Geo-coded Attendance Management Software – Reduce Employee Absenteeism

A comprehensive employee attendance tracking system from TrackoField can make the process of attendance and leave management simple, transparent, and foolproof — learn how!

Are you still dealing with a paper trail of timesheets and faulty biometric machines? If yes, then it’s high time to invest in the attendance management system. Imagine the sigh of relief it will bring:

  • No more handwritten records or paper memos.
  • Employees will effortlessly clock in digitally.
  • Real-time data monitoring will simplify management. 
  • Easy Integration with HR systems to reduce manual work.
  • Eco-friendly workplace with less paper use and waste. 

Let’s further discuss how the attendance management system simplifies attendance record keeping, reduces cost, and amplifies employees’ productivity. 

What is an Attendance Management System?

Attendance management is an automated employee management platform that helps mark attendance for in-house, remote, and field executives. Beyond simple attendance marking, it helps managers identify employees’ availability for effective allocation of tasks or reassignment if anyone is on leave.
Plus, it helps get a close-shave look at individuals’s absenteeism, time accounting, discipline, and productivity. And helps meet businesses’ workforce management goals.

Attendance systems are a godsend for businesses with service executives or field forces.  The system allows field employees with frequent to-and-fro routines to mark attendance without depending on physical biometric attendance solutions remotely.

They can mark geo-coded attendance either after reaching the client location or after fulfilling the assigned task.

How is it best for managers?

The software allows managers to keep track of employees; based on that, they easily manage teams, tasks, or projects in an effective manner.

Benefits of Attendance Management System

Marking attendance through spreadsheets or journals is an old-fashioned way. The attendance management system is a modernised way to:

  • Keep track of executives’ daily attendance.
  • Track employees’ total working hours or overtime.
  • Timely and faultlessly calculate payroll.
  • Look into employee breaks. 
  • Prevent staff time theft, absenteeism, and mismanaged week-offs.
  • Compile insightful data to gauge attendance trends.

Employee Attendance Tracking System – Why a Need?

  1. Bye-Bye Human Errors (No more frustrated employees)

The employee tracking system ensures accurate recording of in and out hours of regular or field employees. This further helps HR or finance teams to effortlessly view data for calculating correct paychecks without any clerical errors (often induced by calculating manually). Moreover, the system is geo-coded, thus, preventing a “buddy punching” culture.

💡 Buddy Punching 

Buddy punching is when an employee “A” asks another employee “B” to clock in on their behalf.

   2. Data-driven Reports of time metrics

Such a system helps gather key attendance tracking data which includes various reports on:

  • Work hours
  • Leave activities
  • Monthly attendance
  • Insights into employee time management and discipline

HR managers can leverage these metrics for informed decisions, shaping corporate policies regarding compensations, promotions, overtime, vacations, compensation, etc. To ensure a data-driven approach to workforce management.

3. Paperless Work Environment (Zero Paper Trail)

An attendance management system with digital record-keeping promotes a paperless work environment. By automating data collection, storage, and accessibility of attendance digitally, organisations reduce environmental impact and save on huge costs.

4. Legal Compliance (Beware Labour Laws)

For companies, overtime costs are already costly compared to budgeted hours. On top of that, if there is one slight miscalculation in overtime wages, you can’t imagine the wrath employees will bring in. They can report it under violation of labour laws and make you pay expensive legal fees and fines.

Attendance tracking systems let employees track their total hours worked in real-time, parallel to the finance team. Whenever they feel there is any discrepancy in their working hours data, they get it resolved immediately.

5. Increase in Business Productivity

A leave and attendance management system helps businesses organise such a small but significant process of attendance marking. When businesses are able to keep track of employees’ availability, leaves, and time, they are able to assign tasks well and achieve increased performance and productivity.

Moreover, the system provides clear communication on employee attendance policies through automation tools, enabling strong relationships between employers and employees. This further results in better goal setting.

6. Accurate time billing

Another advantage of automating attendance monitoring is that it helps achieve error-free billing by providing accurate data on employee billable time. With real-time insight into online timesheets, the chances of errors in salary calculation are minimised.

If by chance, there is some error, the system makes it easy to update attendance data and reports.

Key Features to Get in an Attendance Management Solution

Automating attendance processes with the following features & functionalities will free your HR or finance teams from unnecessary headaches.

