Leave Management System- Best Way to Manage Leaves Digitally

Employee Leave Management System Manage your employee leaves digitally

Learn how utilizing an effective and advanced employee leave management system can help your business timely plan ahead of employees’ day-offs and reduce mismanaged week-offs. 

“I want a day off due to personal matters.”

Being a manager, you may have encountered 100s of leave requests like this from your employees. And when you’re using only conventional tools like emails, excel sheets, and papers, acknowledging those requests can be daunting. 

So, what solution do you need?

Well, just replace the traditional practice of managing leaves with an efficient one-leave management software, and you are good to go. A leave management system records employees’ attendance in real-time while eliminating the chances of errors. It even helps managers deal with all kinds of faulty attendance markings.

Here is more about the leave management system and the perks of using the same for your organisation. Explore further!

What is Leave Management?

Leave management involves more than just recording the days an employee has taken leave. It involves a complete procedure of managing time-off requests like holidays, sick leaves, emergencies, parental leaves, and vacations by following a series of guidelines specific to the business module.

However, organizations still use traditional leave management methods to handle everything from managing the constant churn of requests to scurrying around Excel sheets. And do you know what? It only leads to disasters like payroll processing errors, legal complications, resource crunch, and reduced efficiency of employees.

That’s why automated leave management software holds importance. As the business landscape is changing and becoming less stressful with automation, it’s your time to embrace the same. So what resists you there?

Take your first step to thriving in the age of automation and utilize an efficient employee leave management program that manages everything from a single place. Scroll through the guide to learn in-depth about leave management.

Why Do You Need a Leave Management System?

To ensure the balance between a well-run business and a happy team, employee leave management is very important. Here are other reasons as well to utilize good leave management practices:

  • Minimized business costs: Utilizing an employee leave management process can help organizations mitigate disruptions in operational affairs and minimize unscheduled time off.
  • Improved employee well-being: Employees can come up with a whole new morale, dedication, and commitment after taking time off to rest, travel, and attend to personal matters.
  • Well-defined leave policy: Leave management practices also ensure that organizations follow laws and define a leave policy based on inputs like leave types, rules for each leave type, public holiday calendar, etc., which results in decreased employee complaints.
  • Uninterrupted work productivity: As managers are already aware of scheduled leaves, challenges like staff shortages are mitigated. Thus the work continues uninterrupted even during peak business times. 

Top Features Your Leave Management System Must Provide

A robust employee leave management system should encompass features that automate the process of:

  • Applying, approving/rejecting leaves,
  • Auto-generating leave balance on pro-rata or other basis (as input by managers)
  • Generating analytical reports to study individual employees’ leave trends, workflow gaps, and scope for improvement. 
  • Tracking accurate working hours and productivity for seamless payroll processing.
  • Maintaining compliance with labor laws.

In short, it should automate the entire leave management process for seamless workforce management. After all, who does not want to replace repetitive tasks with automation? Wondering what features can help?

Let’s rummage around the dynamic features you should include in your leave management solution.

Must-have Features of a Leave Management System

  • All-in-one Dashboard

Both managers and employees can rely on only one dashboard for accepting or generating leave requests. While employees can check their leave balance, leave quotas, and colleagues’ days off when applying for a leave, managers can evaluate those requests based on routine work demands or urgent service requests.

  • Auto-update Leave Balance

By analyzing the history of leaves taken by employees, an efficient leave management program displays the leave balance for both employees and their managers and leads to transparency.

  • Cloud-based Architecture

The leave management process turns hassle-free with cloud-based integration. That means you neither require multiple channels nor software installation or updates. Both managers and employees can access the system on the go and thus reduce paperwork, confusion, time, and energy.

  • Seamless Integration with Payroll 

To avoid human errors and payroll pitfalls while calculating employees’ salaries or payouts, an employee leave management system offers seamless integration with any 3rd party payroll management system.  Software like TrackoField syncs the relevant information like absence, inactive hours, and sick leaves of employees, for efficient payroll processing.

  • Interactive Individual Employees Reports

You don’t have to rely on another program to generate reports on employees’ leave balance, attendance record, workforce productivity, and team strength as this is also done by an employee leave management program like TrackoField. Using these reports, you can instantly learn about hardworking employees and reward them with the best to boost their morale.

  • Flexible Leave Module

It’s a lot more flexible to categorize leaves into different categories or modules like sick leaves, casual leaves, paid leaves, maternity leaves, etc. Employees can easily tap on the leave type they need, check the balance, and thereafter generate requests. Even, managers can create more categories for the leaves according to the company’s policies.

  • Shift-wise Leave Monitoring

It shouldn’t be a hassle to track the shift-wise leaves of your employees without scurrying around Excel sheets. The advanced leave system utilizing GPS tracking technology, lets managers can learn the whereabouts of their executives, time spent on each task, the live status of employees, and shift-wise employee monitoring. All in all, the software seamlessly monitors remote attendance.

