Trip Management


What is Trip Management?

Trip Management is a basic need for any fleet-centric business that allows managers to plan dispatch, waypoints, and resource use in every trip undertaken by the vehicles. Trip management software allows fleet managers to manage all trips and each aspect of those trips from a single platform.

In terms of fleet management, trip management allows managers to keep track of vehicles on the road. This allows them to manage consignments and the entire supply chain in a much more effective manner.

Trip management systems improve real-time vehicle route planning and ad-hoc waypoint additions while maintaining effective resource utilisation throughout the fleet.

Why Do Fleet-centric Businesses Need Trip Management?

The primary reasons why any fleet manager would need trip management software are to provide:

  • – Dispatch times to drivers
  • – Detailed overview of all pitstops
  • – Real-time trip tracking for managers
  • – Detailed analysis of complete operations

What All Can a Trip Management Software Do?

A good trip management software provides the following solutions:

  • – Trip Planning: Define starting and ending points along with multiple waypoints to get the most efficient trip schedules.
  • – Trip Monitoring Tools: Check if all the vehicles in the fleet are following the trips planned by the software.
  • – Trip Sequencing: Manage all waypoints according to delivery priority. The most important pit stops are visited first, and so on.
  • – Summary Reports: Check the duration, interruptions, breaks, idling, fuel consumption, speed, and more throughout the trip.
  • – Route Deviation Alerts: Get instant notification when a driver deviates from the set path.
  • – Data Analysis: Get insightful and bite-sized reports to make future-proof trip plans for a data-driven fleet.