ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

What is ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)?

ETA, an abbreviation for Estimated Time of Arrival is the duration or specific time when a vehicle, consignment, or employee is expected to reach its destination.

Why is ETA Important?

ETA is a very important element for fleet operation because it:

  • – Promotes operational transparency between supply chain channels
  • – Improves customer relations by keeping them informed
  • – Builds a better understanding of time-sensitive deliveries
  • – Makes further planning possible in the supply chain

How Does TrackoBit Help In Better ETA Management?

ETA management is a very delicate topic because it is a dynamic metric that can be affected due to uncontrollable factors such as traffic, weather, vehicle conditions, delivery address clarity, etc.

TrackoBit helps make ETAs and ATAs (Actual Time of Arrival) as close together as possible through:

  • – Route Optimisation for dynamic ETAs
  • – Address geocoding for easy routing and recognition
  • – Vehicle maintenance management to ensure that vehicles do not break down

What Role Does ETA Play in Field Force Management

More than anything else, ETA helps build better customer relations in case of field operations. In case of after-sales servicing, ETA transparency allows customers to be satisfied about where their packages are, and hence build better customer relations.

ETA management is also helpful to managers if they want to finalize meetings with field employees. It helps understand them fix better on-field commitments and track operations effectively.