  • Instant alerts & notification

Software like TrackoField allows managers to receive reminders and notifications on their web portals whenever an employee applies for leave. Having these features aids managers in quickly approving or disapproving leave requests with valid reasons. This comes in handy for field managers who are often occupied with a gazillion of tasks.

Common Challenges of Manual Leave Management Process

Manual Leave Management Challenges – It’s Time to Overcome Them

Managing employees’ leaves can be full of hurdles. Here are some challenges that you can swiftly walk past with automation served by leave management systems like TrackoField.

  • More workload due to shortage of staff

Maintaining a good balance between staff & workload leads to improved workflow and efficiency. But, it feels problematic when you rely on a poor or erratic leave management process. So what should be your step to employees’ efficiency?


It is an employee leave management system that automates the process to manage employees’ leaves, balance staff, minimize disruption, and maintain a fair distribution of tasks.

  • Incorrect Attendance Marking

Excel sheets for leave management? Not at all a good idea! Especially when you manage field employees and are not informed about an employee taking a leave. Moreover, there is a higher chance that you mistakenly record the employee and get his payment done. This only adds to discrimination and further disputes in the company.

Even, miscalculating the compensation due to incorrect attendance marking adds stress to dedicated employees and they feel less likely to do a job. To avoid this hazard, you need an employee leave management system like TrackoField that processes the payroll only after syncing the relevant data about employees’ leaves and attendance.

  • Delays in accepting leave requests

Of course, employees have to wait longer for the manager’s sign on the leave application. And if the request is lost in the bunch of emails a manager receives, finding the same seems like fighting a losing battle. Luckily, TrackoField offers everything in one place. No more delays in emails or papers hunt as a manager gets the notification on every request and thus provides their consent for the same.

Why You Cannot Skip Having a Leave Management System?

You can achieve various benefits as an organization while using an effective leave management system. Such as:

  • Promotes less paperwork

Obviously, there will be less paperwork when everything from generating a leave request to approving the same is automated and handled at the fingertips. Moreover, printing, filling forms, and record-keeping of such files can be daunting for employees. But this can also be tackled with employee leave management software.

  • Auto-updates leave balance

What else an organisation can ask for?

TrackoField, an employee leave management software can automate the leave balance on each employee’s app just after they apply for a leave.

  • Provides real-time information

A modern leave management system instead of providing insights into employees’ leaves, helps managers get real-time updates about tasks, leaves, orders, and expenses with organised chats, notifications, and alerts.

  • Prevents delays in response

As the repetitive tasks get eliminated, leave management becomes a lot faster and easier. Thus, it saves time and leads both the manager and employees to improve workforce productivity.

  • Brings transparency

A comprehensive view of all leaves, either planned or unplanned is provided in a single dashboard. Moreover, it consists of all relevant data that helps the manager spot productivity leaks and deal with issues like absenteeism.

Make Leave Management Much Better with TrackoField

TrackoField’s leave management system provides full visibility into workforce availability and absenteeism. It’s fast and convenient and offers all the tools that an organization looks for. The system works as the centerpiece for seamless leave management.

Moreover, it swaps paper file liabilities and inaccurate spreadsheets for a dynamic leave management system. By limiting unnecessary human efforts, the system makes field operations focus on their business-driven goals and enhances workforce potential.

Experience flexible leave policies, smooth payroll processing, and automated reimbursement with TrackoField’s leave management system. It doubles the executives’ efficiency with efficient features and avoids the horror of dealing with corrupted spreadsheets and lost data.

To learn more, enroll yourself for TrackoField’s 7-day free trial.

Trackofield Employee leave record


  • What are the key components of leave policy for employees?

    An effective leave management policy consists of components like: 
    1. Holidays observed by your organisation
    2. Leave application procedure
    3. Types of leaves 
    4. Maximum days for each leave
    5. Employee’s eligibility for each leave
    How the organization manages unused leave days And other factors that suit to company’s policies. 

  • How do employee leaves benefit the workplace?

    Employees come back with a more rejuvenated force after taking a day off for their personal matters. Taking leave is also important to enhance physical and mental health in the workplace. Moreover, employees are less likely to take unexpected time off when there is a good work-life balance.

  • How to manage employee leave?

    Gone are the days when you had to manage your employees’ leaves conventionally as today, we have various tools and solutions such as TrackoField. 
    1. It is a cutting-edge leave management system that brings the entire procedure from leave requests to leave approvals into one place.
    2. It removes the confusion between managers and employees.
    3. The software consists of various features, such as auto-update leave balance, interactive reports, cloud-based integration, payroll integration, flexible leave modules, instant alerts, and a lot more.
    If you are impressed with this array of features offered by TrackoField, don’t hesitate to book a free trial now. 

Leave Management System- Best Way to Manage Leaves Digitally

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