers wanting to revisit.

🔍Time and Location Check

The software offers the option to enable/disable location and time checks. Managers may or may not decide:

  • The time when the task must start or end
  • Designated location wherein the task must be carried
  • Pre-defined time or duration within which the task must be completed

🔍 Custom Forms and Attachments

The software offers a custom form facility that allows managers and employees to custom-create forms with fields – as per their needs. Forms come with an attachment feature, wherein any party can upload images, doc files, PDFs, and other files as desired.

🔍 Insightful Task Reports

The software helps fetch insightful reports about tasks that help you:

  • Inspect complicated trends
  • Leverage positive patterns
  • Target vs achievement report 

It helps discover the scope and anomalies behind everything seen and unseen.

Who Can Onboard This Scaling Task Management Software?

Task management software is beneficial for anyone with field task management requirements. It could be any:

  • Individual professionals looking to organise their work, schedule tasks, and manage deadlines.
  • Small businesses, teams, or startups want to coordinate projects, assign tasks, and track progress efficiently.
  • Large enterprises looking to streamline workflows, manage complex projects, and facilitate team or department-wise collaborations.
  • Project managers want to allocate resources, track timelines, and ensure project completion.
  • Remote teams want better task allocation, and project coordination across locations.

🔍 Anyone seeking to simplify task allocation, collaboration, and enhance productivity within the organisation can benefit from using task management software.

Here’s Your Final Takeaway!

With everything we covered in this blog, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that top task management software is the centerpiece of efficient task allocation and completion. The user-friendly interface of the software, topped with productive features, makes it a solid choice for managers looking to treat their task allocation and delegation headaches.

Don’t settle for less and only go for scaling task management software that works as explained above and has features you need to maximise efficiency and productivity.

Streamline task allocation, delegation, and management across wide teams with our dependable software. We are giving – a 7-day free trial, make sure to check it.

Track Tasks From Anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) 

  • Can non-tech-savvy individuals use task management software effectively?

    Absolutely! Task management software is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces that make it accessible to everyone.

  • Is task management software suitable for small businesses?

    Yes, task management software for small businesses is scalable to fulfill the needs of small businesses as well as enterprises.

  • Is task management software suitable for remote teams or those working from different locations?

    Absolutely. Task management software is suitable for remote teams and scattered workforces. It offers a centralized platform accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This ensures that team members working from different locations can collaborate effectively, track tasks, and stay aligned with the organization's goals.

  • Which industries can benefit from task management software?

    Task management software is versatile and can benefit industries like field service, logistics, healthcare, and many more.

  • Can task management software integrate with other business tools and software?

    Yes, task management software can integrate with other business tools, streamlining data exchange and enhancing workflow efficiency.

How Does Task Management Software Work? Key Steps Unfolded!

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