✅ Remote attendance marking with geo-and-time stamps

✅ Real-time attendance and total strength tracking

✅ Auto leave policies and guidelines configuration

✅ Instant alerts, reminders and notification

✅ Third-party software integration for data exchange

✅ Online leave request and approval

✅ Reports on leave balance and entitlements

Employee Attendance Tracking with TrackoField – How-to-Guide

Trackofield Attendance Management system

An attendance management software with basic attendance regularisation options isn’t the right cut-out for service staff. They need a comprehensive system that provides locational attendance marking capabilities too.

TrackoField – an advanced geo-sensitive attendance system, is the name to believe in. It prevents faulty log-ins and mismanaged week-offs, making real-time attendance tracking fool-proof for field executives on a mission.

Let’s see how this efficient attendance system works to clear communication channels and remove carefulness from attendance marking.

Step- 1 Marking of Attendance on an Executive App

The field executives need to own TrackoField’s executive app on their phones. They can then just log in and mark their attendance. To make sure the attendance is fool-proof, the app offers the following solutions:

👉 Automatic Attendance

Field executives cannot mark attendance unless they are not at or around the task site. The app gives options to digitally mark attendance, whenever the executive visits the site.

👉 Locational & Visual Attendance

To avoid proxy attendance, executives can capture pictures. The captured pictures will have latitude, longitude, and time of clicking, which will verify their presence and exact time.

👉 Attendance-task Linking

Our system lets you link attendance to tasks via auto-attendance. Whenever executives will walk onto the site, the system will allow them to mark attendance and unlock the tasks to be performed.

👉 Battery and Network Monitoring

Field employees can often turn up with the excuse “My phone battery died, that’s why I couldn’t mark attendance.” Do you believe them? 

Our system lets you detect whenever their cellular devices are turned on/off, out of service, have low battery, or are intentionally in airplane mode. This way you can accurately track their location and attendance.

Step -2 Data Transfer- From App to TrackoField Portal

The app owned by field executives is seamlessly integrated with the TrackoField admin app (owned by managers or HRs). All the data comprising field executives’ in and out time, location details, and others is sent to the admin apps from the mobile apps in real time.

Step – 3  Visibility of Attendance Records on Admin App/Web Portal

Trackofield Attendance Management system

Line managers or HRs can view executive attendance records, illustrated through colourful visuals, pie charts, or graphs over any platform of choice. All the collected data entails everything a manager would want to see. The system offers multiple sorting options to view specific data for ease of decision-making.

The gathered data helps HR and the payroll departments to process accurate remuneration. And managers can also introspect this data to know their team’s and individual’s productivity.

Step – 4  Insightful Reports Generation

TrackoField attendance tracking system not only helps do attendance marking but also helps prepare insightful productivity reports. Based on these reports, managers can gauge their team’s efficiency, plan/allocate tasks, and grant/reject leaves. More than this, they can use this data to create workforce development programs to encourage employees to maximise their time at work.
Trackofield Attendance Management system

Get a Custom Attendance Management System!

Attendance is a crucial aspect of workforce management. Having an all-inclusive attendance management software in place can make the entire process simple to execute while leaving no room for errors.

With organisations scrambling to track field employees’ budgeted working hours, this is the perfect time to start using an integrated attendance tracking platform.

Consult us to share which attendance software features and customisable settings you need to personalise the experience.

Get your demo here now.

Frequently Asked Questions on Employee Attendance Tracking

  • What is the attendance management system?

    An employee attendance management system is a digitised way of tracking, monitoring, and compiling daily staff attendance data. It allows managers or executives to maintain attendance reports, absentee records, attendance history & related documents on a single dashboard.

  • Who can use cloud-based attendance systems?

    Employees, managers & team lead, HR & payroll dept., management can use employee time and attendance tracking system.

  • Which is the best attendance management system?

    TrackoField offers the best attendance management system with:
    Real-time location tracking and supervision.
    ✅ Geo-sensitive, visually verified, and accurate attendance recording.
    ✅ Integration with various devices and platforms.
    ✅ Auto-attendance by linking tasks.
    ✅ Automated alerts on apps.
    ✅ Customisations options as per need.
    ✅ Robust security patches.
    ✅ User-friendly interface and insightful reporting.

Geo-coded Attendance Management Software – Reduce Employee Absenteeism

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