ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

What is ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)?

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is a group of electronic functions that help drivers be aware of the vehicle’s surroundings through road-facing dashcams. It is one of the two primary solutions offered by Video Telematics Systems and is powered by technologies like telematics, AI, and vehicle automation.

With the help of video surveillance, ADAS helps eliminate human errors that lead to road accidents and also monitors out-of-vehicle events such as signal violations, vehicle collisions, and overspeeding.

What Events Can Trigger ADAS Alerts?

ADAS sends caution alerts to both drivers and fleet managers in the event of:

  • – Forward Collision
  • – Rear Collision
  • – Side Collision
  • – Signal Violation
  • – Lane Switching
  • – Overspeeding

These systems do not just send these alerts but also capture video evidence of incidents. This footage can be used later for investigation and driver training.

How Does ADAS Help Drivers?

ADAS systems can help drivers by letting them be more aware of their surroundings. This facilitates:

  • – Smoother parking
  • – Safer driving
  • – Proof of innocence in collisions
  • – Context for future training

How Does ADAS Improve Fleet Functions?

When a fleet is constantly under video surveillance, it can achieve:

  • – Reduced road accidents
  • – Reduced insurance premiums
  • – Complete road surveillance
  • – Accurate identification of bad drivers