Parking Mode

What is a Parking Mode?

Parking mode is a vehicle safety tool that allows managers to get notified whenever a vehicle is in movement even when a driver is not in it.

When the vehicle is put into parking mode, any undesired activity (explained in the next section) will trigger an alarm so that managers can take quick action to save a vehicle that is likely being stolen or towed.

What Triggers a Parking Alarm?

The two major changes that can trigger a parking alarm are:

  • Vehicle Movement: A fleet management software can detect movement through either tyre movement or locational change.
  • Ignition Status Change: If the driver is not present in the vehicle and the parking mode is on, there is no right reason for the vehicle’s ignition status to change.

What Are The Benefits of Parking Mode?

The major benefits of parking mode are:

  • – Safer Parking: Managers know when a vehicle is being towed or stolen at the time when it is most vulnerable because of the lack of driver in it.
  • – Scheduled Parking: Managers can schedule parking times to avoid any manual inconsistencies and mistakes.