What Are Attendance and Leave Management With Field Force Management Software?

What Are Attendance and Leave Management With Field Force Management Software?

Did you know that about 40% of organizations that use field force management software experience growth in sales?

Yes – managers can use multiple platforms for various field management purposes. However, when they all come together in field force management software, things become exceptionally simple. This is especially the case with attendance and leave management because of how complicated the process can be. 

Wondering how employee tracking software can help manage attendance? This blog talks exactly about that!

What Are Attendance and Leave Management? 

Managing attendance is tough. This is especially when employees steal time from shifts and 96% of employees believe their managers miscalculate leaves. To rub salt to the wound, this gets tougher when all members of a team are on the field! 

Attendance management is a major contributor to confusion and mismanagement in a field operations team. Therefore, managers need field force management software that automates attendance and leave calculation.

What sets online attendance management apart from offline systems is how it is collected, verified, and analyzed. Workforce management software uses special measures to make attendance as easy and authentic as possible through automation.

Attendance management allows employees to log in and log out of the field. It also helps them and their managers track the number of hours they’ve put in. 

Leave management helps employees apply for leaves and view the numbers of leaves left in their quota. Managers can approve or cancel that leave request on the same portal and the action from the admin end will change the leave quota automatically. If you want to manage employee leaves, some sort of software aid is crucial!

Why Is Attendance Management Complicated in Field Operations? 

The nature of operations and attendance are very different in field services than in office jobs. Therefore, it comes with its unique complications that are generally time and efficiency-consuming. These complications are why no business with a team of over two field executives should go without employee tracking software. 

Where to Punch? 

To go to the office or not to go to the office, that is the question. 

The biggest problem that comes with field force attendance management is whether or not executives should go to the office. After all, why should executives come to the office just to mark attendance if they have to go to the field anyway? 

Executives should have the freedom to mark attendance right from the site so that they can devote their shift only to working. 

Some People Trick

The problem that persists with remote attendance marking is that some employees might resort to tricking. If their shift is time-centric and not task-centric, they might log in and log out before even starting work. 

Believe it or not, GPS and another smart tech can be fooled too if you know how to do it. Since most employee tracking systems work through devices, employees can give their phones to anyone and fool the GPS. 

False attendance marking is a huge problem with remote and field employees. 

Forgetfulness Is a Problem

You’d be surprised to know how many people forget to mark their attendance and go on with their day. This is a huge problem since even if employees have done all their work, their day might still be considered a leave. 

This flaw in communication can lead to several productivity-based issues. 

Do I Have Leaves Left?

Many times employees have to contact their HR or manager to check how many leaves are left in their kitty. While this is a wasteful admin utility, it is also prone to human errors. The same problem also persists when employees apply for leave and managers have to decipher whether or not they can give the employee leaves.

Complications with Field Workforce Attendance Management

How Does Software Help? 

Now you know some of the problems that both employees and employers can face while marking and managing attendance. So, we’re sure you want to do something about it, right? Here are a few ways using field force management software might come in handy. 

  • Remote Attendance: Field force management software allows employees to mark attendance wherever they are. You do not have to even think about making employees travel extra just to mark attendance. 
  • Geofence-enabled Attendance: Executives only get to mark attendance when they are on the field or at a stipulated distance from the site. If they are not close to work, they’ll not be able to mark attendance. 
  • Geocoded and Visual Attendance: Other than geofences, attendance will also be verified through geocoded images. The software reads latitude, longitude, and time in a picture that executives compulsorily need to upload while marking attendance. Attendance-Task Linking: Employee tracking software can obviate employees’ forgetfulness by linking attendance with tasks. Not only can employees only mark attendance when they are near the task, but they can also only mark the task finished after attendance logging. 
  • Leave Quotas: Employees do not have to wonder how many leaves are left. With a field force management system, employees’ leaves will be on display and will automatically change when people do take leaves. 
  • Simple Communication: Applying for leaves could not be easier since employees apply for leaves on software and employers respond to it on the same platform. This way, employers get a complete record of each employee’s leaves and the reasons why they took them.

The Future of Field Operations is Here 

Now that you know what leave and attendance management are and how important they are for your organization. So, are you ready for some serious reforms? 

You should use TrackoField to get the most out of your fleet operations. Our exemplary attendance and leave management system will make coordination, working, and documentation simpler for everyone in your organization!

What Are Attendance and Leave Management With Field Force Management Software?

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