GPS-Based Geofenced Attendance System for Employee Tracking

Geofencing Attendance System

It’s time to suit up. With an advanced GPS-Based Geofencing Attendance System, companies can gear up to effectively track employee location and attendance without breaking into sweat. Find how in the blog!

Relying on traditional attendance recording methods can be harmful to businesses and employees’ productivity. Because it is disorganised and time-consuming. But with changing times and technical advancements, we have better solutions at hand, like a geofencing attendance system.

This system truly can be game-changing for businesses as it not only automates the repetitive and effort-demanding attendance marking process but also brings in much-desired visibility.

Switch to an automated attendance management system for a much more efficient workforce. In this article, we delve deep into how the geofence attendance management system is helping businesses be much more efficient.

Current Challenges of Manual Attendance Tracking

Companies still using manual sign-in sheets or punch cards are preparing to deal with many limitations and challenges.

Human Errors: The foremost challenge with traditional attendance is human errors, such as employees forgetting to sign in or sign out, resulting in incomplete attendance records.

Proxy Attendance: It is common in manual methods to be susceptible to proxy attendance, where one employee signs in on behalf of another.

Time Theft and Buddy Punching: The lack of a vigilant leave and attendance management system allows employees to manipulate records according to their convenience, like clocking in for their absent colleague or extending working hours.

Time-consuming Data Management: Manual record compilation, organisation, and analysis which demand significant time and effort.

Data Retrieval and Reporting Difficulties: Retrieving historical attendance data or generating reports based on the data is a headache.

Introducing GPS-based Geofencing Attendance System

The field workforce is expected to travel to specific locations to complete assigned tasks. In the case of field sales representatives, they are assigned locations to cover and make pitches to achieve sales targets. Now with the adoption of a geofenced attendance system, they no longer need to commute to the office daily just to mark their attendance.

Instead, they can directly go to their first assigned location. From that location itself, they can mark their attendance automatically, all thanks to the geo-coded attendance management system. This is an optimal solution for saving time and increasing employee field productivity.

What is Geofencing?

A virtual boundary known as “geo-fencing” is established using longitude, latitude, and radius to encircle a specific point. Software or apps that use cellular data, Wi-Fi, GPS (Global Positioning System), or RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) can be used to create or access it.

With the help of this system, field managers cancreate geofence on employees’ first task locations while assigning tasks. When the employees enter the geofence, they can punch and mark attendance. This records both the attendance and time spent on the job. Multiple geofences can be created as per the requirement. Also, supervisors can create a geofences for entire month per the employees’ schedules and planned locations.

How Does Geofence Attendance Tracking Work?

Geofence attendance tracking depends on mobile or wearable GPS devices and even RFID tags.

Here is how it works:

Step 1 – Establishment of Geofences: Field Managers will mark geofences around specific work locations for their field staff through GPS coordinates. These virtual boundaries are set up through an attendance management system.

Employee Registration: Each Employee’s mobile device or GPS device is registered with the attendance tracking software. This is done to connect their devices with the geofence boundaries.

Geofence Detection: Whenever the employees enter or exit the virtual boundaries, the GPS communicates with the system, triggering an attendance event.

Notifications and Alerts: Managers or supervisors receive notifications or alerts of the employees’ movement. This enables real-time monitoring, allowing higher-ups to take prompt action if needed.

Real-time Data Recording: The geofenced attendance system records the entry and exit of employees from the event’s date, time and location in real-time. Thai information is safely stored within the system for further analysis and reporting.

GPS-Based Attendance System

Key Features of a Geofenced Attendance System

Real-time location Tracking

With a click, the geofencing attendance system will show you where all your employees are and what job they are currently working on. Supervisors can track real time location and receive update remotely through phone applications or desks.

Efficient systems like TrackoField also make offline tracking possible. Also, they get access to 6 months of live replay of the routes travelled in the past.


This is the main feature. Every efficient system will offer customisable geofencing that the supervisor can set and remove while assigning tasks or schedules.

Employees can be limited to checking in and out from one or more locations within a predetermined geographic boundary. It allows attendance marking from a specified IP address with an optional for user-restricting. The manager can also designate multiple locations from which the employee can check in and out. It is an intelligent system to identify and prevent location spoofing by fraudulent location applications.

Geocoded Attendance Marking

With this feature, employees can only mark their attendance once they reach their first task location. Through the executive app, they can mark their attendance remotely; no more faulty attendance or travelling to the office daily just to mark their presence. Also, managers can set auto log out as well where the employees will be auto signed out after the set hour or geofence.

Facial Recognition

Within the app, managers can ask for facial resignation as an enhanced form of verification. The employees, through the app, can click a picture stamped with real time location coordinates and time.

Smart Alerts and Notification

Managers receive notifications or alerts whenever their employees enter or exit the virtual boundary in real time. This helps with communication as well.

Linking Tasks and Attendance

With TrackoField, businesses can link tasks with attendance as well. This means that once employees mark their attendance then only they can view their daily tasks and schedules.

Insightful Reports

The ability to generate reports quickly provides insight into each employee’s attendance, which is helpful for data analysis on employee productivity and trend forecasting.

Executive App

All the above features are possible with the executive app that enhances the remoteness of the job of field employees. Through it, they can mark their attendance, apply for leave, get an overview of their tasks and upcoming schedules, communicate with in-office staff, and more.

