Sensor Integration

What is Sensor Integration?

In the world of fleet management software, sensor integration is the process of connecting and incorporating various hardware and sensors into the fleet. These data-collecting devices, when integrated with the software, allow real-time tracking of much more than just the vehicle’s location.

A seamless sensor integration with the fleet management software enables easy communication between the software and the hardware installed. Ultimately, this helps fleet managers get better visibility of the overall fleet and vehicles.

What Types of Sensors Are Integrated With Fleet Management Software?

There are a lot of sensors that need to work with fleet management software in order for the latter to produce the best results. Some of these are:

  • – Dash Cams (front and back)
  • – Reefer Thermometer
  • – Tyre Pressure Monitors
  • – Load Sensors
  • – Door Sensors
  • – Fuel Level Monitors

What Are Some Fleet Management Features That Are Only Made Possible Through Sensor Integration?

There are a couple of features that fleet management software are only able to provide because of the sensors that are integrated within the system. Some of these features are: