What is Idling?

Vehicle idling is the act of leaving the engine running while the vehicle is standing still. It is a big no-no for eco-driving and lowering fuel consumption. Vehicle idling can be easily detected through a fleet management software and its constant data collection

Why Does Idling Happen?

Vehicle idling is hardly ever intentional. The reason why vehicle idling is so persistent is because it is done in the most mindless of manners.

More often than not, idling is done in situations such as:

  • – Waiting at a stop sign
  • – Vehicle running while unloading
  • – Waiting in traffic

The biggest problem that encourages vehicle idling is bad driving behavior. Vehicle idling mostly happens because drivers do not pay enough focus on reducing the practice

What Harms Does Idling Bring?

Vehicle idling is a huge issue in the fleet management industry for several reasons. It consumes fuel and wears down vehicles without any productive results. Therefore, the four major negative impacts of vehicle idling are:

  • – Increased fuel and battery consumption
  • – Reduction in engine life
  • – Increased carbon footprint
  • – Adding to the chances of vehicle theft