How Temperature Monitoring Reformed the way Logistics Operates

How Temperature Monitoring Reformed the way Logistics Operates

Daily-use products such as fruits, vegetables, medicine, and, dairy products require temperature monitoring to reach you in fresh form and cold-chain logistics makes it possible every single day.

However, the refrigerated supply chain relies heavily on consistency. A temperature monitoring system or TMS ensures the temperature consistency and transparency of cold cargos moving from point A to point B. 

The spectrum of cold supply chains is broader today than ever. Cold chain logistics solutions have to meet customer demands and changing preferences. Especially post-covid, the game has changed massively in the mid-mile and the last-mile delivery sectors. Temperature monitoring software takes that pressure off the refrigerated logistics at the first and the mid-mile stages, therefore, ensuring smooth operations throughout the supply chain.

What is a Temperature Monitoring System?

As the name suggests, temperature monitoring software monitors, controls, and, manage the temperature of space with the help of technology. It is of utmost relevance to the logistics industry as it ensures the freshness of essential goods such as medicine, milk, cheese, vegetables, and more. 

FMCG and pharma products will always be imperative for humankind. If their supply chain gets interrupted the world will come to a standstill. They do not have the luxury of unforeseen downtimes. Temperature monitoring software solution monitors the goods and the temperature round the clock while they are on the move. It equips the fleet managers to take quick response in time of an emergency. 

What Temperature Monitoring Software Offers 

A good temperature monitoring software offers end-to-end fleet management solutions with cold chain monitoring being the primary solution. It does not make sense to use two different software to track one fleet of vehicles. So, what features can you expect from a new-age temperature monitoring software?

1. Real-time Tracking

Live tracking is the most sought-after feature in any supply chain monitoring software. Other than location tracking, live monitoring of fuel levels, tire pressure, temperature, etc. also make a huge difference in fleet efficiency.  

2. Reports and History

Reports sculpt the firm backbone of any fleet management system. Documenting every rise and drop in temperature with date, time, and location for better understanding. Keep a record of every event for six months and playback history anytime in the future. 

3. Route Planning Solutions

Temperature monitoring will only make sense if the vehicle is out on a trip, right? Automate route planning for every vehicle in the fleet. Get instant alerts of ETAs, PODs, and, route deviation. Manage trips and tours online at any time and from anywhere. 

4. Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Monitor drivers’ behaviour when he is on a trip. Irresponsible driver behaviour such as overspeeding, access idling, harsh braking, cornering, etc. can lead to vehicle breakdowns or damage of goods in the cargo. Bad driving can have a negative impact on the entire supply chain of time and temperature-sensitive FMCG and pharma deliveries. 

5. Vehicle Safety Solutions

Temperature monitoring software ensures vehicle and consignment safety with features such as parking mode, lock/unlock, and panic button. With battery disconnection alarms, it secures the vehicle battery which is one of the most theft-prone parts. 

Essential Features of a Temperature Monitoring System 

A reefer carrying temperature-sensitive goods needs to be monitored on many other aspects other than temperature alone to ensure top-notch efficiency. A mixed bag of essential features shapes a complete temperature monitoring software. What are these features?

1.  Alerts and Notifications

Get app notifications and alerts on your phone when the temperature drops or rises beyond the set limit. Also, get an alarm in case the temperature is not in an ideal state for very long and goods are at the risk of getting spoilt. 

2. Nearby

Nearby is a small yet very essential feature. We never know when an emergency situation occurs while the vehicle is on road, or a reefer carrying consignment breaks down. Nearby help you locate all the nearby vehicles of your fleet. You can check which of the nearby reefer is available for load transfer and direct the vehicle toward the emergency site. This you ensure the delivery happens on time without compromising on the condition of goods.  

3. ETA and PODs

When a cold cargo is out for delivery on a long route and the client is worried about the whereabouts of the consignment. You can share the live Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) with the client then and there.  When the client or the consignee receives the delivery, a POD is generated automatically or through E-sign, QR code, or OTP. 

4. Service and Maintenance

A refrigerated truck requires regular servicing for it to remain in the best condition. Never miss a servicing appointment of any vehicle with service and maintenance reminders. Feed in the details of licenses and permits required for commercial vehicles and get notified when the renewal is due. 

5. Geofences and POIs

You get geofences in a standard fleet monitoring software. They are like virtual boundaries that define important, not so important and forbidden areas. Categorise your POIs and geofences as your like and bring them in use however you want. 

Compatibility with other Sensors

Temperature monitoring is possible either through OBD data or with the help of an external sensor. It is evident that a temperature monitoring software will be compatible with a temperature sensor or any protocol but to monitor other components such as fuel, door, and tyre pressure we need the software to be compatible with all sorts of sensors. 

Standout with the Best Temperature Monitoring System 

Delivery the best services to your clients and keep downtimes at bay with the leading Temperature monitoring solution having tour back. TrackoBit is the top fleet management software solutions provider. Get end-to-end customised solutions that best fit your needs and industry.

How Temperature Monitoring Reformed the way Logistics Operates

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