What is Fleet??

A fleet is a group of vehicles. In the fleet management industry, it can refer to a collection of both commercial and personal vehicles. Fleets can function in a number of industries such as logistics, healthcare, construction, public transportation, agriculture, FMCG, security services, waste management, and many more.

Why Do You Need to Manage Fleets?

Most unmanaged fleets tend to be operationally over expensive. You need to focus on managing a commercial fleet because unmanaged fleets cause a lot of wastage.

By managing fleets, businesses can make:

  • – More profits
  • – Safer fleets
  • – Optimised strategies
  • – Higher goodwill
  • – Stronger customer relations

What Are The Basic Things You Need To Manage Fleets?

Other than vehicles, a fleet manager needs two major resources – hardware (sensors, cameras, etc), and software (fleet management software).

In terms of the software, some basic solutions that a fleet management software needs are:

  • – Route planning solutions
  • – Fuel management solutions
  • – Real-time tracking system
  • – Driving behaviour monitoring solutions
  • – Video Telematics solutions