#1 Remote Employee Monitoring Software

Track Time Spent on Field Visits & Tasks

Stop using multiple apps and stick to one platform that lets you:

  • Monitor remote staff’s live location
  • Assign shifts based on availability
  • Track service orders with reminders
  • Manage attendance, leaves & payroll
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Remote Employee Productivity Monitoring Software

Track Beyond Time & Tasks!

Eureka! We have found an inclusive tool to monitor remote employees' whereabouts! Access actionable data about their daily tasks, current location, and expenses!

  • Live Remote Employee Location Tracking
  • Geo-verified Attendance Marking
  • Real-time Task Status Update
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Remote Employee Productivity Monitoring Software
Caddy of Features You Get in

Remote Employee Monitoring Software

With our remote monitoring software, bid farewell to unnecessary employee idling! With features
for field visits and task verification, gain insights into your remote employees' productivity.

  • Employee GPS Tracking Solutions

    Employee GPS Tracking Solutions

    Track & Verify Each Visit

    Know about the current whereabouts of your on-field executives! Utilize our employee GPS tracking software to monitor their live location and progress on assigned tasks.

    • Live location tracking
    • Distance travelled report with playback
    • Real-time work status monitoring
    • Explore More Here
  • Attendance & Leave Management

    Geo-verified Attendance

    Prevent absenteeism with remote leave and attendance management system! For efficient tracking, let executives log attendance with exact location, time, and date validation.

    • Geo-coded attendance marking
    • Visual verification to reduce proxy
    • Online leave requests & approval
    • Explore More Here
    Attendance & Leave Management
  • Task Management

    Task Management

    Assign & Track Tasks

    Monitor task progress with deadlines! With remote employee location tracking software, effortlessly assign and delegate routine or last-minute tasks — all in one place.

    • Self-allocation of tasks
    • Task location & time check
    • Group task assigning
    • Explore More Here
  • Expense Management

    Settle Only Valid Claims

    Let the software make it easy for your field staff to register expenses with valid bills. Know which spend is reasonable and justified for reimbursements.

    • Category-wise expense compensation
    • Put a cap on expenses
    • Automatic travel expense calculation
    • Explore More Here
    Expense Management
  • Order Management

    Order Management

    Simplify Order Placement

    Optimize field order sales with an order management tool! Track order counts, approvals, and deliveries through a dedicated app to enjoy enhanced efficiency.

    • Count, approve, and manage orders
    • Select custom discounts & pricing
    • Effortless Ad-Hoc order placement
    • Explore More Here

Track Progress,
Not Just Presence

You are one click away from maximising remote
employees' performance.

Track Progress, Not Just Presence
Track Progress, Not Just Presence Track Progress, Not Just Presence

We are Soaring High with Numbers of Trust!

Count on our best remote employee monitoring software to enjoy up-trending results around remote worker monitoring.

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We are Soaring High with Numbers of Trust!

Track Remote Employee Productivity

Don’t Miss out on Growth Opportunities!

When businesses on-boarded our remote employee monitoring solutions, they saw

  • 28% boost in their overall efficiency
  • 99.9% accurate time tracking
  • 2 times more growth in revenue
  • 15% decrease in employee turnover

Make Remote Staff Tracking “Fast & Foolproof”

With More Features!

More key features in remote employee monitoring software we know you need!

Make Remote Staff Tracking “Fast & Foolproof With More Features!

Make Your Field Staff’s Workday

Productive & Stress-Free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have doubts about employee remote work monitoring software? Let’s clear it out!

  • What is remote employee monitoring software?

    Remote employee monitoring software is an all-inclusive platform wherein you can easily track and monitor the location and movements of remote staff or field employees.

    The system helps collect real-time location data on employees' current whereabouts, locations, overall distance travelled in a day, and progress on assigned tasks. With one tap, managers can identify productive and idling staff to restructure their team accordingly.

  • How do I monitor my employees working remotely?

    Whether you have remotely located employees or field staff working from remote areas, the best solution to monitor them would be onboarding a scaling remote employee monitoring software. Having the following features and functionalities:

    - Live employee and task progress tracking.
    - Geo-verified attendance marking & leave management.
    - Digital task management and progress report.
    - Automated expense claiming, reporting, and approval module.
    - Streamlined order placement, reporting, and approval process.
    - Seamless payroll runs for accurate and automated salary calculation.

  • How to monitor remote employees?

    To monitor remote employees, it’s best to equip them with TrackoField’s executive's app. The app helps monitor remote or desk-less staff as it hosts a range of tracking, monitoring, and management features as follows:

    - Location-based GPS tracking
    - Geo-coded attendance and leave marking
    - Auto expense claiming
    - Ad-hoc and bulk order taking
    - Digital task checklists with task reminders

  • How can remote employee productivity be improved?

    To improve remote employee productivity, ensure you:

    - Avoid micromanaging staff (have vigilance and not control over their actions).
    - Provide constant feedback and schedule one-on-one meetings.
    - Assign tasks fairly as per their availability, bandwidth, and overall skill.
    - Simplify their task allocation, expense claiming, attendance marking, and other admin tasks that stress them.

    TrackoField helps take care of all the aspects of remote employee monitoring and management. Explore the features we offer in your toolkit. Connect now!

  • How do I track my remote employee time?

    TrackoField offers comprehensive and insightful reports for individual staff and overall remote teams. Therein, managers complete an overview of how each of their employees is spending their time while commuting to the client site, and how much time they spent meeting the service request.

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