Get to Know the Benefits of Field Employee Tracking Software

Get to Know the Benefits of Field Employee Tracking Software

Are you a field operations manager struggling with keeping track of your employees on-field and their tasks and productivity?

Field employee tracking software will be right there for you with its GPS-enabled consentual location tracking systems. Gone are the days when managers necessarily needed to have field executives come to the office to get their attendance and assign them tasks. Also are gone the days of low productivity when most field executives procrastinated on the field. With newer tools such as field employee tracking software, field operation management has become simpler. Let’s see how!

What is Field Employee Tracking Software 

While humans are a paramount part of operations, most admin tasks need not be done physically. This is especially the case when most employees in a team are on the field or are working remotely. All you need is a field employee tracking software and no more do you need to worry about managing field employees. 

Field employee tracking software is a software-as-service tool that allows organizations and managers to track their executives’ real-time location. The whole point of the software is that managers can access complete and fool-proof information about where their executives are in real-time and were at certain points. 

What’s spectacular about field employee tracking systems is that they can be built upon. Therefore, with just locational information, they can be built upon to serve several functions that make functioning on the field much simpler for everyone.

Benefits of Field Employee Tracking Software 

Benefits of Employee Tracking Software

This is the section you came to this blog for anyway, right? 

This software is multi-faceted. Therefore, if you want to get to know the benefits of field employee tracking software, we’ll have to walk you through multiple levels at which they can be beneficial. 

Benefits for Managers

  • Complete Surveillance: Managers can always see where their executives are in real-time. Instead of real-time, they can also see where they were at particular times. This helps them get automatic meeting completion alerts and gives them the security that nobody is procrastinating on the field. 
  • Easy Task Assignment: Assigning tasks, especially emergency ones, becomes simpler when managers are aware of where their executives are, what their workload is, and what their niche is. Moreover, they can assign tasks offline and in bulk.
  • Fool-proof Attendance: Field force management software comes with a fool-proof attendance system with geo-verified attendance logging or task-attendance linking. Managers always know that the attendance record they got is accurate. 
  • Simplified Organization: Organizing communication and documents becomes simpler with field employee tracking software. Digital documentation and in-built chatboxes make everything accessible and just a few clicks away while the software does the organizing. 
  • Easy Performance Review:  A lot of managers’ time manually reviewing executives’ performance. The software does that for them through insightful reports. Therefore, feedback formation becomes convenient. 

Benefits for Executives 

  • Work Recognition: When everything like their location, attendance, and tasks are monitored in real-time, executives know that their work will be seen and recognized. Nobody can negate or take credit for their work. 
  • Easy Reimbursement: Executives will easily get reimbursement for all the expenses they make on the field. The software keeps track of everything and gives a simple invoice to the management for them. 
  • Simple Documentation: Digital documents remove the need to carry paperwork around. Moreover, custom forms make sure that executives can get all the customized and personalized information they need from different clients. 
  • Convenient Communication: When software has in-built chatboxes, executives can get their doubts and problems resolved right away. Therefore, instead of switching between apps, they get to communicate with teammates and managers easily. 
  • Accurate Feedback: When managers provide feedback through the data from field force management software, executives know that they will get the most accurate review possible. This is because their performance is already tracked and analyzed by software in the most detailed manner possible. 

Benefits for the Organization 

  • Everything is Documented: One of the biggest benefits organizations can pull from field force management software is that they get all the information in a documented format. Need to know where an executive was? It’s written. Need to know how they are performing? It’s there. Need to know which client is handled by who? It is all there. 
  • Better Customer Relations: Especially for fields such as field services, field executives are the largest touchpoint customers have with the organization. When managed through workforce management software, they can be, organizations can ensure maximum productivity from them, allowing maintaining good relations with customers. 
  • Resource Optimization: Resources and assets are extremely important for any organization. With the help of field staff tracking software, resource optimization becomes simpler as managers can assign appropriate tasks to appropriate tasks. 
  • Higher Profits: With cheaper operations, better resource optimization, and strengthened customer relations, it is obvious that businesses will flourish. Field employee tracking software will definitely get higher profits in the organization. 

Summing Up 

As a field operations manager, when you propose using field employee tracking software, you might meet with some friction from both employees and senior management. However, you can create your business care for field force management software with the benefits stated in this blog.

If you do end up tipping the scale in your favor, get a demo for TrackoField from the house of TrackoBit, India’s fastest-growing telematics software. We’re sure you’ll not regret your choices when TrackoField makes running your field operations teams smooth as butter!

Get to Know the Benefits of Field Employee Tracking Software

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