Vehicle Safety System

What is Vehicle Safety?

Vehicle safety in terms of fleet management software is a set of features and measures that ensure the well-being of the drivers, assets, passengers, and the vehicles themselves.

The process of maintaining vehicle safety involves using technology, data analysis, AI, ML, and other proactive management tools and practices to minimise risks, prevent accidents, improve well-being, and promote a secure operating environment for your entire fleet.

What Are The Different Segments of Vehicle Safety?

The different segments of vehicle safety that you can get with a fleet management software are for:

  • – Drivers
  • – Vehicles
  • – Consignment (if any)
  • – Passengers (if any)
  • – Engine and battery
  • – Fuel and other tangible resources

And safety against:

  • – Theft
  • – Accidents

Why Care About Vehicle Safety?

Commercial fleets have an annual accident rate of 20%. And each accident can cost the business anything from a couple of dollars to a staggering $1million! Moreover, all the time, money, and other resources you will be losing due to your vehicles not being safe enough to save themselves from theft and accidents is too much to handle for any business.

What Vehicle Safety Features Does TrackoBit Offer?

Here are a couple of safety features that you will get through TrackoBit’s fleet management software according to segments:

  • – SOS Alarms
  • – Smart Door Locks
  • – eLocks
  • – Fuel Level Monitors
  • – Tyre Pressure Monitoring
  • – Battery Disconnection Alarm
  • – Parking Mode
  • – Immobilisation
  • Driving Behaviour Analysis
  • – Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Video Telematics
  • DMS and ADAS