Sales Management Software – Best Way To Optimize Sale Process

Sales Management Software - Best Way To Optimize Sale Process

Optimizing your sales methods and team is vital for the company to thrive. Sales management software is an efficient way to generate desired results.

Generating sales and managing sales teams are the toughest nuts to crack across industries. Yet, your sales representatives manage to convert a prospective client into a high-paying customer. This is important for any business to survive and scale. 

But what is more important is how the companies optimize their sales and sales management process to grow numbers exponentially without increasing pressure on representatives. 

Therefore, the company needs to invest in sales management software. It automates the workflow and lead management, ensuring the productivity of the field sales representatives. Continue reading to understand the prowess of sales management software better.

Generating Leads and Sale Through CRM

Sales depend on networking and getting the correct data at the right time. To make it possible, CRM software has dramatically contributed to it as it easily captures and streamlines any information or data in the company’s system. When put to good use, the CRM software ensures that any cold call to a potential customer is devoid of irrelevant questions. 

The CRM system is valuable because it improves customer engagement, a crucial part of sales management. Some of the systems we would recommend are:

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Zoho CRM
  • HubSpot Sales Hub
  • ClickUp
  • Monday Sales CRM

What is Sales Management?

Sales management is formulating, training, organizing, monitoring, and coordinating the company’s sales force. It is the core of the business processes. The sales manager must ensure that his sales representatives’ vision aligns with the company’s vision as it directly impacts its revenue. One of the significant functions of sales managers includes managing field sales.

What are Field Sales?

Field sales, also known as outside sales, is the process of selling and marketing products and services by sales representatives outside the office and team environment. A field sales representative’s job entails going from place to place, visiting prospective clients and customers, and closing deals.

Comparison Between Field Sales and Inside Sales

Not every field sales representative is an inside sales employee, and vice versa. There exists a difference between the two jobs. 

Parameters Field Sales Reps Inside Sales Employee
Workspace Field sales reps work from client sites. Inside sales employees work from an office with a sales team and under a sales manager. 
Communication Method with Clients Field sales reps relies on a face-to-face meeting with prospective clients. Cold calling is the most preferred method for inside sales employees to connect with clients. 
Maintenance Cost Due to the nature of work, they incur expenses such as fuel expenses, food, etc.   Aside from their salary inside sales reps do not incur any other expenses. 
Selling Field sales workforce spends 38.3% selling products and services. Inside sales reps spend approximately 35.2% of their time doing sales-related functions. 
Sales Close Rate Field sales reps have a higher sales close rate than the inside sales employees.  Since the inside sales reps don’t spend much time on acquiring leads their close rate is relatively less than field reps. 
Churn Rate Studies show that outside sales reps have a longer career than inside sales representatives. Inside sales employees have a higher churn rate. 

Responsibilities of Field Sales Representative

Field sales representatives work hard to build trust with their prospects and ensure the lead brings future sales. For this, they carefully need to follow the sales strategy and the specific responsibilities assigned to them like: 

  • Conducting face-to-face meetings with the customers to offer their products and services for free initially.
  • Regularly nourishing the relationship with existing clients by initiating regular meetings and by visiting them. 
  • Educating potential and existing clients about their products, new launches, and updates through free trials and demos. 
  • Updating contracts with clients.
  • Keeping records of the sales lead and customer accounts.
  • Presenting the company’s products and services at trade shows and conferences. 
  • Collaborating with the marketing departments to improve their sales.

Benefits of Having a Team of Field Sales

Benefits of Having a Team of Field Sales

Field Sales Help You Sell More

While the inside sales teams may be making more pitches, the field reps are the ones closing the deals. As a result, they convert leads to customers 40% of the time in comparison to the inside sales team, who does it 18% of the time.

Demos and Presentations Make a Better Impact

Several methods are employed by field sales reps, like free trials, demos, and sample testing. For example, providing your prospects and existing clients with products and services they can engage with has a higher chance of training and converting them. This proves that field reps make a better impact on their clients.

Field Reps Build Strong Customer Relationships

It’s the responsibility of the field sales workforce to nurture relationships with prospects and existing clients/ consumers. They spend considerable time and energy in aligning the company’s products and services with the customer’s pain point.

A Reliable and Effective Source of Customer Data and Feedback

The field sales workforce spends the majority of their time and job meeting and spending time with the clients. Due to regular interactions, field reps have a pretty good idea about the problems customers are looking solutions for. This makes field reps one of the best sources to gather reliable customer feedback and data.

But What About After-Sales Services?

After Sales services are the services, you provide your customers after purchasing your products or services. It can be an onboarding period, extended customer support, and services that will identify and remove any roadblocks.

Importance of After Sales

Businesses put a lot of emphasis on prospective customers because they need to grow their customer base. Providing lucrative after-sales service can greatly increase customer retention and customer loyalty toward your brand. Unfortunately, 96% of customers will leave if a company offers terrible after-sales services. 

Happy and satisfied customers can help increase the company’s customer base by recommending your business. This will automatically translate into an increase in sales.

Word-of-mouth is powerful, trusted, and cheap. – Martin Lindstrom.

And since the company can collect a good customer database through field sales representatives, it becomes easy to provide top after-sales services. 

This positively affects your brand image by generating positive reviews and enhancing engagement, which is vital for future sales.

To ensure this happens, companies need to have sales managers who are well-versed in dealing with hot leads and turning them into loyal customers with their sales strategies.

Essential Skills Every Sales Manager Needs in 2023

While managing field sales representatives, the sales managers themselves must be good sales representatives and leaders. Only then can you formulate effective sales strategies. Therefore, sales managers need to have a well-rounded personality with a wide range of skills.

