Driver App

What is a Driver App?

A driver app is a driver-accessible extension of fleet management software. It provides drivers with the information and access they need to simplify and optimise fleet tasks. In general, this driver app is smoothly connected to and integrated with the primary fleet management software platform.

Why Use a Driver App?

Managers can avoid the headaches of manually explaining trip specifics to drivers by using a driver app. They will also be able to automate the process of creating trips, maintaining expense records, and managing vehicle diagnostics reports. It is the most effective technique to provide liberty to drivers while also relieving some of the stress associated with their job.

What Things Can a Driver Do With The Driver App

  • Trip Information: Assigned trips, changes to them, waypoints, start and end times and duration
  • Attendance Records: Mark attendance through the app, check the leaves taken and remaining
  • Expense Records: Add expenses on a trip and check the reimbursement status.
  • Maintenance Checklists: Add any anomaly in the vehicle, or during the trip. Substantiate it with pictorial proofs.

Benefits of Using Driver App

  • – Data transparency
  • – Less clutter
  • – Driver record handling