Ensure Vehicle Safety Without Doing Much! Exactly.

The paradoxical truth about technology is that you do a lot without actually doing much. Similarly, TrackoBit’s fleet management software allows you to ensure vehicle safety just by installing a GPS Tracking system.

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Ensure Vehicle Safety Without Doing Much! Exactly

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How Fleet Management Software Helps You

  • Secure vehicles on and
    off the road.

  • Ensure consignment

  • Encourage safe driving

Why is Vehicle Safety
Important for Fleet Owners?

For fleet owners, vehicles and drivers are not the only assets that they must be responsible for. If the fleet dwells in the logistics space, they have consignments to take care of. The rental car fleet or the public transport fleet must be responsible for passenger safety. Agriculture or construction fleet owners must take care of billable working hours.

Eventually, the safety of all these secondary assets relies on the primary asset which is vehicles. In case the vehicle safety goes for a toss, it may lead to credibility, monitory and human loss.

Why is Vehicle Safety Important for Fleet Owners?
  • How Fleet Management
    Solutions Make You Vigilant

    Automation provides much-needed support to your fleet
    operations management.

  • Driving Behaviour Analysis

    Driver Behaviour Analysis ensures safe driving practices in
    the fleet. The driving performance analysis audits the on-road
    behaviour of drivers hence, curbing accident-prone practices.
    Our software quantifies the driving performance with a Driver
    Score which is dynamically deduced.

  • Vehicle Diagnostics

    If the vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, it not only
    puts the driver in jeopardy but also the consignment. Also, ailing
    vehicles are prone to accidents and mishappenings. Automatic vehicle diagnosis helps the fleet stay healthy and keeps unnecessary downtime at bay.

  • Video Telematics

    Add another dimension to your fleet’s safety system with video
    telematics. Live stream the in-cabin and surrounding activities
    with DMS and ADAS respectively. Spot and restrain dangerous driving activities that may lead to uncalled-for tragedies with visual evidence to back your decisions.

Vehicle Safety Features Offered by TrackoBit

Your fleet security is our priority!

Video Telematics Softwares Video Telematics Softwares Video Telematics Softwares
  • Parking Mode

    Park vehicles anywhere at any hour of the day for as long as you want. Turn the parking mode on or schedule parking for vehicles to enable an alarm that goes off in case of vehicle movement, towing or ignition ON.

  • Immobilisation

    Vehicle theft is one of the most concerning issues for fleet owners as asset safety is also at stake. Immobilisation makes vehicles theft-proof. You can Lock/Unlock vehicles remotely without any SMS verification.

  • Battery Disconnection Alert

    Battery theft is a matter of concern for many transporters in developing countries. We have taken care of it by providing a Battery Disconnection Alarm that goes off when the battery gets disconnected from the device.

  • SOS Button

    Panic button comes in handy when drivers get stuck in an emergency situation and are unable to reach out to anybody for help. When they hit an SOS button, an alarm goes off on the manager’s phone instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How important is vehicle safety for a small fleet?

    Fleet vehicle safety is equally important for small, medium and large fleets. Vehicles are the protagonists of the fleet who drive fleet operations. Their safety is foremost for any fleet manager.

  • How does TrackoBit’s fleet management software ensure better vehicle safety than other vehicle tracking systems?

    With the latest technology and sophisticated algorithms, TrackoBit has devised a fleet monitoring software that not only ensures vehicle safety but also driver and consignment security. Parking mode, immobilisation, video telematics, driving behaviour monitoring and safety alerts are some of the features that ensure vehicle safety.

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