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Plan up to 40% shorter and cost-efficient routes for every
local to cross-country trip.

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Proudly Solving Routing Chaos for 200,000+ Units from 30+ Countries

Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software

Put Trip Management on Auto-Pilot
With TrackoBit

With an efficient fleet trip management system, plan
thousands of trips for hundreds of vehicles while

  • Ensuring the best capacity utilisation of every vehicle.
  • Planning optimal routing to ensure more deliveries per vehicle.
  • Eliminating extra miles to cut fuel expenses.

Plan Clean, Practical, and Quick Trips Your Drivers
Will Love.

Employee Tracking Solutions

Top Fleet Trip Management Features

To Reduce Delivery Time & Costs

With our unparalleled features in trip fleet management solutions, effortlessly
allocate multiple trips to thousands of drivers.

  • Efficient Trip Planning

    No matter where your journey begins, ends, or winds through, our trip management tool will guide you through the most efficient route, despite any number of stops in between.

  • Trip Visibility Tools

    Keep a real-time watch on every vehicle in your fleet to ensure adherence to efficient routes as planned. Also, gain valuable insights into each trip's impact through our comprehensive reports.

  • Trip Sequencing

    Efficiently sequence your waypoints in a hierarchical structure as per priority client, targets, or cargo expiry. Plan trips even if prioritised points don’t fall in a straight line.

  • Summary Reports

    Get concise summary reports for every trip assigned to your fleet. Get visualised reports on each trip’s duration, idling, fuel consumption, speed, and all other metrics throughout the trip.

  • Route Deviation Alerts

    Get notified whenever something fishy happens. Whether it’s your driver deviating from the set path or there is a blockage on the road, receive prompt alerts for unlikely events.

  • Dynamic ETAs

    Receive updated ETAs to know how long it will take for the consignment-carrying fleet to arrive. Track routes, avoid delays, and plan contingencies.

  • Digital PODs

    Replace the traditional paperwork methods with e-PODs to confirm the delivery to the intended recipient. Now deliver undisputed excellence with quick delivery proofs.

  • Missed Stop Alerts

    Get alerted instantly when a vehicle misses stops. Prevent consignment from being wasted and customers from being dissatisfied with quick alerts.

  • Futuristic Analysis

    With the best fleet trip planners, enjoy maximum data accuracy, robust trip management tools & bite-sized reports. Get the most accurate analysis out of your fleet.

Save Travelling Time
and Costs by 40%

Ready to plan a trip with the most efficient
route to save time, money & fuel?

Get custom solutions to find the shortest,
fastest routes for all types of vehicles.

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Effortless Trip Management System

Why to Invest?

Fleet trip planners simplify trip planning for multiple delivery vehicles and routes. Be it a multi-modal
journey or complicated delivery routes, our software has got you!

  • Trip Automation

    All trip-related functions are pre-defined, instructed, and automated to save your fleet from manual errors and repetitive resource wastage.

  • Trip Playback

    Play and replay the trip itinerary from point A to point B. Know the route taken, the trip in charge, the vehicle used, the fuel consumed, and more.

  • Data Accuracy

    We won’t let you stay blindsided about your vehicles’ whereabouts. Our software offers 99.9% data accuracy, which industry leaders vouch for.

  • Save Time and Energy

    When most fleet functions are automated and decision-making becomes easier with insightful reports, you save on your precious energy & time.

  • More Revenue

    Efficient trip management for the fleet helps you reduce fuel consumption and increase vehicle health while leaving you more revenue to take home!

  • Better Goodwill

    The better and quicker your delivery trips are, the more reliable your fleet and business will stand in the market. Hello, more customers.

Our Numbers Do the Talking!

All the vehicles riding with us from 30+ countries have forgotten what a bad trip is. We make route
and trip management for the fleet simple, fun, and money-saving!

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    Faster Decision

  • 99


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Industries Our Trip Management Software…

Helps Plan Well

Be it high-demand logistics or time-sensitive FMCG, TrackoBit is geared to provide
trip management solutions across every industry. You name it, we are there!


Construction and Mining



Waste Management

Build your fleet’s backbone with strong multi-stop trips and prioritised schedules.
Short & clean routes your drivers will love.

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Effortlessly plan trips for vehicles traversing unreachable or risky areas
while receiving instant boundary violation alerts.

