White Label Software

What is White Label Software?

White label software is a third-party developed software. The developer develops the software from start to finish but brands it under each client’s unique name. The business that creates the software does not brand it, leaving it blank for customization. Hence, most white-label software are created to the buyer’s specifications and have high customizability value.

What Elements of White Label Software are up for Customisation?

  • Domain: The web portal and the application will be in the client’s name
  • Logo: The client’s logo is highlighted in the portal instead of the developer’s
  • Design Theme: The color scheme is in sync with the client’s brand
  • Graphics: The design theme and graphics are in sync with the client’s brand, including the UI/UX

What Are Different Levels of White Label Software

  • Elementary white label: The client gets dedicated domain name and logo, but the app remains common.
  • Standard white label: Along with the customisation in the elementary version, the client also gets a dedicated app along with custom design theme.
  • Complete design white label: Everything about the look and feel and accessibility of the portal and the app is unique for the client.