Eco Driving

What is Eco-driving?

Eco-driving is a set of good driving practices that keep vehicles from consuming excessive fuel. Driving at optimum speeds and avoiding other bad driving practices help achieve eco-driving in a fleet.

Benefits of Eco-driving

Here are some benefits you are sure to witness with eco-driving practices:

  • – Reduced fuel consumption
  • – Lower fleet carbon footprint
  • – Accurate geofences
  • – Increased vehicle and driver safety
  • – Minimized vehicle wear and tear
  • – Maximised fleet goodwill

Eco-Driving Practices

If drivers indulge in harsh driving practices, here are some activities they should be following instead to follow eco-driving norms:

  • – Gentle acceleration
  • – Steady speed maintenance
  • – Driving at eco-driving speeds (usually marked green on vehicle’s speedometers)
  • – Use momentum to your benefit
  • – Turn engine off whenever required instead of idling
  • – Properly use manual transmission
  • – Use air conditioner only when required

Other Eco-friendly Fleet Practices

Other than driving properly, here are some other eco-friendly driving practices to improve fleet sustainability