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For Drivers To Experience The Integration and
Automation Powered by TrackoBit

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Advanced Driver Assistance System Advanced Driver Assistance System Advanced Driver Assistance System Advanced Driver Assistance System Advanced Driver Assistance System
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Advanced Driver Assistance System

What We Offer

Simple Driver Assistance App For Simple Drivers

Our driver app is very light and precise to keep your drivers’ minds
and their phone’s space free. We’ve aced our data integration
and automation game with an extension app to the parent fleet
management software
, TrackoBit. Reach new destinations of
coordination and management with the Driver App.

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  • Fleet Management Solution For

    Good Trip Management

    Trip Dashboard for Drivers To Dash Through Trips

    An easy-to-understand trip management dashboard that
    shows drivers their pending trips, well detailed, well in advance.

  • Total Trip Info

    Not just start and end points, drivers get to see waypoints, expected trip duration, scheduled routes, and everything else from the dashboard.

  • Cancellations

    If managers cancel any trips, the drivers get to see that update on the Driver App. No more confusion about trip status and updates.

  • Proof of Delivery

    Drivers can update the status and PODs for their trips. Find relaxation for both drivers and managers since all data will reach TrackoBit seamlessly.

Vehicle Management System Has

Maintenance Checklists

Be On Top of Vehicles With All Their Flaws Checked In A List

An easy-to-use communication and information solution to track flaws in
the fleet and the repair required.

  • Vehicle Check-up

    Drivers need to check and update the smallest of issues
    such as scratched bumper to bigger ones like fuel leakage
    before embarking on the trip.

  • Driver Remarks

    If the damage has occurred during the trip, drivers can add
    their remarks about how and what happened to avoid
    future conflicts and questioning.

  • Visual Proofs

    Any flaw updated on the app needs to be backed with
    visual proofs so that managers can have an idea of how
    real and bad the situation is.

Vehicle Management System Has
Fleet Supervision Helps Monitor

Fleet Supervision Helps Monitor

Driver Attendance

TrackoBit Checks Attentiveness, Driver App
Records Attendance

Simple attendance marking system for drivers to show their presence
on the field and for managers to delegate trips at ease. TrackoBit’s
driver tracking app offers authentic attendance records proven through driver
activity and glitch-free data transfer to the main portal.

Driver Tracking App For Supervising

Expenses Made on the Road

Avoid Missed Reimbursements That Come At the Expense of Loyal Drivers

A tap and upload system for drivers to upload expenses incurred on the trip for
proper documentation and reimbursement.

  • Authentic Receipts

    Visual evidence makes things more transparent for drivers and
    managers, ensuring accurate reimbursements.

  • Expense Remarks

    Drivers can add remarks for all expenses they update on the
    software for further clarification.

  • Driver Management App Also Helps You

    Live Freely With Live Tracking

    Enjoy Our Forte In The Simplest of Apps

    Get the best live vehicle tracking solutions to ensure driver monitoring and fleet supervision, safety, and visibility, even from our lightest app.

  • Live Freely With Live Tracking
  • Mobile Tracking

    Track drivers through their smartphone vehicle through GPS
    tracking software
    for authentic monitoring.

  • Superior Accuracy

    Be aware of every twist and turn your drivers take with accurate
    systems through alerts on the main portal.

What You Get

Automation For Drivers, Less Stress For You

  • Easier

    When drivers get access to trip information and take
    charge of logging in, expense management , and on-field
    maintenance records, your managerial process shortens
    and simplifies significantly.

  • Trustworthy

    All the data you get from the driver management software app is either
    authenticated with pictures and receipts, or our system’s
    geospatial data collection. Whatever you see on the software
    is authentic and accurate.

  • Superior

    Don't just track your vehicle’s location but also get
    information about the driver’s whereabouts, your vehicle’s
    condition and the expenses incurred on each trip, all from
    a light app.

  • Simple

    Don't worry about having to explain how to use a
    complicated app to your drivers. Our driver app is developed
    and designed keeping in mind the driver’s ease of use and

Driver Supervision and Independence, Both Driver Supervision and Independence, Both

Driver Supervision and Independence, Both

The driver app is designed to allow drivers to check their tasks
and take control over trip execution. Managers’ jobs are
eased as they check updates and driver behaviour on TrackoBit’s
portal through data integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding the Driver App for TrackoBit? We’ve answered some
common questions here, but you can contact us to clarify further queries.

  • What is Driver App in commercial fleet management?

    In the context of commercial fleet management, a driver app is an extension of more extensive fleet management software. The driver app helps drivers get information to managers and send information back to them. They can mark their attendance, add images of any damage to the vehicle, and log in their expenses on the trip. At the same time, they can view the trips assigned to them with the right trip sequence, and can add PODs from the driver app itself.

  • Can my drivers use TrackoBit’s driver app on any device?

    Yes. ideally, TrackoBit should be run on any smartphone that has an in-built GPS tracker system. However, even if your drivers don’t have access to phones with GPS trackers, it is okay. TrackoBit’s driver app can also send the driver’s information through sim-based tracking systems. However, our software’s 99.9% locational accuracy claim would be null in that case since sim-based tracking is much slower than GPS vehicle tracking.

  • Can I use your driver app without TrackoBit?

    No! TrackoBit is the parent app and the driver app is its extension app that can only run with the database and support offered by the former. What is the point of a driver app that doesn't have anywhere to import and export data to and from?

  • How does the driver app benefit drivers?

    The driver app is literally made for the drivers. It is a simple tool for them to automatically know their tasks, upload the information they need to share with managers and feel safe about their location being tracked in case they get in trouble. Therefore, the manual work of calling managers for confirmations reduces to less than half and they get their due reimbursement, task recognition, and safety - all on one small extension app.

  • How does the driver app benefit managers or fleet owners?

    Even though it is essentially made FOR the drivers, the driver app is made while keeping managers’ confront and efficiency in mind, even if they do not operate it.

    The driver app is built around data integration and sharing between it and the parent app, TrackoBit. The integration is such that managers just assign tasks on TrackoBit and the information automatically passes to the right driver. Moreover, whatever data the driver shares on the app, helps them have better supervision and understanding of how the fleet is being operated.

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