How to Measure and Track Field Sales Team Performance

Measure and track field sales

In this time and age, it’s impossible to make long-term business plans without knowing the current standing of your sales team. Learn how to monitor and analyse the performance and success of your Field Sales Team.

Automation and AI are penetrating every business segment like a very sharp sword. Competent professionals and business owners are using this technological advancement to their advantage. 

While CRM and sales automation software are a great help for any sales managers in this time and age, they are limited to monitoring only the sales parameters. When it comes to tracking the on-field movement of sales executives i.e. distance they travel, expenses incurred per employee and real-time location, field employee tracking software is the right tool. 

Now the question arises…

What if someone doesn’t want to operate different software to track different data?

Technology has not been this advanced and accurate ever! Software and tools at our disposal are donning the best version of automation, AI and ML. So, the answers to your concerns are available out there, all you need to do is put the right glasses on. 

Field force management software to the likes of TrackoField offers a flawless API integration procedure to allow seamless data transfer amidst software. However, a different tool is required to manage a different segment of the business, but all the tools can stay on the same page with APIs. 

Apparently, what a CRM tool does, an HRMS software can’t! What a marketing automation tool is good at, an employee tracking tool can never be. 

What a good software tool can do is, channelise the stream of data between applications for uninterrupted data to and fro.

How to Track Sales Employees Working Remotely in the Field? 

Unlike vehicle tracking, employee tracking doesn’t require installing hardware devices and calibrations. Employee monitoring software operates via smartphones. 

No, we aren’t kidding!

As long as your employees have a smartphone, they know how to operate it, you are good to go. All you have to do is get in touch with a software provider, ask your employees to download the app and sign up. That’s it!

tracking field employee steps

Once the field employees mark themselves present on the app, the software starts tracking their movement, the tasks they performed, and the clients they visited.

The following features make tracking and measuring the overall performance of the employees easier and more transparent. 

  • Geo-coded Attendance

The app records the exact location from where employees mark their attendance. The software also provides the feature of blocking attendance mark-in from anywhere other than the designated location. 

  • Real-time Tracking

The admins or the managers have access to track their employees’ current location while they are on duty. 

  • Route Distance Calculator

It takes sophisticated technology and a great team of professionals to crack something as tricky as an accurate route distance calculator that doesn’t drain the phone’s battery. 

  • Task Monitoring

Tracking the task timeline, the order journey, and the client follow-ups become easy-breezy with the field employee tracking app. It also helps in calculating the exact sales pipeline and cycle length of a new client. 

  • Order Management

While order management tools and CRMs are a better option to manage the complete sales automation or the sales lifecycle, when the employees are in the field they must operate via one app. Hence, basic functionalities such as order placement, product sorting and listing can happen on a field employee tracking app itself. Making it convenient for all the stakeholders to monitor and measure performance metrics. 

  • Leave Management

While measuring the performance of an employee, considering their leave-taking patterns and frequencies is also crucial. Hence, an online leave management tool is essential to track the leave and attendance metrics. 

Can I track my employees via their phones? Is it legal?

One of the biggest concerns of employers is the legality behind tracking their employees. How and why do you think these big-shot companies are tracking their employees’ performance, if it’s illegal?

What about the breach of privacy of employees?

Once your employees grant consent to track their locations and work-related activities and accept the terms and conditions drafted by the software, it’s not considered a breach of privacy anymore.

Note: Responsible employee tracking software such as TrackoField turns off location tracking and other monitoring activities when the employee marks out for the day.

As far as employees’ point of view is concerned, do not worry, modern employees are welcoming monitoring tools with open arms. 

According to a study by Accenture in 2019, 62% of organisations use employee monitoring software to gather data on their team’s performance. However, to our surprise, the report stated that 92% of employees had no problem with their organisation collecting data on them. 

How to Measure and Track Field Sales Team’s Performance and Success

Now, you must have understood that software and tools do half the job for managers. But the remaining half is the most crucial part of the sales team’s performance analysis. Data provides insights and transparency into the team’s work but steering them to success and painting the collective picture is the manager’s job.

How can managers harness field employee tracking apps to paint a successful sales picture for the company? It’s an easy five-step process for any manager. Let’s find out!

  • Set goals and objectives for the entire team

It’s crucial for a team, a group or a company to work towards a common goal in order to succeed. The approach or the measures to reach the target may differ but a manager must set common goals for the team. 

“When a team of dedicated individuals makes a commitment to act as one, the sky is the limit.” 

  • Identify and define essential KPIs

Key performance indicators are benchmarking variables that help in understanding the growth patterns of the team. As mentioned earlier, approaches to reaching the common goal may vary on a team and individual basis. Hence, defining KPIs for sales campaigns becomes essential to analyse their success. KPIs may include conversion rate, SQLs, order generated, total billables, etc. 

  • Analyse team and individual performance regularly

After defining the KPIs when the team is active on the floor and the numbers start to pour in, managers must monitor the performances of the employees. The insights fetched via software helps them understand the weaknesses and strengths of each employee. What’s working for one member and what’s not for the other? Weekly and fortnightly analyses will help in making real-time adjustments to the campaigns and strategy. 

  1. Train and coach employees 

Once the team and individual insights come to light, it’s easier for managers to spot the employees that require special assistance. Also, the software can help you sort the employee on the basis of their performance insights. This would help you train and coach the employee accordingly. Hit the hammer only where it’s required. 

  • Monitor month-on-month insights

Now when everything is moving as per the plan towards a common objective with timely corrections and updates in the approach, the only thing left is to keenly observe the performance and growth graphs. Monitor month-on-month and quarter-on-quarter reports for clarity. This helps managers study their team’s performance. Also aids them in taking strategic business decisions – introducing new sales campaigns to speed up the pace or discontinuing the existing ones if underperforming.

What’s the Best Online Software to Track Field Sales Team?

While you’ll find a dozen sales and influencer marketing automation software in the market, spotting one accurate field employee tracking software turns into a nightmare for many small and medium enterprises. The biggest catch is the accuracy of minute-to-minute data that the software provides without being an ultimate battery guzzler. 

TrackoField is the most trusted name in the realm of field employee tracking tools. Its unmatched data accuracy and on-point analytics keep it ahead of the curve. It comes from the house of TrackoBit, the popular SaaS for logistics and fleet management. The technological expertise coupled with years of experience in the GPS tracking software sphere makes it the best bet any company can make.

How to Measure and Track Field Sales Team Performance

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