How FFM Software Helps In Making Data-driven Decisions

How FFM Software Helps In Making Data-driven Decisions

Field Force Management Software has transformed the way businesses manage their mobile workforce.

When most businesses, especially small-scale ones, grapple with resource scarcity, it is their software that become essential tools to optimise operations. Features such as real-time employee tracking and task management speak of efficiency on the field through data-driven operations. 

But, is field force management enough to build business operational strategies based on data? Well, that is the exact topic we are dealing with in this blog. We will look into how software may assist organisations in making data-driven choices, optimising resources, and achieving operational excellence!

Why Are Resource Allocation and Optimisation Important?

Have you ever noticed how some people are able to squeeze in a 9-5 job, studies, hobbies, and chores into a single day while others can only complete one task? The difference between the two is generally in relation to resource allocation and optimisation.

Resource allocation is critical for organisations that want to achieve their goals and objectives as efficiently as possible.

An efficient allocation of resources ensures that the appropriate resources are available at the right time and place to meet both planned and ad-hoc on-field requirements.


Effective resource allocation assists businesses in better managing their finances, lowering expenses and increasing profitability. For example, optimising on-field routes through historical and real-time tracking data can help reduce field expenses in the form of fuel savings. 

When the software can collect data regarding how much expenses are generally made per task, they can decide the product cost and operational efforts accordingly.


Businesses can easily boost their productivity from catering 10 customers a day to 13, if only they focus on time management. Lower turnaround time is something no customer will ever complain about! 

Field Force Management Software can help employees save time through features such as task management. Through this feature, organisations may assign jobs to their personnel based on their talents, availability, and present location, minimising the effort and  time required to perform the task.

TrackoField Operational Optimization


Manage workforce, increasing employee engagement, and reducing attrition become incredible when the business relies on the people on the field. After all, lower per-employee productivity, or low retention rates cost the business productivity in the form of higher TATs and more time dedicated to training. 

Moreover, if the employees are not working their best on the field, they are likely to not collect good field goodwill. 

Field force management software can come in handy here by collecting data of employee’s productivity through real-time tracking, leave and attendance management tools, etc. Companies can pay executives appropriately for overtime and field expenses, while also making data-driven decisions on the incentives that work best for employee retention.

Environmental Perspective

Companies need to focus on reducing their environmental impact, becoming more sustainable, and meeting their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives. 

Organisations, for example, can optimise their employees’ travel patterns with Field Force Management Software’s real-time personnel tracking capability, decreasing carbon emissions and other associated environmental impacts.

How Field Force Management Software Improves Resource Allocation

Field Force Management Software provides numerous features that assist organisations in improving resource allocation, resource optimisation, lowering expenses, and increasing operational efficiency. 

Here are some of TrackoField’s such features:

Real-Time Employee Tracking

Real-time employee tracking is an essential element of Field Force Management Software that assists managers in optimising their employees’ travel patterns, lowering fuel costs, and improving operational efficiency. 

Organisations can use TrackoField’s real-time employee tracking tool to follow their employees’ location, route, and distance travelled, ensuring that they take the most efficient path to their destination. This functionality also assists organisations in reducing the time required to execute activities, improving customer happiness, and decreasing turnaround time.

Task Assignment

Another important element of Field Force Management Software is task assignment, which assists organisations in maintaining a smooth and effective workflow. 

Field operations-centric businesses can allocate projects to their employees using TrackoField’s task management tools. The software collects data that allows managers to assign tasks as per employees’ talents, availability, and location, ensuring that they are working on the correct things at the right time. This functionality also assists organisations in shortening work completion times, increasing employee engagement, and decreasing attrition.

Order Management

Order management is a vital element of Workforce Management Software that assists organisations in managing orders, reducing expenses, and improving customer satisfaction. 

Businesses can track their orders from start to finish using TrackoField’s order management tool, ensuring that they are delivered on time and in the correct quantity. This functionality also assists organisations in better managing their inventory, reducing waste, and optimising their resources.

Expense Management

Through TrackoField’s Expense Management tools, businesses can properly manage their spending, reduce operational costs, and improve employee satisfaction and retention. 

Organisations may track their employees’ expenses with TrackoField’s expense management tool, ensuring that they are reimbursed appropriately and on time. This functionality also assists organisations in reducing the time it takes to process cost claims, increasing employee happiness, and decreasing the risk of fraud.

Expense Management in Field Employee Monitoring Software

Leave and Attendance Management

To decrease expenses, enhance employee happiness, and manage workforce productivity and strength, leave and attendance management tools from field force management software are imperative. 

By managing digital worksheets and tracking employees’ attendance, leave, and overtime, businesses can ensure that employees are paid appropriately and on time. This functionality also assists organisations in reducing payroll processing time, increasing employee engagement, and decreasing attrition. 

Another important aspect of leave and attendance management tools is that it encourages presence on the field. Employees always know how many leaves they have in their quota and can hence, plan their month accordingly. Fool-proof attendance management systems also ensure that all the data that reaches managers is absolutely true.

Better Reimbursements Sustain Employees

Employee reimbursement is a critical component of any organisation with field staff. It is a procedure that allows employees to claim expenses incurred while executing their jobs. In the absence of effective expenditure management software, reimbursements may take a long time, increasing employee discontent and lowering productivity. 

The expenditure management function in TrackoField can assist in resolving this issue by streamlining the process and providing accurate and timely refunds. This not only increases employee happiness but also helps to retain staff over time.


Finally, Field Force Management Software like TrackoField has become a crucial tool for organisations trying to optimise their resources.

Organisations may make data-driven decisions, enhance resource allocation, and achieve operational excellence by utilising capabilities such as real-time personnel tracking, task assignment, order management, expenditure management, and leave and attendance management.

Businesses can also enhance employee engagement, reduce turnover, and accomplish their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals by deploying Field Force Management Software. Considering the benefits that Field Force Management Software provides, it is obvious that businesses should consider installing it to increase overall efficiency and profitability.

How FFM Software Helps In Making Data-driven Decisions

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