Leave and Attendance Management

What is Leave and Attendance Management?

Leave and Attendance Management is a basic necessity in any business that allows managers to keep a note of which team members are available on a particular day or when they will not be available.

In terms of field force management teams, a workforce management software’s leave and attendance management systems allow managers to keep track of employees they are not in physical contact with. This allows them to manage tasks, teams, and projects in a much more effective manner.

Attendance management systems improve real-time task planning and ad-hoc allocations, while leave management systems better help in managing a monthly or weekly roaster.

Why Does Your Business Need a Leave and Attendance Management System?

The primary reasons why any field force team manager would need a leave and attendance management software are to provide:

  • – Employees a space to record their attendance
  • – Fool-proof attendance activity records
  • – Manage overall leave schedule for field employees
  • – Keep better note of each employee’s availability and productivity

How Field Force Management Software Helps Improve Leave Management?

TrackoField improve leave management by:

  • – Direct leave requests to the managers
  • – Direct response option on the manager’s end
  • – Record of leaves taken by each employee
  • – Leave quota visibility for both admin and employees

How Field Force Management Software Helps Improve Attendance Management?

TrackoField improve attendance management by:

  • – Geospatial punch verification
  • – Visual attendance verification
  • – Timesheet management