10 MUST-HAVE Features in a GPS Tracking System

10 MUST-HAVE features in a GPS Tracking System

The hunt for a good GPS Tracking solution may turn out to be overwhelming yet confusing. There are so many options to choose from.

We suggest you go for a demo for at least a week and check for software compatibility with the devices you use before deciding on any software. It’s important to discern which software best suits your needs. 

Before we jump straight to the essential features, let’s have a look at important solutions that a good fleet monitoring software system must offer.

Essential Solutions Offered By GPS Tracking Software 

With the advent of technology, the tech-heavy kit of GPS Tracking solutions is getting even heavier. GPS providers across the globe are looking for comprehensive software systems that fulfill all the needs of their clients efficiently. 

So what are the important solutions that you must look for in a GPS Tracking software system?

GPS Tracking Software - Dashboard

1. Video Telematics System

GPS tracking solutions providers that offer video telematics systems are in heavy demand. Not only transporters but also, corporate enterprises are seeking such operators. Video telematics is not just a technological fad, rather it offers complete security for drivers and consignments. 

The Driver Management system(DMS) allows an in-cabin view of the vehicle along with drivers’ activities and the Advanced Driver Assistance System(ADAS) offers the outside view of the vehicles. It not just alerts the managers of the driver’s reckless driving but also warns the drivers of inappropriate driving behaviour then and there. 

2. Route Planning Solution

Route planning solution offers complete trip management features along with route optimisation. It allows managers to plan and assign the most optimised route to the drivers, giving priority to important clients. Route Deviation alerts notify managers every time they deviate from the decided route. 

Route management system offers other crucial features such as Estimated Time of Arrival, Proof of Delivery, Auto Trips, and a lot more. Route planning software is essential if you have clients from FMCG, Logistics, and similar domains. 

3. Driver Behaviour Analysis

More than a vehicle’s condition, clients are concerned about the reviews and ratings of the driver who is carrying their valuable consignment. Driver negligence is one of the biggest reasons for road accidents. Overspeeding alone causes 49.5% of road accidents

Driver behaviour analysis offers complete insights into the driving behaviour of your road warriors. The software sends real-time alerts every time an event is triggered. By event, we mean overspeeding, idling, harsh cornering, abrupt brakes, harsh acceleration, freewheeling or excessive driving. You get event-wise, trip-wise, and driver-wise reports on your system along with driver ratings. 

4. Last Mile Delivery System

As the name suggests, last-mile delivery solution offers dispatcher solutions. It caters to the needs of last-mile delivery such as route optimisation, order allocation, load capacity management, and a lot more. The last mile delivery software maintains a well-synchronised balance between the customer, delivery partner, and the company. 

It comes with primary fleet monitoring features such as live tracking, ETA and PODs. However, syncing it with order management makes it a little more complex as software. It involves the highest level of automation and AI for it optimises and suggests the fastest route in real-time.

Top Features of a GPS Tracking Software System

Now that you are familiar with the must-have solutions in a GPS Tracking software system, let’s get to know the must-have features on your checklist.

1. Analytical Dashboard

What’s the difference between a normal dashboard and the analytical one? Well, a normal dashboard offers the overall view of your fleet whereas the analytical dashboard offers in-depth analytics into your fleet operations. It may not seem like an essential feature at first but, it plays a crucial role when fleet managers make essential business decisions vis a vis fleet. The analytical dashboard of fleet management software displays hidden and game-changing insights in the form of graphs and charts.

2. Fuel Monitoring

A fuel monitoring system that ensures impeccable accuracy is a must-have feature in fleet management software. Calibrate the fuel level and observe readings thoroughly in the trial period itself because a little bit of here and there can cause problems. Check whether or not you get alerts in case of an instant fuel drop and rise. Accuracy of reports and charts is also imperative. 

Fuel Monitoring Software

3. Vehicle Diagnostics

 Look for a software system that has good compatibility with ODM devices as it helps in inspecting the real-time condition of the vehicle’s insides. It helps you keep a check on engine health and vehicle’s overall health. It helps in predicting issues capable of becoming critical problems later and reduces downtime. Hence, every vehicle in the fleet stays in pristine condition at all times. 

4. Create POIs/Geofences

Geofences make fleet managers’ life heaven. There must be an option to mark essential spots as geofences and points of interest. If used wisely, they can make fleet management a cakewalk for fleet managers. Also, you get alerts every time the assigned vehicle enters or leaves the geofence.