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Plan ad-hoc trips for ambulances in emergency situations and get notified
about the nearest place to get help without delay.

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Prioritise deliveries as per the consignment’s expiration and sales target
to deliver freshness throughout your network!

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Never miss a single bin, and develop a clear network of waste collection
trucks with analytical reports and strategies.

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Yay! You’ve Unlocked
Supplementary Fleet Management Solutions

Do you really think that the leading fleet management software provider in the subcontinent will leave you
with just a handful of solutions? Our list of additional solutions keeps growing with time.

  • Employee Tracking Solutions

    Video Telematics Solutions

    We have up the game of fleet tracking by integrating video telematics solutions with our pre-existing fleet management software. Besides DMS and ADAS, our system supports 24*7 video surveillance of consignments.

  • Route Planning Solutions

    TrackoBit offers robust route planning software to streamline route planning and management in a more efficient manner. Dynamic a ETAs, Custom PODs, and Route deviation alerts make it a fool-proof solution.

    Employee Tracking Solutions
  • Employee Tracking Solutions

    Driving Behaviour Monitoring

    Supervise your drivers remotely with real-time updates on their driving activities. Get event reports, excess HOS alerts HOS alerts, driver scores, and much more. Ensure the safety of drivers, vehicles, and consignments.

  • Fuel Monitoring

    Get real-time fuel level updates with respect to speed, absolute mileage, and ignition status on a graph. Instant alerts every time the system detects a sudden drop or rise in fuel levels. Automatic fuel reports and state-wise fuel price boards help you map a fuel budget efficiently.

    Employee Tracking Solutions

Delight Your Clients With Fast
Deliveries & Accurate ETAs

By combining automated route planning capabilities with every
delivery experience, we make managing local to cross-country
delivery routes effortless and profitable.

Planning a Multi-stop Trip?
We’ve Got You Covered!

Make Your Trips Worthwhile With TrackoBit

TrackoBit’s trip management solution helps you assign and manage trips
to your fleet from anywhere. Backed by continuous monitoring, tireless
technical support, flexible features & settings, planning multi-stop
deliveries is never a hassle.

Improve your operations and generate insightful reports for a clearer
view of your fleet with TrackoBit.

Businesses Are Never Restricted. Why Should
Your Vehicle Destiny?

Employee Tracking Solutions

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is the difference between trip management solutions and route planning?

    Here’s how trip management and route planning solutions are different.
    - Trip management for a fleet means managing every single trip, and route management, on the other hand, plans routes for the entire fleet that are followed for the long term.
    - Trip management solutions generally allow multi-stop planning while route planning is generally from start to finish points.
    - Trip management solutions look into planning, monitoring, optimising, and analysing the trips. Route planning solutions, however, are restricted to planning the trip.
    - Route planning solutions work best for logistics and such industries that do not have urgent delivery requirements. Trip management solutions, on the other hand, help with ad-hoc delivery schedules.

  • How many stops can I add to my trip through TrackoBit?

    TrackoBit with its trip management system lets you plan and assign infinite trips for any vehicle. No matter how big or small your trip is going to be, you can add as many waypoints as you need. You can also sequence these waypoints in whatever order suits you and your operations the best.

  • Does TrackoBit offer only trip management solutions for fleets?

    No! Trip management is a single solution offered through TrackoBit, a holistic fleet management software. TrackoBit also offers solutions such as fuel monitoring, driver behaviour analysis , video telematics, and asset tracking. You can use TrackoBit either as a comprehensive vehicle management software for your fleet or simply as a trip management software - the choice is yours according to your business requirements.

  • Which is the most efficient Fleet Trip Management System?

    TrackoBit offers an industry-leading, custom, and efficient fleet trip management system that helps:
    - Plan an efficient trip for any volume of vehicles
    - Monitor the live location of fleet
    - Help plan more efficient and cost-saving routes
    - Get route deviation or missed stop alerts

  • What are the benefits of fleet trip management software?

    When you onboard an efficient fleet trip management system, you experience:
    - Efficient route planning and trip management.
    - Real-time tracking with accurate geospatial data.
    - Cost optimization with reduced fuel and maintenance expenses.
    - Improved vehicle safety, utilisation, and longevity.

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