Driving Behaviour Analysis

What is Driving Behaviour Analysis?

Driving Behaviour Analysis or Driver Behavior Monitoring is supervising and examining the intentional or unintentional actions and characteristics that the driver displays while handling a vehicle. This supervision can be done with fleet management software since it collects data to monitor drivers’ activity and performance.

Segments of Driving Behaviour Analysis

Driving behaviour analysis can be divided into two segments – driver performance and attentiveness.

  • Driver Performance:Performance indicates how well the driver brakes, accelerates, changes lanes, and overall drives the car. This is analysed through OBD and sensor data collection.
  • Driver Attentiveness:Attentiveness indicates how focused drivers are on the road. It penalises smoking, phone usage, etc. This metric can be measured through video telematics and DMS.

What Behaviour Constitutes Bad Driving?

Here are a few things that can be considered bad driving behaviour:

  • – Abrupt braking
  • – Sudden acceleration
  • – Harsh cornering
  • – Ridding the clutch
  • – Distracted driving
  • – Overspeeding
  • – Driving when drowsy
  • – Smoking while driving
  • – Resting hand on the gear lever

Why Should You Care About Driver Behaviour Monitoring?

Some of the benefits brought in by driving behaviour monitoring are:

  • – Vehicle, consignment, and driver safety
  • – Resource optimisation
  • – Better maintained vehicles
  • – Brings in healthy competition among drivers
  • – Reduces business’ carbon footprint