How Fleet Management Software Helps Improve Driver Behaviour

How Fleet Management Software Helps Improve Driver Behaviour

Fuel drives a vehicle, right? So, if your vehicle gets good quality and quantity of fuel and maintenance, it should be good to go, right?

NO! It’s the drivers who drive the vehicles (duh!). A good driver can make a decade-old vehicle run smoothly while a terrible one can make Tesla cry gallons of fuel! 

So, how do you save your vehicles from the atrocities of uneven, harsh, and painfully amateur driving? Let’s learn in this article!

What is Bad Driving? 

Weeding out bad drivers from the good ones is crucial to increase your fleet’s performance. But, what should your driver not be doing so that your vehicles remain safe and healthy? Here’s a list of things that constitute bad driving behaviour:

  • Improper braking 
  • Harsh cornering 
  • Distracted driving 
  • Sudden acceleration 
  • Overspeeding 
  • Risky and unsafe driving 
  • Driving when drowsy 
  • Resting hand on the gear lever

How To Know If Your Drivers Are Being Naughty or Nice? 

For starters, if your nearly-new vehicle is coughing pollution and consuming excessive fuel, you need to check the driver’s performance. 

However, physically understanding your vehicle’s health might not always be possible. This is where software steps in. Here’s how software will help you check if your car is having a good or bad trip on a daily basis:

  • Speed History: Fleet management software tracks vehicles’ trip history including its operating route and running speed. You can conduct a weekly or monthly audit. This will help you check which drivers tend to overspeed and hence, need training. 
  • Overspeeding Alerts: If you conduct audits, you can still get a gist of who the problematic drivers are. As soon as a driver starts overspeeding, good FMS will send you an alert on your phone. The same will be saved in the driver and vehicle performance records. 
  • Braking and Acceleration Reports: When a driver resorts to harsh acceleration or braking, just like overspeeding alerts, your FMS will notify you. Similar to speed and trip history, the software will log harsh braking and acceleration instances for future reference. 
  • Video Telematics: Driver-facing cameras will give you a live view of what your driver is doing. You can always view the software to check if the drivers are focused or distracted. In fact, with ML integration, software will even be able to detect if drivers are drowsy, engaged on their phone, or in a one-on-one conversation with someone. 
  • Fuel Consumption Reports: This is an indirect method of driver behaviour analysis. If your good-performing vehicle is consuming too much fuel lately, you know the problem is definitely with the driver. So, you can conduct training on fuel-efficient driving.

Good Driving V/S Bad Driving

But, How To Improve Driver Behaviour With Software Aid? 

The first step to improving driver behaviour is understanding where they are lacking. Through software integration into your fleet management system, you can check each driver’s individual pain points. Therefore, the software is automatically conducting R&D for you.

By checking each driver’s individual performance, you can:

  • Offer accurate performance-based feedback 
  • Devise training programs according to their area of lack

Fleet managers can conduct driver performance enhancement programs according to the statistical information they receive from software. This way, drivers get the information they need to increase their effectiveness and fleet managers get better results from their fleet. 

Develop A Stronger Fleet Today 

While your vehicles might be the backbone of your transportation business, drivers are its soul. As an effective fleet manager, you need to take care of both the spine and soul of your fleet. 

No matter what your fleet size is, you will need assistance from a potent fleet management software to maintain optimum vehicle health. So, why not invest in the best software out there? 

To get the most out of your resources, try TrackoBit, India’s fastest growing telematics software. Their driver behaviour analysis features and insightful reports will help you improve driver behaviour exponentially.

How Fleet Management Software Helps Improve Driver Behaviour

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