9 Benefits of Geofence Attendance Tracking

9 Benefits of Geofence Attendance Tracking

The prime reason businesses are switching to a geofencing attendance system is the plethora of benefits they enjoy.

 Here is a list of some of the benefits your company too can reap only if you are switching to the other side (the greener side).

1. Improved Accuracy and Reliability

With geofence attendance tracking, automating attendance recording ensures that only the correct and dependable data of employees clocking in and out is recorded. Say bye-bye to manual errors and inaccuracies.

Did you know

80% of employee timesheets have to be corrected

The system captures data without omissions or gaps and is verified, which helps with increasing data integrity. This improvement in data accuracy automatically translates into enhanced insights into workforce permanence and management.

2. Real-time Monitoring and Notifications

Experience real-time visibility of employees’ activities on the field as the system allows managers to track them instantly. Geofence-triggered notifications and alerts give geolocation-tracking managers a clear idea of where and what their remote employees are up to.

3. Reduction in Time Theft and Buddy Punching

Geofencing attendance tracking system eliminates chances of time theft and buddy punching by automating attendance marking and facial recognition features.

Interesting Fact

The study also showed that such time-theft costs businesses about $11 billion annually.

Thai additional layer of verification guarantees that the employees are physically present at the location and are not indulging in fraudulent attendance practices.

4. Enhanced Accountability and Transparency

A GPS-based attendance system is a great option for cultivating accountability and transparency within the organisation’s working culture. This is because the system’s data is accurate and in real-time and cannot be altered/manipulated. Employees can view their attendance records, which promotes openness and clarity. Accessible data helps with quicker dissolution in attendance-related queries.


5. Cost Savings and Efficiency Improvements

The best solution for businesses looking to cut down on their expenses without sacrificing employee efficiency would be the geofence attendance system. Not only is it reducing administrative burden by automating attendance tracking, but it is also optimising schedules and resource allocation. No more paying or human errors and poor calculation mistakes.

6. Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

You can enhance operational excellence by effortlessly integrating the GPS Based Geofenced Attendance System with pre-existing HR software for payrolls

7. Geolocation Data for Analytics and Insights

Geofencing attendance tracking system generates geolocation data that can further be used for advanced analytics and insights. This is great for optimising workforce management through valuable information.

The system recognises attendance patterns, which helps to stop misleading practices and develop better work schedules. Also, geofencing can help with spotting areas of improvement and resource utilisation. 

8. Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

Since the system automates the tedious task of marking attendance, managers can now expect pumped-up/charged-up employees who are productive while dealing with clients. This is required for client satisfaction.

GPS-based geofencing attendance systems bring convenience to the field staff. It creates a transparent and responsible work environment, which is essential for employees to be the best version of themselves when dealing with customers.

9. Competitive Advantage

When businesses adopt and implement a geofencing attendance system, they are opening themselves up for technological advancement and efficient workforce management. This, without a doubt, will help beat their competition from miles away.

All Geared Up!

There is no denying that companies can optimise their attendance tracking system by switching to a GPs-based geofenced Attendance System and achieve greater efficiency. Since it’s an automation-driven software, it gets hard for employees to fool or manipulate the attendance system. With it, expect a highly reliable and cost-effective form of employee management.

TrackoField is an employee tracking software that offers a geofenced attendance system. Its geo-sensitive attendance system allows field employees to only mark their attendance when they reach their first task location. This cloud-based system captures data regarding working time, attendance and location instantly.Time theft costs employers $11 billion a year!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a GPS-based attendance system?

    A GPS-based attendance system utilises GPS technology to monitor and record the presence of on-the-field employees while working. Employees just have to carry their phone or any wearable GPS device, which transmits location data to a central server through a dedicated attendance tracking application.
    The system calculates precise geographical coordinates, enabling accurate attendance tracking. Managers can access attendance records through a web-based interface, gaining real-time insights and the ability to set geofencing parameters.

  • How is GPS different from geofencing?

    GPS and geofencing are related technologies but serve distinct purposes.



    GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that provides real-time, accurate geographical coordinates to determine the exact location of a device or individual. It relies on signals from satellites to calculate precise positions.  Geofencing involves creating virtual boundaries or predefined geographical areas using software. Geofencing doesn't determine precise location coordinates like GPS but focuses on setting boundaries and triggering actions when a device or individual enters or exits those predefined areas. 

  • Types of geofencing attendance system

    Geofencing attendance systems can be categorised based on their implementation and features.
    - Time-Based Geofencing
    - Location-Based Geofencing
    - Device-Based Geofencing
    - Alert-Driven Geofencing
    - Cloud-Based Geofencing

  • What are the benefits of geofencing in attendance?

    Geofencing in attendance systems provides a range of advantages, enhancing the precision and efficiency of attendance tracking. By creating virtual boundaries around specific locations, geofencing ensures accurate monitoring of individuals' entry and exit from designated areas. This eliminates the need for manual attendance processes and offers administrators real-time notifications, enabling prompt responses to attendance-related events.

  • Why is the geofencing attendance system the future of employee management?

    The geofencing attendance system is emerging as the future of employee management due to its efficiency and accuracy. By leveraging geolocation technology, this system creates virtual boundaries around designated work areas, allowing employers to track employee attendance based on their entry and exit from these zones. This provides a seamless and automated method of attendance tracking and eliminates the need for traditional timekeeping methods like manual clock-ins.

GPS-Based Geofenced Attendance System for Employee Tracking

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