Essential Skills  Every Sales Manager Needs in 2023

Creating Sales Plans and Strategies

Having the skills to plan and formulate killer sales strategies and execute them with success is a foremost demand of every sales manager’s job. This includes setting goals, strategies, and tactics to achieve desired results. The plan consists of identifying the targeted market and audience and forming plans accordingly.

Post-sales Engagement Skills

Obtaining sales deals is not the company’s end goal. But instead, sales managers focus on building and maintaining customer relationships. They do so because having satisfied customers will guarantee and contribute to future sales.

Time Management

Managers must form sales strategies, monitor sales and field sales reps, and maintain customer relations. What allows managers to manage all of this lucratively is time management.

 And sales managers can further automate some of their time consuming tasks, like monitoring reps, by adopting sales management software and solutions. Scroll down to learn more about this miraculous software.

Analytical Skills

While viewing the sales reports and sales rep reports, they need to tap into their analytical skills. This will allow them to review data and make a rational decision. Also, it comes in handy while studying the market and the opportunities to be explored, as they understand the psychology of the consumers.

Effective Communication

Strong communication skills are essential in both sales managers and sales reps.  It comes in use when communicating with sales reps, clients, or any stake holder. As sales managers can’t talk to all in the same manner, personalizing comes into play. 

Communicating your ideas and strategies with your remote sales reps is essential if you want them to deal with clients seamlessly.

Sales Software Tool Expertise

Adopting a sales management system is not enough. Using and relying on it properly to automate your sales process can benefit the business and sales managers. Having  CRM software is great for generating leads. But what about sustaining them by providing them with both sales and post-sales services? 

Let us show you how important it is to have sales management software and the benefits a business reap from it.

What is Sales Management Software?

Sales management software is designed to make the sales process simpler and more effective. Sales teams rely on this system to manage sales data and automate tedious and mundane tasks. Using the software, sales managers can view the sales representatives’ performance quality in real time. Sales managers, through the software, also gain an idea of the pace of sales reps’ goals. 

Through the software, managers can access key metrics like average lead time, conversions, and sales targets met. This is beneficial to optimize the sales process to generate more revenue. In addition, investing in sales management software that is compatible with other software like CRM can further ease sales operations. 

The system’s model is such that it elevates sales management making it more sophisticated and effective by offering a wide range of features and solutions.

Why Should Businesses Adopt Field Sales Management Software?

Is your company on the fence about investing in sales management software? Then let these be the warning signs and reasons enough that you need to move your sales process to a sales management platform.  

  • Limited Visibility: If you have no idea of the field sales reps’ on-ground activities and cannot view their contributions, then you need a sales management system.
  • Inefficient Planning: Sales managers need accurate consumer feedback data to form a successful sales strategy. It is only possible when you can access past data at all times. 
  • Traditional Coordination: Without sales monitoring software in place, managers and field sales reps might suffer from fragmented communication and coordination. 
  • Dependence on Static Location: If you are manually managing and looking out for your field sales reps, then it’s high time you switch to the sales management platform. 

How is TrackoField Efficiently Mitigating These Problems?

TrackoField has just the right solutions to help you solve your problems when it comes to managing sales and field sales reps. 

  • Never lose sight of your field sales rep with live vehicle tracking software. The software lets you track your rep’s whereabouts in real time. This eliminates the need to coordinate over several calls.  
  • No need to break your or your sales representative’s workflow as you can automate task allocation and tracking. Managers can assign work in advance through the bulk task and schedule upload feature. With clarity of tasks and meeting schedules, reps don’t have to waste time waiting for work. This advance assigning helps them refine their sales pitch.

Sales managers can even track the task list’s progress and each task’s status in real-time. This helps in allocating tasks further.

  • Cut down on time and expenses of commuting to the office daily to mark attendance. The software offers geocoded attendance through which the presence of the field reps gets automatically marked once they reach their first meeting location. Automation of attendance ensures that authentic information gets recorded.

Similarly, field reps can even apply for leave remotely. This request is visible to the manager, who has access to an analytical dashboard. Through it, they can view the history of leaves of employees, allowing them to react remotely. 

  • Keep your field sales reps motivated through an easy reimbursement process. The representatives can submit their claims remotely through the sales management software’s app. The claim request is visible to every manager in the hierarchy. Reps can even track their request status in real time. 

Managers can cap reimbursement amount, which is customizable according to the designation, category of expense, team, etc. 

  • Now, your sales reps can book orders through the app. This way, the entire sales and order management process gets optimized. Managers receive accurate time order updates, allowing them to keep track of the sales made and orders received by each field sales representative. Also, this mitigates the chances of product theft and sweethearting.

Sales Management Solutions for Field Sales

  • Sales managers need to keep track of the sales made by the reps, customers’ responses to the sales strategies, and the revenue generated. But for this, they need not wait for the quarterly reports or even the end of the day. The sales management software provides real time automated sales analytical reports
  • Communicating sales strategies, schedule changes, updates, and meeting minutes is essential for the smooth functioning of the sales team. The software even has an inbuilt chat box which allows the sales team to communicate seamlessly. Also, the need to switch between platforms gets eliminated. 
  • The sales team can upload documents and other required material to the sales management software’s cloud storage. The benefit of it is that the cloud storage is accessible remotely, making it easy for field sales reps to gain information.

Another excellent tool that TrackoField has to offer is custom forms. The form can be customized to record customer and client feedback. This is vital to judge the success of the sales strategy.

Automate Sales Management with TrackoField

Your field sales reps hold the prowess to convert hot leads into loyal customers when guided and provided with the right tools and software. To help your field sales reps close leads faster and more effectively, we advise you to invest in lucrative field sales management software.

We recommend – TrackoField.

TrackoField is a field sales employee monitoring software that will help you automate and optimize your sales process and the functions of the sales team.

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Sales Management Software – Best Way To Optimize Sale Process

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