Trip Prioritising

What is Trip Prioritising?

Trip Prioritising is a route management feature that helps fleet managers plan routes and stops according to multiple factors such as delivery windows, delivery urgency, etc.

Trip prioritising is a deeper aspect of multi-stop route planning . It helps managers plan routes with multiple points according to the delivery priority set for each waypoint. Trip prioritising, however, might sometimes be fuel inefficient, as it instructs the software on the chronology of the halts, regardless of whether they fall into the most optimal sequence or not.

Why is Trip Prioritising Important

Trip prioritising through fleet management software is crucial because it:

  • – Helps meet delivery time windows
  • – Doesn’t let any important client waiting
  • – Fosters good relationships with clients
  • – Prevents short-expiry products from going bad

What Criteria Can You Follow For Trip Prioritising?

Specific spots can be your priority for multiple reasons, such as:

  • – Delivery time windows
  • – Product expiries
  • – Consignment size
  • – Client’s requests