5. Service and Maintenance

It’s just not possible to remember the servicing date for hundreds of vehicles that fleet owners own. This is where service and maintenance reminders come in handy. It may seem like a not-so-important feature, but it’s one of the most sought-after features in the industry. You get automatic reminders for permit renewals, servicing dates, licence expiry and many more.

6. Alerts and Announcements

Alerts and notifications make life so much easier for a fleet manager. You will receive automatic alerts in case of any breach such as overspeeding, battery disconnection, AC on/off, and more. TrackoBit has custom-created more than 120+ alerts for its clients. The announcement is like a broadcast facility where you get to deliver a message to your clients and customers. It is one of the most versatile features.

7. ETA and PODs

In this time and age, fleet management software is incomplete without a dynamic ETA provision. Not only the consignee or the consignor but the 3PL partners want end-to-end visibility into logistical operations. Hence, updates on the estimated time of arrival become highly imperative. Similarly, proof of delivery is crucial for all the parties involved as it validates the successful delivery of orders. You can ask for automatic PODs, e-signatures, QR code verification or OPT validation as proof of delivery option from your software provider.

8. At least 6-month History + Reports

It’s not possible to track a hundred or a thousand vehicles at once. Therefore, history plays an imperative role. You can scan it on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to monitor the performance of vehicles. Visit the history page, select the time frame that you want to replay, and click on a playback button. You also get processed data in the form of reports that can be downloaded or shared with others. 

Fleet Management Software reports - History Six months

9. Customised Solutions with Seamless Integrations

It’s always the best idea to settle for customisable solutions as there is always some wiggle room for additions and deletions. White label GPS Tracking solution providers like TrackoBit give complete freedom in terms of design, feature selection and integrations of all sorts. Always check whether or not the software will integrate the third-party tools you already use through custom-built APIs. 

10. Compatibility with Sensors

It’s essential to ask for the compatibility of the software with different types of hardware. As assets and vehicles require different sensors depending on the industry or sector they cater to. Various solutions such as TPMS, Video telematics, fuel monitoring, etc. would need the planting of hardware to fetch data. Door sensors, tire removal sensors and temperature sensors are to name a few.

Get Offer From GPS Tracking Software Provider

Important Services GPS Tracking Software Provider Must Offer

As it’s said in the funding world, a VC doesn’t invest in a product but in the person who is behind it. Similarly, it is only sane to do a little background check on the provider itself before making a hefty investment in a GPS Tracking software system. 

If the provider is capable of providing the following services without any fuss(of course along with the above-mentioned feathers and solutions), then you can seal the deal.

1. White Label and Custom Solutions

White-label GPS Tracking software solutions allow you to have a software system with your branding on it. It’s a ready-use software product that comes as a complete package with a white label where you can paste your brand logo. However, custom software solutions offer tailor-made solutions, designed to meet the requirements of your industry. 

There are GPS Vehicle tracking software providers, such as TrackoBit, that offer a perfect blend of both the services that we custom white label GPS Fleet Tracking solution.  

2. 24*7 Technical Support

When you are buying a software product from an IT company, they must have a strong technical support team. 24*7 customer support is essential in this business as fleets run round the clock and issues may occur in the run-time. Real-time assistance can help reduce downtime and narrow down losses. 

3. Good Device Compatibility

GPS Tracking operators have fleet managers and transporters across the states. It’s evident that not every fleet owner will be using the same device. It’s also possible that someone uses a GPS Tracker of one company and a dashcam of another. Therefore, a good GPS Tracking software system must be compatible with all device protocols easily. 

4. Cross-industry Solutions

If you are running a GPS Tracking system company you can get requirements from different industries. Logistics and Transport is not the only sector where a fleet of vehicles is used. Construction, mining, car rentals, and waste collection, are some of the common sectors where GPS Tracking system requirements come from. 

New-age GPS Tracking software comes with cross-industrial solutions. It ensures scalability and growth. If the GPS Tracking software you are planning to finalise doesn’t provide this facility, you can look for another one.

Let’s Wrap!

The sole objective of this article was to give an all-around guide to finding the best match, we mean the software match. Do not settle for any other GPS Tracking software provider. Right swipe the one that fulfils all the necessary requirements without any compromise.

 Once you find the right match, fix the date(for the demo). You’ll know how to take things forward from here.

Want to know about the leading Gps Tracking software provider? Explore more here.

10 MUST-HAVE Features in a GPS Tracking System

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