Cold Chain Monitoring

What is Cold Chain Monitoring?

Cold-chain monitoring is using fleet management software to track the temperature inside the reefers of vehicles carrying temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines, dairy, and bread. The software uses technologies such as telematics, IoT, and sensor integration to alert managers and drivers whenever the cabin temperature falls or rises more than normal.

Cold-chain monitoring systems may or may not include humidity monitoring. Good software offer recording fluctuations through a temperature graph for better future strategy.

Where is Cold-chain Monitoring Used?

The two primary industries using cold-chain monitoring are:

  • FMCG: Delivering milk, bread, vegetables, fruits, etc, managers need to ensure that the products reach fresh and well before the expiration date.
  • Pharmaceutical: Handling vaccines that lose potency outside of a temperature range and also delivering them according to the urgency of need.

Benefits of Cold-chain Monitoring

  • – Maintaining integrity and potency of items
  • – Live consignment condition monitoring
  • – Increased brand goodwill
  • – Accurate insights and reports
  • – Prevention of loss due to bad consignment