Time Theft

What is Time Theft?

Time theft is a dishonest practice where employees in budgeted work hours engage in activities unrelated to their job responsibilities, without the manager’s knowledge. When it’s intentional, frequent, and long haul, it hampers productivity and causes financial losses to the employers.

No matter how geographically spread out your team is, TrackoField makes it easy to log their real-time location and task progress; leaving no room for time theft.

Is Time Theft Illegal?

There are no laws defying time theft. It’s employee misconduct rather than a crime. However, employees caught committing it can face disciplinary consequences like warning and termination; which could have a negative impact on future employment opportunities.

Types of Time Thefts

  • – Extended or excessive breaks.
  • – Inflation of work hours by manipulating timesheets & time clocks.
  • – Buddy punching.
  • – Honouring personal or non-work related tasks.
  • – Late arrivals, early punchouts.

Solutions to Deal With Time Thefts

Almost 1 in 4 employees log in fabricated work hours. Here’s how workforce management software prevents it.