Nuclear Verdicts

What Are Nuclear Verdicts?

Nuclear verdicts can be defined as a verdict that comes with a jury award of at least $10 million.

These verdicts are enough to make an entire business go under, and are very common in the trucking and fleet management industry. Therefore, they are especially important for fleet-centric businesses to avoid accidents with the help of tools such as video telematics and driver behaviour analysis through fleet management software

What Are Some Effects of Nuclear Verdicts

Nuclear verdicts are really detrimental to most fleet-centric businesses. They can also have some bad effects on a global and larger scale.

  • – Business failures
  • – Harmed national and global logistics
  • – Disturbed trucking business ecosystem and economy
  • – Discouragement to small businesses

How Can TrackoBit Help Reduce Instances of Nuclear Verdicts?

With its plethora of tools and solutions, fleet management software like TrackoBit can help reduce nuclear verdicts through:

  • Video Telematics: Video telematics allows businesses to review clips of when an accident took place. It helps ensure that drivers and the business are not blamed unnecessarily.
  • Driving Behaviour Analysis: If you have any problematic drivers who are likely to get into more accidents, driving behaviour analysis helps managers weed them out.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics: Vehicle diagnostics helps you get a look into your vehicle’s performance, mitigating any possible malfunctions (such a low tyre pressure) that might lead to accidents.