HOS Hours of Service

What is HOS (Hours of Service)??

Hours of Service or HOS is the maximum amount of time a driver is allowed to keep driving in a day. This metric can even cover the maximum duration a driver can drive at a stretch. HOS helps decide the number of duration of stops (rests) a driver is supposed to take in a day to ensure safety and efficiency.

Hours of Service is especially important to note from Fleet Management Software under ELD compliances.

What Are the Top HOS Violations?

According to the FMCA, the most common HOS violations are

  • – Driving for more hours than permissible
  • – Driving beyond the last permissible driving hour
  • – Violating the 60 hours in 7 days limit or 70 hours in 8 days limit.
  • – Inaccurate duty records
  • – Maintaining false duty records