What is Fuel Monitoring In GPS Tracking Software?

What is Fuel Monitoring In GPS Tracking Software?

Fuel feeds the fleet to function but also makes cash flow out of the manager’s hands.

In India, vehicles consume 88.2 billion liters of diesel and 37.2 billion petroleum each year. And this consumption doesn’t even account for the gasoline and electric vehicles newly introduced to commercial or domestic fleets! 

High fuel consumption is neither good for the fleet economy nor the environment. Therefore, most fleet management software come with fuel monitoring systems to reduce the adverse effects of extreme fuel consumption!

What is Fuel Management? 

Fuel management is tracking and managing the inflow and outflow of fuel in your fleet. It plays a vital role in deciphering fuel economy and maintaining the balance between operative costs and gains. 

Through tank level sensors, GPS tracking software can tell when fuel was filled and consumed. With GPS technology, the software can generate reports detailing mileage and other such metrics. 

The primary purpose of fuel managing and monitoring systems is to provide accurate data about vehicles’ running costs. However, from a bird’s eye view, fuel management systems help gain complete insight into the transportation your fleet is conducting. 

Why Should I Care About Fuel Monitoring Systems? 

Gone are the days when fuel management was a luxurious feature in any GPS tracking software. Therefore, let us explain why you should value the fuel monitoring features instead of taking them for granted:

  • Improved Fuel Economy: With fuel monitoring systems, you get the opportunity to reduce wastage. Therefore, you can improve fuel economy by only using the amount of fuel needed. 
  • Higher Profitability: When your operation costs fall, your profitability increases. After all, you get to pocket a bigger portion of your gains instead of putting them in operations, right?
  • Reduce Pilferage: Fuel management systems help you detect unusual fuel consumption and ejection. Therefore, you can tell when fuel is stolen from your vehicle so that you can take immediate action. 
  • Informed Operations: When you know your vehicles’ fuel consumption patterns, operations become informed. Now, you can budget with data proofs instead of guesswork. 
  • Driver Supervision: Rash driving leads to higher fuel consumption. Extra fuel consumption means that either the driver is driving inefficiently or your vehicle is a big time guzzler.
  • Improve Vehicle Maintenance: A vehicle might also be consuming extra fuel because of improper engine functioning. Through fuel management, you can detect the early signs of depreciation in engines. 
  • Track Transactions: Software helps you keep detailed track of each transaction made on fuel in your fleet. Next time you wonder where your money went, check fuel reports to know vehicles’ food costs. 
  • Environmental Safety: Increasing Carbon emissions is not a joke and fuel management is a way to control them by optimizing fuel consumption. This way, you save both your pocket and the environment!

Why You Should Value Fuel Monitoring

What Fuel Monitoring Features Do GPS Tracking Software Offer? 

By now you know what fuel monitoring is and why your organization needs it. Now, let us look at some things that differentiate one software’s fuel monitoring system from another’s. 

Here, we will discuss fuel monitoring system features that our fleet management software offers

  • Real-Time Fuel Tracking: Good software can help you see how much fuel is being consumed by each vehicle in real-time. You can check each vehicle’s fuel tank status right from the software’s dashboard. 
  • Fuel Fill/Eject Notifications: You will receive notifications every time fuel is filled in a vehicle’s tank. Moreover, your software will ring an alarm if too much fuel is ejected at once, indicating pilferage. 
  • Insightful Reports: Fuel management systems are empty without insightful reports that use the collected data. From fill/eject to fuel consumption per distance unit reports, these reports will help you get a better look into operational costs and efficiency. 
  • Fuel Prices: Some software might provide you with real-time fuel prices by state. This way, you can inform the driver where to get the tank filled at the least possible rate. 

TrackoBit Will Help You Reduce Fuel Consumption

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What is Fuel Monitoring In GPS Tracking Software?

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